Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company is a joint venture between two reputed companies – Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health. Both of these companies have a good reputation in the health industry. These companies collaborated together to form Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company which is a standalone health insurance provider in India. Apollo Munich offers a range of health insurance plans which offer a good scope of coverage to policyholders.

Key highlights of Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Here are some highlights which set Apollo Munich apart from other health insurance providers in India –

  1. The company has a track record of issuing 93% of its policies within 7 days and 83% of such policies are issued within 3 days itself
  2. 90% of its cashless claims are approved within two hours of intimation
  3. 95% of the company’s claims are settled within 30 days
  4. The company has received various awards for its operations with the latest one being the Gold Award for Health Insurer Provider of the Year 2018

Benefits of choosing Apollo Munich health insurance plans

Health insurance plans offered by Apollo Munich offer various benefits which are as follows –

  1. The company is tied up with more than 5000 hospitals across India making it easier for you to locate a networked hospital for cashless claim settlements
  2. A range of health insurance policies are offered by the company to fulfil different types of health insurance requirements
  3. All policies promise lifelong renewals thereby ensuring coverage even in your older ages
  4. There are various value-added services available with Apollo Munich health plans which give you additional benefits with your health insurance plan. These services include assessment of your health, on-call doctors, health-related newsletters, etc.

Joint Health Insurance Plans of Apollo Munich Health Insurance and Canara Bank: 

The standalone health insurance company, Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited tied up with the public sector bank Canara Bank on 7th October, 2013 to sell health insurance products of Apollo Munich from the bank’s branches for the bank’s customers. This is a group health insurance policy which is available only for Canara Bank account holders. Let’s understand which policy is offered as Apollo Munich Canara Bank health insurance plan and understand its features in details –

1. Apollo Munich Canara Bank Health Insurance – Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

Apollo Munich’s most popular health insurance plan, Easy Health, is offered as a group health insurance plan to the account holders of Canara Bank. Here’s a look at the policy in details –

Features of Apollo Munich Canara Bank Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

This plan being a Group Health Insurance Plan from Apollo Munich Health Insurance for all customers of Canara Bank, all advantages of availing a Group Health Insurance Plan is available. 

The most important benefits of a Group Plan over an Individual Health Plan is:

  1. No pre-entrance health check-ups are required to buy the policy, irrespective of the age
  2. A single premium is payable to buy the policy and the premium is constant for individuals of all ages
  3. There is free annual health check-ups are allowed under the policy
  4. There is no co-payment in this plan where the policyholder is required to shoulder a part of the claim
  5. There is an additional feature of:
    1. Inbuilt Group Personal Accident Coverage in this plan.
      The cover is equivalent to the base cover for the sum insured for every primary insured under the Group Insurance Plan
    2. Optional Critical Illness coverage of INR 50,000 for certain specified illnesses

    Along with the other regular benefits of all indemnity health insurance plans

    The regular feature of Apollo Munich Canara Bank Easy Health Group Insurance Plan include:

  6. The policy can be taken for an individual or for his/her whole family as both individual and family floater variants are available under the plan
  7. There are a parent’s plans too which can be taken to cover parents or parents-in-law on a floater basis
  8. There is no sub-limit on the room rent which is covered under the plan. This means, there is no capping on room rent or any other expenses

Coverage available under Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

Easy Health Group Insurance Plan offers a range of coverage benefits which are mentioned below –

  • Inpatient treatment

    If the policyholder is hospitalised for 24 hours or more, the costs incurred on such hospitalisation would be covered under the plan. Coverage is allowed up to the sum insured and the costs covered include room rent, hospital room rent, ICU charges, doctor’s fee, surgeon’s fee, etc.

  • Pre hospitalisation

    If expenses are incurred before the insured is hospitalised, such expenses would also be covered under the policy. Pre-hospitalisation expenses are covered for 60 days before hospitalisation.

  • Post hospitalisation

    When the insured is discharged from the hospital, medical expenses are incurred in monitoring the recovery. Such expenses are called post hospitalisation expenses and they are also covered under Easy Health Group Insurance Plan up to 90 days before hospitalisation.

  • Daycare procedures

    Procedures which do not require hospitalisation for 24 hours due to advancements in the field of medicine are called daycare treatments. These treatments are covered under the policy up to the sum insured.

  • Group personal accident cover

    This cover is inbuilt under the plan and it covers accidental deaths and permanent disablements. If the insured dies in an accident or becomes permanently and totally disabled, a lump sum benefit is paid which is equal to the sum insured of the policy.

  • Organ transplant

    Organ transplant surgeries and the cost of harvesting the organ from a donor are also covered under the policy.

  • Emergency ambulance

    The costs incurred in arranging for an ambulance to take the insured to the hospital are covered up to INR 2000 per instance of hospitalisation.

  • Domiciliary expenses

    If the insured takes treatments at home due to non-availability of hospital beds or because he cannot be moved to the hospital, such expenses would also be covered under the policy. Coverage for domiciliary treatments is allowed up to the sum insured.

