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About IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans was established in the year 2000 as IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company and is a joint venture between Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative and Tokio Marine Group. Being one of the most trusted insurance companies in the country,IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans provides unbeatable insurance policies designed specially to suit the needs of the customers.
Accidents happen unexpectedly and can cause huge damage both to life and finances which is why The Motor Vehicle Act made it mandatory for every vehicle to have an insurance policy that helps them during times uncertain and be prepared. In compliance with the same mandate,IFFCO Tokio insurance offers car insurance which keeps the policyholders protected from legal liabilities arising out of accidents and save money from the expenses or losses arising out of theft,damage to vehicle, accident or any other reasons. With unmatched services towards its customers,IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans appreciates those who plan for misfortune events and stay safe.

IFFCO Tokio Claim Settlement Ratio




Industry Average

Car claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims settled against the total claims received by the insurance company in a given fiscal year. IFFCO Tokio has a claim settlement ratio of 96%, as compared to the industry average of 94.67%.

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans Overview

IFFCO Tokio car insurance offers 2 car insurance plans. The premium of these plans starts from Rs. 1327/yr. Details of the comprehensive coverage provided by the following 2 IFFCO Tokio car insurance plans are listed below:

Own Damage

Starting Premium- ₹ 1,327/yr

There are types of IFFCO Tokio Own damage plans

  1. Coverage for own damage

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans provides coverage for own damage by protecting against losses due to

  1. Explosion, fire, self-ignition, etc
  2. Flood, earthquake, storm, tempest, hailstorm, landslide, rockslide, lightning, etc
  3. Theft, burglary, housebreaking, riot, terrorist activities, and damage in transit through railways, roadways, airways, waterways, elevator or lift.

Third Party

Starting Premium- ₹ 2,094/yr

There are types of IFFCO Tokio Third-party liability plans

  1. Third-party liability

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans provides third party liability cover to its policyholders under which it provides protection against financial expenses and losses incurred due to damage or loss to the third party and against the legal liabilities arising due to the loss of property, life or any bodily injury of the third party. IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans provides coverage of up to Rs 7.5 lakh for third party liability cover.

IFFCO Tokio Premium Calculator

Use our IFFCO Tokio car insurance premium calculator to estimate IFFCO Tokio car insurance premium for your car within 30 seconds

Add-ons Available Under IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans

Add-ons are additional coverage benefits which can be chosen voluntarily by paying an additional premium. Add-ons help increase the scope of coverage of the Car insurance policy. IFFCO Tokio Car insurance plans offer the following types of add-ons with the comprehensive policy:

Nil depreciation cover or zero depreciation cover protects the policyholder from depreciation cost of the vehicle.The depreciated value is deducted at the time of claim settlement and this cover protects the policyholder from any such deductions

No Claim bonus is the reward of driving safely and protecting the interest of the policyholder by giving them a discount on the premium for making zero claims.No Claim Bonus protection safeguards the interest of the policyholder when the rate of No Claim Bonus is high and a claim can nullify the discount rate. This saves you from losing the bonus discount.

This add-on cover protects the policyholder from the costs or expenses due to loss or damage to the engine. This cover compensates the repair cost of the engine

This cover helps the policyholder in getting the original invoice price of the car along with road tax, registration charges, etc in case of the total loss of the vehicle. This add on cover is very useful in an area where the chances of theft are high.

This helps the policyholder in case of sudden vehicle breakdown, flat tyre, etc. Roadside assistance helps the policyholder by providing them help refuelling, replacing a lost key, a towing facility for the nearest network garage, etc.

This add-on cover provides for compensation and paying the policyholder daily allowance for the time when the vehicle is in the workshop for repair and you need to hire another vehicle for the commute.

This cover pays for the expenses of replacing lost keys or lock.

This cover compensates for the cracked or broken windshield and this does not affect the No Claim Bonus as well.

This cover protects against the loss of personal belongings in case of theft or damage to the vehicle

This cover protects the policyholder from bearing the cost of nut-bolts, engine oils, brake oils, filters, etc.

