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About TATA AIG Car Insurance

TATA AIG is a leading general insurance company which is a joint venture between TATA Group of companies and the American International Group (AIG). The company was established in the year 2000 and it offers a range of general insurance products. The company offers both retail and commercial general insurance plans. Whether it is health insurance, motor insurance, fire insurance, etc. the company has all the solutions.

TATA AIG Claim Settlement Ratio




Industry Average

Car claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims settled against the total claims received by the insurance company in a given fiscal year. TATA AIG has a claim settlement ratio of 90%, as compared to the industry average of 94.67%.

TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans Overview

TATA AIG car insurance offers 2 car insurance plans. The premium of these plans starts from Rs. 2094/yr. Details of the comprehensive coverage provided by the following 2 TATA AIG car insurance plans are listed below:


Starting Premium- ₹ 3,775/yr

There are types of TATA AIG Comprehensive plans

Comprehensive package policy - this policy has dual coverage benefits. It covers the third party financial liability as well as the damages suffered by the car itself.

Third Party

Starting Premium- ₹ 2,094/yr

There are types of TATA AIG Third Party plans

Third-party liability only policy – this policy covers any financial liability faced if you physically harm any individual or if you damage any individual’s property.

TATA AIG Premium Calculator

Use our TATA AIG car insurance premium calculator to estimate TATA AIG car insurance premium for your car within 30 seconds

Add-ons Available Under TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans

Add-ons are additional coverage benefits which can be chosen voluntarily by paying an additional premium. Add-ons help increase the scope of coverage of the Car insurance policy. TATA AIG Car insurance plans offer the following types of add-ons with the comprehensive policy:

Under this add-on, the depreciation* deducted from the cost of the parts repaired or replaced is reimbursed by the insurance company. Thus, through this add-on, no depreciation is deducted from the claim and a high claim amount is paid

In the case of a total loss of the car or theft, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the policy is paid as a claim. This value is lower than the actual cost of the car. If the add-on is selected, the invoice value of the car is paid in case of total loss or theft.

Under this add-on, a daily cash benefit is paid for your commute if the vehicle is in repairs for more than three days

If, after an accident, the vehicle cannot be used, the add-on covers the costs incurred in arranging for transportation back to your home. If you are far from home, the cost of hotel accommodation is also covered if you need to stay at a hotel overnight

If your vehicle meets with an accident or breaks down in the middle of the road, this add-on provides you with 24*7 assistance in the form of a flat tyre, jump-starting of car’s battery, spare key, refuelling, etc.

If the vehicle has suffered an accident for which it is under repairs or in case of total loss or theft, the add-on provides a replacement car for your conveyance needs

NCB is earned if you don’t make a claim in the policy. This bonus increases after every claim-free year and gives you a premium discount. A claim, however, nullifies the accumulated NCB. This add-on protects the accumulated NCB even after a claim

If, in case of damage suffered by the car, repairs are required only for the glass, fibre, plastic or rubber parts, the add-on protects the accumulated NCB

The add-on covers the cost of replacement keys if your vehicle’s keys are stolen or lost

If you or your family’s personal belongings are lost while they were in the car, the add-on would cover the cost of such loss if it is more than INR 250

The cost of consumables used in the repairs of the car is covered under this add-on. Consumables include lubricants, oil, screw, nuts and bolts, etc.

Under this add-on, the damages suffered by the tyre are covered if there is no other loss suffered by the car

If the engine and its internal parts are damaged due to water seepage, the add-on covers the cost of repairs

"It is mandatory for the policyholder to have a personal accident cover in his/her name. This cover is taken to cover accidental death or disablements. So, when you buy a third party or comprehensive TATA car insurance policy, you should opt for a personal accident cover with the plan as well. However, if you already have a personal accident cover in your life, you don’t have to buy it again with your car insurance policy. * Accidental death, total and permanent disablement due to an accident, and total and partial disablement due to an accident would be covered *The sum insured of the personal accident cover would be INR 15 lakhs * 100% of the sum insured would be paid in the case of death and total permanent disablement. In the case of total partial disablement, a percentage of the sum insured would be paid. * The premium for the policy is very low * You can either opt for the personal accident cover from the same company or from another company *If you want the personal accident cover for other passengers of the car, you would have to opt for an add-on and pay an additional premium for the same."

