Bharti AXA General Insurance:Compare Plans, Features, Benefits

Bharti AXA General Insurance is one of the most renowned insurance brands in the country. The insurance company was formed in 2008 when Bharti Enterprises and AXA Group joined hands. Bharti Enterprises is one of the leading business houses in the country and received an award from the Asia Insurance Industry by the Institute of Economic Studies. The brand has been active only for a little more than 10 years but has expanded handsomely in this duration. Bharti AXA has managed to expand its network and portfolio with the help of some quality products and personnel.

Interesting Facts About Bharti AXA General Insurance

Here are a few interesting facts about Bharti AXA General Insurance:

– The company has issued more than 1.6 crore policies

– The company has settled more than 18 lakh policies

– Bharti AXA has more than 101 branch offices in the country

– Bharti AXA has tie-ups with more than 4500 network hospitals in India

– It has tie-ups with more than 4500 network garages in India

– It has won the Changemaker Company of the Year 2014 for corporate responsibility

– It has won the Best Insurance Company in the Sector for 2014 by BFSI

– Outstanding Performance in Insurance Category Award for 2013

– Commercial Lines Growth Leadership Award for 2012

– It has an impressive claim settlement ratio of 94.06 for Motor Insurance

Types of Products Offered By Bharti AXA General Insurance

Bharti AXA General Insurance offers a myriad of solutions for different categories. Here are some of the product categories that you can buy from Bharti AXA General Insurance.

– Motor Insurance

– Health Insurance

– Travel Insurance

– Home Insurance

– Commercial Lines Insurance

– SME Package Insurance

– Commercial Vehicles Insurance

– Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)

  1. Bharti AXA Motor Insurance Plans

    Given the sheer number of unforeseen incidents that take place on Indian roads, being prepared is your best defence. Buying a Motor Insurance policy for your vehicle ensures that you are never under financial stress due to such incidents. Also, having valid Motor Insurance gives you immunity against hefty fines that the traffic police department can impose on you. Whether you have a bike or a car, Bharti AXA Motor Insurance has the perfect solution for your needs.


    Bharti AXA Motor Insurance offers comprehensive plans for your vehicles. To start with, you can buy the compulsory third party liability cover for your vehicle. The plan protects you from financial and legal liabilities arising due to damages to third party individuals or properties as a result of an accident.

    A comprehensive plan ensures that your vehicle is covered with third-party liability policy and cover for your own damage. The plan is also effective against accidents that cause damage to your bike, theft, natural disasters, etc.

    Bharti AXA Motor Insurance also provides a personal accident cover of INR 15 Lakhs for the insured, for the worst-case scenarios. There are a lot of smartly-designed add-ons which you can plug into your car insurance policy. By paying a small premium, you can increase the capabilities of your policy to several extent.

    Bharti AXA has the following two Motor Insurance Plans.

    • Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

      There are primarily two types of policies that you can buy from Bharti AXA for your two-wheelers. You can either opt for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance or a Third Party Liability insurance.

      1. Third-Party Liability

        The policy is ideal for coverage against injuries or damages to third party individuals or properties. And it is also the bare minimum insurance that you must have according to Indian laws. The premiums are set by the IRDAI or Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. You can buy third-party liability for one year or five years.

      2. Comprehensive Insurance

        Comprehensive insurance offers third-party liability policy along with cover for own damage. The plan is also effective against accidents that cause damage to your bike, theft, natural disasters, etc. You also get a personal accident cover of INR 15 Lakhs.

      3. Add-Ons

        Bharti AXA General Insurance offers Depreciation cover as an add-on for your two-wheeler policy.

    • Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy

      The policy types remain the same for car insurance policies as well. Potential policy buyers can either go for a third party liability policy or a comprehensive policy.

      1. Third-Party Liability

        A third-party liability policy is a mandatory and minimum policy for your car. It protects your finances in the event of an accident involving other individuals or properties. The plan also takes care of any legal liabilities arising out of it.

      2. Comprehensive Insurance

        A comprehensive car insurance policy offers all-rounded protection for you, your car and any third party liabilities. Apart from third party liabilities, it covers damages to your car also. You essentially get protection against natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes, etc. man-made calamities like riots, vandalism, strikes, etc.

