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Oriental Health Insurance Plans Overview

Oriental health insurance offers 2 health insurance plans. The premium of these plans starts from Rs. 233/yr. The sum insured ranges from Rs. 10,000 - 50 Lakh. Details of the comprehensive coverage provided by the following 2 Oriental health insurance plans are listed below:

Oriental Critical Illness Policy

Starting Premium- ₹ 233/yr

Oriental Insurance Critical Illness Policy is a fixed benefit policy. Under this plan, when an insured person is diagnosed with any of the listed 22 critical illnesses, a lump-sum benefit is paid out. The plan comes with 2 plan variants:

Plan A, which covers 11 specified critical illnesses Plan B which covers 11 more illnesses apart from those in Plan A Let us take a look at the salient features of theOriental Critical Illness Policy:

  1. The plan is available on an individual basis, you can cover self, spouse, either dependent parents or dependent parents-in-law, dependent children, unmarried dependent siblings
  2. The maximum age of a family member can be 65 years
  3. The policy can be bought as an annual policy for a year or as a long-term policy for 3 years
  4. Long-term renewals can be made, without an upper age limit
  5. The main illnesses covered are:
    • Major Head trauma
    • Primary pulmonary hypertension
    • Open heart replacement or repair of heart valves
    • Coma of specified severity
    • Multiple sclerosis with persisting symptoms
    • Myocardial infarction
    • Open chest CABG
    • Kidney failure that requires dialysis on a regular basis
    • Stroke causing permanent symptoms
    • Permanent limb paralysis
    • Motor neuron disease
    • Blindness
    • Benign brain tumour
    • Major organs/ bone marrow transplant
    • Deafness
    • Last stage lung failure
    • Last stage liver failure
    • Loss of Limbs
    • Loss of speech
    • Third-degree burns
    • Angioplasty
    • Cancer of specified severity
  6. Under both the plans all sum insured options are available
  7. Lifelong renewability available
  8. There is a waiting period of 90 days
  9. There is a survival period of 30 days
  10. Depending on the sum insured that has opted, you would be able to avail of the Second Medical opinion benefit
  11. No pre-policy medical tests required up to 45 years of age
  12. At the time of renewal,you can increase the sum insured

Eligible Age

18 years - 65 years

PED Waiting Period

4 years


2 Lakh - 50 Lakh



Oriental Dengue Kavach

Starting Premium- ₹ 234/yr

Oriental insurance Dengue Kavach is a fixed-benefit, disease-specific health insurance cover that is paid out when the insured is detected with Dengue fever.The premium of the policy remains the same across age groups. To settle the claim, you need to submit the Doctor’s prescription advising the test and the Positive Test Report.However, make sure that the Dengue fever positive test report is from a Government Approved Diagnostic/Pathological Laboratory in India.

This plan has the following features:

  1. The Oriental insurance Dengue Kavach pays out the benefit in a lump sum without any cost-sharing/ sub-limits
  2. You can choose a sum insured out of the 2 available choices: INR 10,000 and INR 20,000 on an individual basis
  3. The plan is available on an individual basis, you can cover self, spouse, dependent parents/ in-law, up to 2 dependent children
  4. No medical check-up is required before buying the policy
  5. There is a waiting period of 30 days
  6. Family Discount of 2.5% in case 2 members are covered and 5% if more than 2 members are covered
  7. Online Discount of 5% can be availed, when there is no intermediary in the process
  8. After a claim-free year, at the time of renewal, you can enhance the sum insured to the immediate next slab

Eligible Age

18 years - 70 years

PED Waiting Period



10,000 - 20,000



Oriental Premium Calculator

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Premium Calculator

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At the time of buying a health insurance policy from Oriental Insurance, the following documents would be required

  • Identity proof
  • Age proof of yourself and the members being covered
  • Address proof
  • Photographs

Yes, you can buy as many health insurance plans as you like. There is no restriction on the number of policies that you can buy.

Dependent children are covered until 18 years or 25 years of age. Dependent daughters can be covered until they are married.

No, maternity cover is allowed after a waiting period. The policy might have a waiting period of 24 to 48 months depending on the policy.
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