Features Of TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans

Here are some interesting facts about TATA AIG car insurance plans

Third party coverage for bodily injury or death Unlimited
Third party coverage for property damage Up to INR 7.5 lakhs
Cashless garages More than 7500 across India
Number of add-ons 13
Online purchases In 3 simple steps

Features and benefits of TATA AIG car insurance policies:

  • TATA AIG offers multiple types of car insurance policies. You can opt for one year or long term coverage as per your needs.
  • Both comprehensive as well as liability only coverage is offered by the company
  • A range of add-ons are available with car insurance plans for customising your coverage
  • The company offers round-the-clock claim assistance service

Benefits of TATA AIG car insurance plans

Here are the main benefits that you can avail from TATA car insurance plans

  • Trusted legacy

TATA AIG motor insurance plans are backed by a solid legacy of 150+ years as well as the security offered by the TATA Group of companies. Moreover, TATA AIG has been operational for more than 20 years and understands the Indian insurance market perfectly.

  • Customer-centric approach

TATA AIG believes in putting you, the customer first. The company tries to anticipate your expectations and design solutions that meet such expectations. This customer-centric approach has resulted in more than 5 crore customers that have benefited from TATA car insurance plans.

  • Expert claim assistance

TATA AI believes in delivering a high performance so that it can win consumer trust. As such, the company has engaged more than 650 claim experts to help you with your TATA AIG car insurance policy. With the help of these claim experts, you can get a fast and hassle-free settlement of your car insurance claims. Moreover, these experts guide you through the different steps of the car insurance claim process so that your claim is processed smoothly.

  • Experienced professionals

TATA AIG believes in providing fair and professional services to its consumers. As such, its employees are experienced and performance-driven individuals who aim to provide complete insurance services with the utmost integrity.

Coverage under third party liability-only policies

  • Financial liability incurred when your car damages property belonging to another individual
  • Financial liability incurred when your car kills another individual
  • Financial liability incurred when your car injures or wounds another individual
  • Accidental death or permanent disability suffered by the owner/driver of the car

Coverage under comprehensive package policies

  • Financial liability incurred when your car damages property belonging to another individual
  • Financial liability incurred when your car kills another individual
  • Financial liability incurred when your car injures or wounds another individual
  • Accidental death or permanent disability suffered by the owner/driver of the car
  • Damages suffered by the car due to natural disasters for instance floods, earthquakes, typhoons, landslides, etc.
  • Damages suffered by the car due to man-made disasters like fire, theft, implosion or explosion, riots, terrorist activities, etc.
  • Damages suffered by the car when it is being transported

Exclusions Under TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans

Both comprehensive and third party policies have the following exclusions in which the subsequent claims are not paid

  1. Accidents suffered if you were driving without a valid driving license
  2. Accidents suffered if you were driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  3. Accidents suffered outside the territorial boundaries of India
  4. Accidents suffered due to deliberate acts
  5. Accidents suffered when the car is being used against its usage limitations
  6. Mechanical or electrical breakdown of the car
  7. Claims due to a contractual liability
  8. Consequential losses

How To Raise A Claim Under TATA AIG Car Insurance

Claims under TATA AIG’s car insurance plans occur in the following instances

  • Third-party claim:

If you hurt a third party or damage third party property

  1. Inform the insurance company immediately after a claim occurs
  2. File a police FIR which is a must
  3. The claim would be taken to the motor accidents tribunal where the liability would be determined
  4. Once the tribunal orders the liability to be paid, the insurance company would pay the liability and settle your claim
  • Own Damage Car Claim:

If your car is damaged and needs repairs:

  1. Inform the insurance company immediately after a claim occurs
  2. The company would tell you about the nearest garage which is tied up with it. You would have to take your vehicle to the specified garage for repairs. You can also choose any other tied up garage for cashless claims. If, however, you choose a non-networked garage, claims would be settled on a reimbursement basis
  3. At the preferred garage, the insurer’s surveyor would survey the damage and assess the repair cost
  4. The surveyor would prepare a claim report and file it with the insurance company
  5. The company would assess the claim report and approve the claim
  6. Once the claim is approved, repairs would start
  7. After the repairs are done the bill is settled by the insurance company.
  8. You have to pay your share of the claim and take the delivery of the vehicle
  • Stolen Car:

If your car is stolen:

  1. Inform the insurance company immediately after a claim occurs
  2. File a police FIR which is necessary for theft claims
  3. The police would try and locate the car. If they cannot do so, they would issue a non-traceable certificate for your car
  4. This certificate should be submitted to the insurance company along with other relevant documents
  5. The insurance company would then pay the Insured Declared Value of the car as a claim

Rather than following the above-mentioned steps, you can get your car insurance claims easily settled through Turtlemint’s help. For getting the claims settled through Turtlemint you simply have to inform Turtlemint through a phone call or an email. Calls can be made at Turtlemint’s toll-free number 1800 266 0101 and emails can be sent at claims@turtlemint.com. Once Turtlemint’s claim handling team is informed, they would coordinate your claim with the insurance company and help you in getting a quick settlement.

Documents Required For Claims

Documents required for car insurance claims
For making a valid claim on your car insurance policy, the following documents would have to be submitted to the insurer

  1. Claim form
  2. Copy of the RC Book of the car
  3. Copy of your driver’s license
  4. Copy of the car’s PUC certificate
  5. Your KYC documents like your age proof and address proof
  6. Policy bond in original

TATA AIG Customer Care

Customer Care Number

TATA AIG Car Insurance Renewal Process

To renew from TATA AIG’s website, the following steps would be needed

  1. Visit TATA AIG’s website https://www.tataaig.com/ and choose the tab ‘Renew’.
  2. Under ‘Renew’ choose ‘Car’
  3. Provide your mobile number and the existing TATA AIG’s policy number.
  4. You would be shown your existing policy details.
  5. If you need you can make changes in your existing policy like adding or deducting add-ons.
  6. The renewal Insured Declared Value and its premium will be shown.
  7. Pay the renewal premium online and the policy would be renewed.

If you want to renew an existing policy which has been bought from another insurance company, you would have to choose ‘Buy’ rather than ‘Renew’ and follow the above-mentioned process for buying a car insurance policy from TATA AIG.

To renew from Turtlemint, the process is similar to buying the policy. It is as follows

  1. Visit https://www.turtlemint.com/ and choose ‘Car’
  2. Provide your car registration number to proceed.
  3. Enter the car’s make and model, registration year, existing policy details, claim details and other required details.
  4. Provide your contact information.
  5. You can then see the different car insurance quotes offered by different car insurance companies.
  6. Compare the quotes and select the best car insurance policy for your car.
  7. Pay the premium online and the policy would be issued in an instant.

Documents required to buy/renew TATA AIG car insurance plan

  1. The RC book of your car
  2. PUC certificate of the car
  3. Driving license
  4. Age proof
  5. Address proof
  6. Identity proof
  7. Photographs of the damage


IDV means the Insured Declared Value. It represents the market value of the car after deducting depreciation based on the cars age. As per the depreciation rates prescribed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, IDV of the car is as follows

Age of the car IDV
Up to 6 months 95% of the market value
More than 6 months but less than 1 year 85% of the market value
More than a year but less than 2 years 80% of the market value
More than 2 years but less than 3 years 70% of the market value
More than 3 years but less than 4 years 60% of the market value
More than 4 years but less than 5 years 50% of the market value

No, the benefit of zero depreciation add-on is available only for a maximum of two claims. If you make a third claim, depreciation would be deducted from the parts of the car even if you have the depreciation reimbursement add-on.

No, long term plans are mandatory only for cars which have been bought on or after 1st September 2018.

You need to pay a part of the claim because of the compulsory deductible. Every car insurance policy has a component of compulsory deductible which represents the part of the claim which is payable by you. Thus, in case of a claim, the compulsory deductible portion would be paid from your pockets.

Yes, a range of discounts is available under car insurance policies. These include the following

  • Discount for installing safety devices in the car
  • Discount for being a member of a recognized automobile association
  • Discount for opting for a voluntary deductible limit
  • Discount for modifying the car for a disabled
  • Discount for no claims made in the last policy year/years (No Claim Bonus discount)
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