      3. Add-Ons

        With Bharti AXA you can further enhance the capabilities of your policy with the help of add-ons. You can choose from Hydrostatic Cover, Key Replacement, Roadside Assistance, Consumable Cover, Engine and Gearbox Cover, Depreciation Cover, Co Passenger Cover, Ambulance Cover, No Claims Bonus (NCB) Protector, Invoice Price Cover, Medical Expenses, etc

  2. Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plans

    Whether you travel within the country or abroad, you get a chance to experience a lot of new and positive things. For most of the negative things, you can rely on Bharti AXA Travel Insurance. There are quite a few things that can go wrong during travel, such as medical emergencies, loss of baggage, financial emergency, delay in flights, etc. And if you are in an unknown place, things can get significantly more difficult. This is where travel insurance shines. Here are some more details about Bharti AXA Travel Insurance.

    Key Features of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plans

    • The plan offers coverage of up to $400,000
    • The plan is comprehensive offering coverage for dental treatment, personal accident, daily allowance for hospitalisation, etc.
    • There are multiple plans on offer, depending on the sum insured that you are looking for
    • The plans are specifically designed for different countries
    • Bharti AXA offers a quick settlement process for the policy

    Coverage of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plans

    The Travel Insurance from Bharti AXA offers the following coverage.

    – Personal accident

    – Legal expenses due to third party liabilities

    – Medical expenses of the insured

    – Cancellation or expenses due to interruption in trip

    – Expenses related to emergency accommodation

    – Daily allowance in the event of hospitalisation

    – Hijack distress allowance

    – Loss of passport or other documents

  3. Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plans

    Medical expenses are constantly on the rise. And if a person were to be admitted to the hospital, they will run out of their savings in no time. To ensure that you and your family members get the required medical attention without stressing your finances, a health insurance plan is a must. A health plan is an arrangement where an insurer provides you with financial protection in the cases of hospitalisation and more. There are primarily two types of health insurance plans that you can choose from. Firstly, the standard health plan covers hospital expenses. Up next is a top-up plan that complements a health insurance plan by increasing the sum insured.


    Bharti AXA Health Insurance plans offer the following coverage.

    1. Hospitalisation
      The plan covers expenses related to hospitalisation of the insured. Some of the common expenses covered include room rent, expenses related to nurses, doctor consultation, medicines, etc.
    2. Pre and Post Hospitalisation
      Expenses related to pre and post-hospitalisation up to 60 and 90 days respectively is covered as a part of the plan. Thus, the amount that you spend towards medicines or diagnosis before/after a medical procedure is also covered.
    3. Tax Deductible

      Premiums paid by you towards Bharti AXA health insurance plan are tax deductible under Section 80D

    4. Annual Health Checkup

      The health plans provide you access to free annual health checkups.

    Should you opt for Bharti AXA Health Insurance, you can choose from the following plans.

    1. Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Plan
    2. Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan
    1. Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Plan

      The Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance plan from Bharti AXA offers comprehensive coverage with handsome coverage of up to INR 5 Lakhs. Based on your needs you can also opt for a sum insured of INR 3 Lakhs or INR 4 Lakhs as well. The plan covers daycare procedures along with expenses related to pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation. And offers coverage for domiciliary treatment as well.

    2. Features of Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Plan

      • The Smart Health insurance plan offers an inbuilt critical illness cover
      • The premiums that you pay towards the policy qualify for tax deduction under Section 80D.
      • You can get discounts between 5% to 25% on renewal if you do not make any claims
      • For critical illness, the plan offers Recuperation benefits
      • Get access to more than 4500 network hospitals for cashless benefits
      • The plan offers free health checkup in a block of 4 years

      Eligibility Criteria of Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Plan

      Entry age

      Minimum entry age is 3 months and the maximum entry age is 65 years


      You can renew the policy for lifelong

      Pre-existing waiting period

      24 months for specific diseases or illness and 48 months for pre-existing diseases

      Sum insured

      INR 3 lakhs, INR 4 lakhs, INR 5 lakhs

      Organ Donation

      The plan cover expenses up to 10% of the sum insured

    3. Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan

      The Smart Super Health Insurance plan from Bharti AXA is a comprehensive health insurance plan. The plan has an impressive range of sum insured starting from INR 5 Lakhs up to INR 1 Crore. There are several subtypes of the plan, thus enabling you to pick one that suits your needs. You can add critical illness cover along with the plan. It offers the standard pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation cover along with daycare procedures.