This cover takes care of the ambulancecharges or medical charges in case of injury due to accident

Under this add-on cover, the policyholders family gets financial security in case of the death or disability of the policyholder

This cover compensates through lump sum amount to the co-passengers in case of death or disability

Features Of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans

Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans:

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans brings joy in the life of policyholders by providing them with huge benefits like

  1. Unlimited zero depreciation cover
  2. Coverage against natural calamities
  3. Coverage against man-made events
  4. Coverage for CNG kit
  5. Round the clock roadside assistance
  6. Digital signed policy
  7. Free inspection and renewal of insurance policy right at the doorstep
  8. Tokio value auto and On-road protection coverage on payment of little higher premium
  9. 24*7 customer care service for claim settlement
  10. Quick approval of insurance application and claim with minimal documentation
  11. More than 20,000 agents across all branches in India

Features of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans has some of the most varied features and provides insurance coverage which benefits the customers. Some of the features of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans are

  1. Third-party coverage
    Under this feature, IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans provides coverage to the policyholders by protecting them against liabilities arising out of third party loss or damage. It protects the policyholder by covering the legal expenses and third party claims arising as a result of injuries, death, or damage to the property.
  2. Personal accident cover
    IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans provides the following under the personal accident cover to the policyholders
  • Rs 2 lakh cover for owner or driver
  • Reimbursement of redelivery, towing of the vehicle up to the maximum of Rs 1500
  • Provides coverage for damage of electrical and non-electrical parts and also CNG kit
  • Personal accident cover for named or unnamed passengers
  • Cover towards legal liability for driver/conductor
  • Protection to the vehicle against damages for participating in rallies
  1. Network garages
    IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans has a wide network of more than 4300 certified garages that provide hassle-free services to the policyholders. In case of emergencies, IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans also provides the policyholders towing facility to the nearest garage for repair.
  2. No Claim Bonus
    No Claim Bonus is simply the discount offered after completing one claim-free year and this discount rate increases every year without claim - 1) No Claim Bonus is accumulated over time, 2) The range of discount offered is between 20% – 50%, 3) No Claim Bonus can be transferred to a new vehicle, 4) No Claim Bonus can be transferred to the legal heir as well, 5) No Claim Bonus becomes void if a claim has been made even once
  3. Incurred Claim Ratio
    The incurred claim ratio is the ratio of claims settled over the premiums earned in a year. The IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans has an incurred ratio of 79.19%

Exclusions Under IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans has the following exclusions when it comes to claiming settlement

  • Consequential losses
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • The depreciated value of the vehicle
  • Normal wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Damage caused by the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc
  • Damage caused while driving without driving license
  • Use of the vehicle beyond permissible limits
  • War and nuclear disaster
  • Damage to tyre and tube

How To Raise A Claim Under IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance

For claiming the insurance amount from IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans one must follow the following steps

  1. Inform the IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans about the incident immediately
  2. For cashless services, always choose the network garages to claim the settlement of the expenses incurred for repair from the insurance company
  3. In case of the vehicle being stolen, file an FIR and submit a copy of the same with the claim form
  4. Lodge a claim with relevant documents like policy document, driving license, vehicle registration, etc along with a duly signed claim form available on the website
  5. Provide the insurance company with original bills in case of not availing cashless services and settlement of claim and reimbursement. Submit receipts in case of cashless service and everything will be taken care of.

Documents Required For Claims

Documents required for filing an IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans claim

  1. Policy document and number
  2. Vehicle number
  3. RC book
  4. Driving license
  5. The estimated value of the loss
  6. Date and time of the incident
  7. Contact details
  8. Location of the damage/loss/accident/theft
  9. Copy of the FIR
  10. Original receipts or bill of repair
  11. In case of theft, a letter from RTO

IFFCO Tokio Customer Care

Customer Care Number

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Renewal Process

From the official website of IFFCO Tokio General Insurance:

  1. Visit the official website https://www.online.iffcotokio.co.in/portal/?redirect=ITGI_REN&contractType=PCP
  2. Choose Renew existing policy from the option tab
  3. Enter the details asked like Policy type, email address,Vehicle registration number, Policy number
  4. Pay the premium amount digitally
  5. You will receive a mail authenticating the payment and insurance policy.You can download and keep the document of IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans renewal

Renew your Car Insurance Plans online through Turtlemint

  1. Enter your vehicle registration number
  2. Enter details about vehicle type, claims history, etc
  3. Enter the existing policy details
  4. Check the policy details displayed and the premium amount
  5. If satisfies, make the payment online from debit/credit card or net banking


You can contact IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Plans company by calling them at their Toll-Free number 1800-103-5499 or writing them at support@iffcotokio.com

The insurance policy is applicable when the driver is driving the insured vehicle with the permission of the owner

Paying annually is always cheaper when it comes to premiums

Yes, the insurance policy can be transferred in case the car is sold.The buyer will have to apply for a transfer within 14 days of the purchase

One can get a maximum of 50% on own damage which also depends on the years of zero claims.
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