A health insurance policy has become a necessity in today’s age when medical costs have become unaffordable. That is why insurance companies offer a range of health insurance policies which provide comprehensive coverage benefits for your health insurance needs. There are more than a hundred health insurance plans available in the market but you should choose the best health insurance plan for your coverage needs. Choosing the best health insurance policy would ensure that you do not miss out on the comprehensive coverage benefits which are offered by health insurance plans. Moreover, the best medical insurance plan would also have the best premium for the coverage that is offered. Besides the coverage and the premium, if you choose the best medical insurance policy, you would be able to avail easy cashless treatments at a wide network of hospitals and get your claims processed smoothly. Thus, for an all-round coverage, pocket-friendly premiums and smooth claim process, you should choose the best health insurance coverage.

How to choose the best health insurance plan?

In order to choose the best health insurance plan, you should compare the available plans on some important parameters. These parameters are as follows –

  1. The coverage benefits offered

    This is an important parameter of judging a health insurance plan. The more comprehensive the scope of coverage offered, the better would be the plan. When the coverage is comprehensive the plan would cover maximum medical expenses and reduce your out-of-pocket costs. So, an all-inclusive plan is always recommended. That being said, you should ensure that the coverage benefits are suitable for your needs so that you pay for exactly what you need. Do not opt for unnecessary coverage benefits which would drive up the premium. For example, if you already have kids and have planned your family, opting for a plan with maternity coverage would be unnecessary. You should, alternatively, look for other coverage benefits for comprehensive coverage.

  2. The sum insured level

    Look for the minimum and maximum sum insured offered by the policies. Health plans which allow higher coverage levels would be better since they would allow you to opt for an optimal sum insured for covering expected medical costs.

  3. The premium rate

    The premium of the policy should be affordable and competitive compared to other similar health insurance plans. However, when comparing the premiums, also compare the coverage offered along with the premium charged to judge the premium rate.

  4. The network of cashless hospitals

    The best health insurance plan would be the one which has a wide network of hospitals for providing cashless treatments. This would help you easily locate a networked hospital in your area and avail convenient cashless claims.

  5. Pre-existing waiting period

    If you or any family member suffers from any pre-existing illness, you should opt for a plan which has low pre-existing waiting period so that such illnesses get covered at the earliest.

  6. Coverage limits

    Opt for health plans which have no room rent capping so that you can get treated in a single private AC room without worrying about the costs. Moreover, the best health insurance policy should also have minimal coverage restrictions and sub-limits on coverage benefits for a more holistic scope of coverage.

  7. Add-on riders

    Many health insurance plans allow optional riders which you can add to the coverage at an additional premium. These riders help in enhancing your coverage and are recommended. So, look for plans which have optional riders so that you can customize your policy as per your needs.

  8. Premium discounts 

    The best health insurance plans would allow you attractive premium discounts which would help you bring down your premium costs. So, hunt for the best discounts available so that your premiums get affordable.

  9. Value-added benefits 

    Modern-day health insurance plans also offer different types of value-added benefits in their coverage like free medical consultations, second opinion, wellness rewards, health check-ups, etc. The best health insurance coverage would be the one which has a range of value-added services which enhance your coverage and give you something extra.

List of 10 best health insurance plans

Considering all the above-mentioned factors, here is a list of 10 of the best health insurance plans available in the market that offer the best-in-class coverage benefits at the most reasonable premium rates. So, here’s a look –

Name of the plan

Entry age 

Sum insured 

Pre-existing waiting period

Value-added services

The premium for a 35-year old male for a sum insured of INR 5 lakhs

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance Plan 

6 years onwards.

Dependent children aged 3 months to 5 years can be covered under the floater policy

INR 3 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs

2 years

Free health check-ups, online consultations, dietitian and nutrition consultations, vaccination care, physiotherapy consultations, etc.

INR 7494

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy 

3 months to 65 years

INR 5 lakhs to INR 1 crores

3 years

Second medical opinion, wellness programs, coverage for modern treatments, etc.

INR 7015

Care Health Care Insurance Plan 

91 days onwards

INR 4 lakhs to INR 6 crores

4 years

The medical second opinion, free health check-ups, etc.

INR 6620

Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum – Enhanced 

91 days onwards

INR 2 lakhs to INR 2 crores

3 years

Health Returns which help in paying off premiums, second e-opinion, international emergency assistance, wellness coach, etc.

INR 8137

Manipal Cigna ProHealth Protect

91 days onwards

INR 2.5 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs

4 years

Free health check-ups, expert opinion on critical illness, healthy rewards, etc.

HDFC ERGO Health Optima Restore 

91 days to 65 years

INR 3 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs

3 years

e-opinion in critical illness, Stay Active benefit, health check-ups, etc.

INR 7093

Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance 

1 day to 70 years

INR 1 lakh to INR 10 lakhs

3 years

Wellness benefits, dial-a-doctor, health education library, second opinion, specialist consultations with follow-ups, etc.

INR 5528

Royal Sundaram Lifeline

91 days onwards

INR 2 lakhs to INR 1.5 crores

2 years to 4 years depending on the plan variant selected

Free health check-up, second medical opinion for critical illness, preventative healthcare and disease management wellness programs

Reliance Health Gain

91 days to 65 years

INR 3 lakhs to INR 18 lakhs

3 years

Wellness benefits, a guarantee of policy servicing, a guarantee of claim servicing, etc. 

INR 6933 (Sum insured INR 6 lakhs)

Future Generali Future Health Suraksha

90 days to 70 years

INR 50,000 to INR 10 lakhs

4 years

Free medical check-ups, no claim bonus, premium discounts, instalment premiums, etc.