      Features of Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan

    4. The plan does not have a cap on room rent
    5. You can restore the sum insured up to 100% at the time of need
    6. Bharti AXA Smart Super Plan offers no claims bonus of up to 100% of the sum insured
    7. You get a complimentary basic annual checkup
    8. Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses up to 60 and 90 days respectively
    9. Eligibility Criteria of Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan

      Entry age

      Minimum entry age is 3 months and the maximum entry age is 65 years


      You can renew the policy for lifelong

      Pre-existing waiting period

      An initial waiting period of 30 days for all illness

      24 months for specific diseases or illness and 48 months for pre-existing diseases

      Sum insured

      INR 5 Lakhs to INR 1 Crore

      Organ Donation

      The plan cover expenses up to 100% of the sum insured

      Plans on Offer

      Value: Sum insured of INR 5 Lakhs and INR 7 Lakhs

      Classic: Sum insured of INR 10 lakhs, 15 Lakhs and 20 Lakhs

      Uber: Sum insured of INR 20 Lakhs, INR 30 Lakhs, INR 50 Lakhs, INR 60 Lakhs, INR 70 Lakhs, INR 80 Lakhs, INR 90 Lakhs, INR 1 Crore

  4. Bharti AXA Personal Accident Insurance

    The Personal Accident Insurance plan offers compensation in the unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder or permanent disability due to an accident. You can avail of the benefit across the country and it even offers financial assistance for medical treatment.

    The Smart Personal Accident Insurance takes the sum insured of the policy a few notches up. The sum insured of the policy range between INR 10 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs. The premiums towards the policies are tax-deductible under Section 80D.

  5. Bharti AXA Critical Illness Insurance

    As the name suggests, the plan offers coverage for listed critical illnesses. Bharti AXA Critical Illness insurance does not require you to pay upfront and place a reimbursement request. Rather, it pays the sum insured as a lump sum amount, so that you can use it for treatment. It offers coverage against 20 of the most common critical illnesses in the country such as:

    – Cancer

    – Myocardial Infarction

    – Kidney Failure

    – Major Burns

    – Stroke

    – Aorta Surgery

    – Coronary Artery related diseases

    – Coronary Artery bypass surgery

    – Coma

    – Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

  6. Bharti AXA Home Insurance

    The Home Insurance plan ensures that your home is protected against any unfortunate events. Events such as natural calamities, burglary, theft, etc. The plan offers coverage against home durables, assets, jewellery, fixtures, etc. If there are any damages to good during transit, the policy offers coverage for those as well.

  7. Bharti AXA SME Package Insurance

    The SME package insurance is for small and medium scale enterprises in the country. Depending on your business needs, you can pick from any one of the plans, Business Insurance Policy Package, Smart plan Shop Insurance, Smart plan Office Insurance, or SME Package Policy for Office, Shop and other Businesses.

  8. Bharti AXA Commercial Line Insurance

    Bharti AXA Commercial line insurance plans are aimed at offering coverage for various industries. You can choose from a wide range of products such as:

    – Bharti AXA Commercial Fire Insurance Plan

    – Bharti AXA Engineering Insurance Plan

    – Bharti AXA Risk Management Insurance Plan

    – Bharti AXA Marine Cargo Insurance Plan

    – Bharti AXA Business and Commercial Property Insurance Plan

    – Bharti AXA Commercial Liability Insurance Plan

How to buy Bharti AXA General Insurance Plans?

Policy buyers have the option to buy Bharti AXA General Insurance in more than one way. You can decide if you want to buy the policies online or offline. Offline mode is the more traditional way. To buy a policy offline, you must either reach out to an insurance advisor or visit any local branch of the insurer and purchase the policy.