  • Daily cash allowance

    Policyholders can claim a daily cash benefit if they choose a shared accommodation in the hospital or for accompanying a minor child. The daily cash benefit is INR 500 per day of hospitalisation.

  • AYUSH treatments

    Treatments taken using non-allopathic courses of medicine like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy are covered under the plan. Coverage for such treatments is allowed for up to 5% of the sum insured.

  • Free health check-ups

    Free annual health check-ups can be availed by insured members. The extent of coverage for health check-ups would depend on the sum insured selected. It would be as follows –

  • Sum insured

    Free health check-up limit

    INR 1 lakh

    INR 1500

    INR 2 lakhs

    INR 2000

    INR 5 lakhs

    INR 2500

    INR 7.5 lakhs

    INR 3000

    INR 10 lakhs

    INR 3500

  • Value-added coverage benefits

    Besides the above-mentioned benefits, the plan also offers value-added coverage benefits like access to a wellness portal, healthline access, discounts at pharmacies and diagnostic stores, etc.

  • Tax Benefits

    The policyholder gets the benefit of income tax benefit for the premium payment upto INR 25,000 under section 80D.

Optional coverage benefit under the Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

Easy Health Group Insurance Plan also offers an optional Critical Illness Cover rider. This rider covers specified illnesses. If the insured suffers from any of the covered illness, a lump sum benefit of INR 50,000 would be paid.

What is not covered under the Easy Health Group Insurance Plan?

Easy Health Group Insurance Plan also has exclusions in which case the claim would not be paid. Common exclusions under the policy include the following –

  1. Illnesses occurring within the first 30 days of buying the policy
  2. Pre-existing illnesses would not be covered during the first 36 months. Only after continuous renewal of 36 months, the pre-existing ailments would be covered
  3. Specific illnesses have a waiting period of 1 year. Examples of such illnesses include hernia, cataract, joint replacement surgeries, etc.
  4. HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted illnesses would not be covered
  5. Maternity related expenses are excluded
  6. Expenses incurred due to alcohol or drug abuse, self-inflicted injuries, participation in hazardous activities, etc. would not be covered
  7. Congenital illnesses, mental illnesses, weight control treatments and cosmetic treatments are not covered

The entire list of exclusions would be specified on the policy document.

Eligibility criteria of Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

Entry age

Adults – 5 years to 69 years

Children on an individual basis – 5 years onwards Dependent children on floater basis – 91 days to 25 years

Members who can be covered

Accountholder, spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law

Sum insured

INR 1 lakh, INR 2 lakhs, INR 5 lakhs, INR 7.5 lakhs and INR 10 lakhs

Term of the plan

1 year

Waiting period for pre-existing illnesses

3 years

Premiums for the Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

The premium for the policy depends on the type of policy that you are buying (individual, family floater or parents plan), the sum insured selected and the place of purchase. Premiums are higher in metropolitan cities and lower for the rest of India. Here are the sample premium rates for Easy Health Group Insurance Plan if the sum insured is taken to be INR 5 lakhs –

Type of plan

Premium in metro cities

Premium in rest of India

Individual plan

INR 5880

INR 4857

Floater plan

INR 12,557

INR 11,510

Parents plan

INR 13,305

INR 11,258

How to buy the Easy Health Group Insurance Plan?

Any account holder of Canara Bank can buy the policy by paying the premium. You would just have to select the type of policy that you want, pay the premium and you would be covered.

How to renew the Easy Health Group Insurance Plan?

Since this is a group health insurance plan, renewals are automatic. After every 12 months, the policy can be renewed by paying the premium.

Claim process of Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

In case of a claim, you should follow the below-mentioned steps –

  1. Register your claim with Apollo Munich by calling the claim helpline number of the company or through an email.
  2. For cashless claims, a pre-authorization form needs to be filled and submitted. The form should be submitted 4-5 days before a planned hospitalisation or within 24 hours of an emergency hospitalisation
  3. Based on the pre-authorization form, the insurance company would approve the claim
  4. After the claim is approved, you can avail cashless treatments at the networked hospital
  5. After being discharged from the hospital, the discharge certificate should be collected
  6. The certificate along with the claim form and medical documents should be submitted to Apollo Munich for settlement of claims

Documents required for claim settlements

The documents which would be required for settling your health insurance claims would be as follows –

  • Claim form
  • Discharge summary
  • Policy bond
  • Identity proof
  • Original medical bills
  • Original hospital bill
  • Medical reports and records
  • Doctor’s certificates and prescriptions

Review of Easy Health Group Insurance Plan

Easy Health Group Insurance Plan is a good policy which has uniform premium rates irrespective of age and offers an inclusive scope of coverage. Canara Bank customers can benefit from this policy and can buy the policy covering not only themselves but their family members too.


No, accountholders of Canara Bank would have to voluntarily opt for coverage under the policy if they want to be covered.

The account holder buying the policy would have to pay the premium of the plan.

No, a master policy is issued covering all the account holders of Canara Bank who have enrolled themselves under the plan.

If the account holder ceases to be a customer of the bank, the coverage would cease and become unavailable for him/her.