INR 6282

Details of the best health insurance plans

Here’s a brief look into the above-mentioned best health insurance plans –

  1. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance 

    This is a comprehensive health insurance plan which comes in four different variants and has the following salient features –

    • 100% of the sum insured is restored if it gets used up in the same policy year on an earlier claim
    • Free annual health check-ups are provided 
    • There is a range of optional coverage benefits like hospital cash allowance, convalescence benefit, maternity and newborn cover, critical illness cover, etc.
  2. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy 

    This is one of the leading health insurance policies with extensive coverage benefits, both inbuilt and optional. The features of the policy are as follows –

    • No sub-limits on room rent
    • Air ambulance charges are also covered
    • Maternity and newborn baby coverage is inbuilt under the plan
    • OPD expenses are also covered once in 3 years
    • Coverage for bariatric surgery is available
  3. Care Health Care Insurance Plan 

    This plan offers sum insured up to INR 6 crores, the highest in the industry, along with the following salient features –

    • Robotic surgeries are covered under the plan
    • Free annual health check-ups for all insured members
    • Sum insured restoration benefit restores the sum insured if it is exhausted
    • There are a range of optional coverage benefits for an inclusive scope of coverage 
  4. Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum – Enhanced 

    This is the premium version of the Activ Health plan series which offers high sum insured levels. The salient features of the plan are as follows –

    • You can get the actual cost of an ambulance covered, without any sub-limits, in a networked hospital
    • The sum insured is reinstated upon exhaustion on earlier claims
    • If hospitalisation exceeds 10 days, a recovery benefit of INR 10, 000 is paid in a lump sum
    • There is no room rent capping
    • The plan’s unique Health Returns program helps you earn up to 30% of your annual premium as rewards for healthy living. This earned premium can be used for paying renewal premiums
  5. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Protect

    ProHealth Protect offers you affordable coverage with high sum insured levels and comprehensive coverage benefits. The features of the plan include the following –

    • More than 500 daycare treatments are covered under the plan
    • You get worldwide emergency cover for medical emergencies
    • You can claim health maintenance benefits of up to INR 500 if you practice healthy living
    • Up to 200% increase in the sum insured is allowed as no claim bonus
    • A range of optional and add-on covers is available for customization 
  6. HDFC ERGO Health Optima Restore

    This health plan can be taken on an individual basis or on a family floater basis. It has the following salient features –

    • The sum insured is restored 100% if it is exhausted on prior claims
    • In case of a claim-free year, the sum insured increases by 50% and doubles up after two successive claim-free years
    • There are no sub-limits on room rent
    • The premium is not loaded based on your claim history 
  7. Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Plan 

    You can buy this plan in three different variants for yourself as well as for your family members. The main features of the plan include the following –

    • Dental treatments, due to an accident, are covered
    • Vaccination expenses for an animal bite are covered
    • Outpatient medical expenses are also covered by the plan
    • Optional additional benefits are available for customizing your coverage 
  8. Royal Sundaram Lifeline

    This policy provides you with a gamut of inbuilt coverage benefits, value-added features and optional coverage benefits. The main features of the plan are as follows –

    • The sum insured is reloaded if it is exhausted on previous claims occurring in the same financial year 
    • Worldwide emergency coverage is provided under the plan allowing international treatments in medical emergencies
    • There are 11 critical illnesses for which you can avail international treatments and get coverage under the policy
    • Cost of OPD expenses is also covered 
  9. Reliance Health Gain

    Reliance’s Health Gain plan provides a good scope of coverage with attractive premium discounts for affordability. The main features of the policy include the following –

    • 100% restoration of the sum insured is allowed for non-related illnesses and 20% for related illness within the policy term
    • The sum insured increases by 33.33% after every claim-free year. You can also choose to double the sum insured after four consecutive claim-free years
    • In case of specified critical illnesses, the policy is renewed free of cost
  10. Future Generali Future Health Suraksha 

    The plan allows a range of coverage benefits and features some of which include the following –

    • Individuals above 60 years of age get additional daily allowance if they are hospitalised
    • The sum insured increases by 25% in case of accidental hospitalisation
    • Sum insured recharge benefit is available under many plan variants

Take your pick from any of these plans for availing the best health insurance coverage.

How to buy the best health insurance plans from Turtlemint?

Turtlemint’s online platform allows you to compare and choose the best health insurance policy for yourself. Turtlemint is tied-up with all of the leading health insurance companies and offers their plans on its portal. You can simply visit Turtlemint, enter in your coverage details and find the top cheapest health insurance plans available. You can also compare the benefits and premiums of the plans and then choose one policy which offers the best coverage at the cheapest premiums. To buy the cheapest health insurance through Turtlemint, here are some simple steps which you need to follow –

  1. Visit Turtlemint’s website at https://www.turtlemint.com/health-insurance/ and choose ‘Buy New Policy’
  2. Proceed to enter your details like your gender, members to be insured, age of the insured members, whether any insured member suffers from any pre-existing illness or not and your PIN code
  3. In the next page you can pick out the list of preferred hospitals in your locality and Turtlemint would specifically look for plans containing such hospitals in their preferred provider network
  4. Provide your income level to be recommended the most suitable coverage level
  5. Leave your contact details so that Turtlemint’s executive can get in touch with you and help you find the cheapest health insurance plan 
  6. When you proceed to the next page you would be shown a list of the best and cheapest health insurance plans with their respective benefits and features
  7. Compare the displayed plans and choose the most suitable plan 
  8. Pay the premium online, complete the online application process and you would be able to buy the policy instantly online through Turtlemint

Turtlemint, therefore, provides you with a hassle-free approach to compare and buy the cheapest health insurance plan so that you are adequately covered without any financial strain of the premium.