For buying a policy online, you must visit the website of Bharti AXA General Insurance. The website will list out all the available policies. You can pick a policy that interests you and proceed with the payment.

An easier alternative is to visit Turtlemint. Whether you want to buy Bharti AXA Health Insurance plan or Bharti AXA Motor Insurance plan, Turtlemint is the one-stop solution for your insurance needs. The website provides you with the ability to buy policies instantly without any hassles. Turtlemint provides you with the added benefit of comparing policies before buying. This way, you can buy the best policy available without having to spend a lot of money. Here are the steps to buying Bharti AXA General Insurance plans from Turtlemint.

  1. Open a browser and enter,
  2. You can either opt for Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance or any other insurance type that you wish to buy
  3. Depending on the type of policy that you opt for, Turtlemint would expect some basic information from you
    1. For Health Insurance plans, you would need to provide:
      1. Age and Gender of the policy buyer or their family members
      2. The annual income of the applicant
      3. Any pre-existing diseases
      4. The area PIN code of the applicant
    2. Turtlemint would then provide you with a list of available plans that you can choose from
    3. You can compare the policy coverage and premium, and once you are happy with a policy, proceed with it
    4. Fill an online application form, submit it and pay the premium online
    5. And the digital copy of the policy will be in your mailbox in a couple of minutes
  4. For Motor Insurance, you would need to provide:
    1. Registration number of your bike or car
    2. The made and model of your bike or car
    3. Year of manufacture for your bike or car
    4. The insurer for your previous policy
    5. The expiry date for your previous policy
    6. Any claims that you have made during the previous year
  5. After you provide the above details, Turtlemint will list out all the policies that would meet your requirements
  6. You can then compare policies from different insurers and opt for the right one
  7. Upon paying the premium, the policy is yours and you can expect the policy in your mailbox within a few minutes

How to Renew Bharti AXA General Insurance Plans?

The steps to renew Bharti AXA General Insurance policies isn’t very difficult either. The methods to renew remains more or less like the methods of buying a new policy. However, if you are looking for convenience, renewing the policy online is the way to go.

You can visit Bharti AXA General Insurance’s website and look for the renew option. The website will redirect you to a page where you can enter the details and renew the policy.

The renewal process is even simpler with Turtlemint. Existing customers simply need to login to the website, choose the policy you want to renew and click on the renew button. If there aren’t any changes to the policy or its details, you can continue with the renewal and complete the process even before you realize it. Renewal with Turtlemint is a notch or two easier than renewing from the insurer website directly.

Claim Process for Bharti AXA General Insurance Plans

The motive of buying an insurance policy is to offer you financial assistance when it is needed. And if there is a need, you would have to claim your policy. Knowing the claim process for Bharti AXA General Insurance policies is as important as buying one. Here are the steps that you would have to generally follow while claiming your policy.

  1. Claims for Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plans

    Bharti AXA has tweaked its claim process to make it a tad faster. Here is all that you would have to do

    • Claim Notification
      1. To notify Bharti AXA about the initiation of a claim, you can reach out on 1800 103 2292 or email at or visit their website and click on contact us
      2. You would need to provide the following information for the claim initiation
        1. The name of the insured
        2. The policy number
        3. The name of the person making the claim
        4. The illness or injury for the claim
        5. The name and address of the hospital
        6. Contact details of the claimant
        7. The date of hospitalisation
      3. You must ensure that the claim notification reaches to Bharti AXA within 48 hours of discharge from the hospital. In the event the primary insured is unable to initiate the claim, the next available adult can make the claim
      4. Bharti AXA will send the claim amount as soon as they receive all the documents along with the claim notification
    • Cashless Claims
      1. You can avail of cashless service in more than 4500 network hospitals across the country
      2. A preauthorization request must be sent to Bharti AXA General Insurance, which is filled by the doctor undertaking your treatment. This is applicable in both pre-planned procedures or emergency cases
      3. The preauthorization form is available with all network hospitals, on Bharti AXA website, or you can write to to receive the form
      4. In case of emergency cases, Bharti AXA will revert within 6 hours and within 48 hours for pre-planned procedures
      5. You might have to make additional payments from your pocket if the treatment expenses overshoot the sum insured, you have opted for a deductible, non-medical related expenses, etc.
      6. If the amount authorized is less than the actual bill of the procedures, you might have to pay the difference and claim it later with necessary documents
  2. The last and perhaps the easiest mode to claim your health insurance plan is to visit Turtlemint. Anyone who has purchased their health insurance plan through Turtlemint can reach out to the website for claims. The experienced and highly qualified staff at Turtlemint will help you with the claims process. You can get in touch by either emailing them at or call them on 1800 266 0101.

  3. Bharti AXA Motor Insurance Claims

    Here are the steps that you must follow to claim your Motor Insurance

    • Bharti AXA Motor Insurance Cashless Claims
      1. Take a note of the registration number of the vehicle(s) that you have collided with along with the name and number of any witnesses
      2. You should then reach out to Bharti AXA at 1800 103 2292 or to register the claim
      3. The insurer will then send a claim number to the registered phone number along with the next steps that you would need to follow
      4. Within 24 hours of the claim request, someone from Bharti AXA General Insurance will call you and explain the entire claims process
      5. If there are damages to any buildings or properties or any other individual is injured, file an FIR at the nearest police station
      6. Take the car to the garage suggested by Bharti AXA
      7. The insurer will send a surveyor to assess the damages to the vehicle within 24 hours
      8. You must submit documents such as driving license, the registration certificate of the vehicle, KYC documents (if the repairs exceed INR 1 Lakh) and the claim form to the surveyor in original
      9. Commercial vehicle owners need to submit the route permit, fitness certificate of the vehicle, receipt of goods if the vehicle is loaded, etc.
      10. Once the repair is complete, the garage will submit the bills to the insurer, and they will re-inspect the vehicle
      11. If there is any additional amount that you must pay to the garage, Bharti AXA will inform you according to the terms and conditions of the policy

    As an alternative, you can visit Turtlemint to register your Motor Insurance claim. You can register your claim on the website, by calling at 1800 266 0101 or by sending them an email at The experienced personnel at Turtlemint will help you in the entire process and ensure that you have a hassle-free experience during your claim.

  4. Documents Required for Claims In Bharti AXA General Insurance

    For a smoother claim process, you would need to submit the following documents for your claim.

    1. Health Insurance
    2. – The claim form duly filled and signed

      – All supporting diagnostic reports like CT Scan, X-Ray, Laboratory Tests, etc.

      – Prescriptions made by the doctor along with any diagnosis reports

      – Original medical bills and receipts

      – Discharge summary of the patient

      – For reimbursement, a cancelled cheque that contains details such as name, IFSC code, account number, etc.

    3. Motor Insurance
    4. – The claim form duly filled and signed

      – Insurance policy’s copy

      – Driving License’s copy

      – Vehicle’s Registration Certificate copy

      – Estimation of the repairs

      – Final repair bills and receipts

    Company Address and Contact Information – Bharti AXA General Insurance

    Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited, First Floor Hosto Centre, No. 43, Millers Road, Vasant Nagar, Bangalore – 560052.

    For queries: 1800 103 2292 or


There are a host of benefits that you can avail of if you buy the policy online. To start with, you can get an instant quote from the insurer, the duration for buying a policy is less, the policy premium is relatively low and you will receive the policy document within a few minutes of paying the premiums.

Bharti AXA’s website has the list of network garages as well as the claim form. You can also email at for any queries related to claims.

Bharti AXA provides cashless benefits in more than 4500 hospitals across the country and the list of hospitals is available on the website.

Yes, there is more than one discount that you can avail of. For starters, you are entitled to no claims bonus discount for ever year that you do not make any claims if you are a member of Automobile associations you stand to receive additional discounts. And most importantly, the lack of any intermediaries or insurance advisors ensure that the premiums are low.

Bharti AXA provides its policyholders with a reminder facility. The insurer will send timely reminders to ensure that you do not miss out on renewing your policy and that you have the right protection during your travels.