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How to Get Duplicate Bike RC Online & Offline – Complete Guide

How to Get Duplicate Bike RC Online & Offline - Complete Guide

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Have you registered your vehicle with the regional transport department? If yes, you probably know about the RC (Registration Certificate) and its significance very well. Registration Certificate is a mandatory certificate that you should have to drive your vehicle legally on public roads across the country. This certificate is issued by the RTO office by validating all documents attached to the application form.

However, sometimes, you may need a duplicate RC. This article offers you a comprehensive overview of duplicate RC so that you can perform bike RC download online easily. Keep reading to understand and expedite the process of getting duplicate RC online.

What is a Duplicate RC?

Is your primary registration certificate lost, disfigured, or torn? If yes, you need a duplicate RC right away to drive your vehicles legally on public roads. Don’t worry! You don’t need to rush to the RTO office to procure the duplicate RC book. If you don’t want to get it physically, you can access and download RC online easily and quickly.

Your duplicate RC book comprises your registration number with RTO, engine number, chassis number, and personal information. This is a legal document that acts like a copy of the original RC that you need to have if you have lost the primary one due to any reason.

When and Why Would You Require Duplicate RC?

There can be many reasons behind applying for a duplicate copy of RC. Check out the following pointers and know when and why you are required to procure a second copy of the RC book.

1. Lost the primary RC card

Have you lost your primary RC card? If yes, apply for the duplicate RC card/book without any delay. This is a mandatory document that you should possess with you to prove ownership of your vehicle.

2. Change in your home address

Have you shifted to any other place/ city/ state? Then, you should do one more thing while arranging your new home. You should get your residential address updated in your RC book. For this alteration, you have to apply for a duplicate RC online or offline.

3. Damaged your primary RC book

Despite being careful, if your primary RC book’s pages are torn or missing, you should not postpone the idea of applying for another copy of RC. It is better to procure a duplicate book of RC right away. You can apply for it online if you want.

4. For loan purposes

Have you applied for any loan sanction, and your bank or any other financial institution demanded your RC book before sanctioning a loan to you? If yes, you should procure the duplicate RC to submit it to the lender.

5. Selling your vehicle

Are you going to sell your bike/ car to any other person? If yes, you will have to procure a duplicate copy of the RC card to confirm that you have transferred the ownership of your vehicle to another individual.

6. RC renewal

This is quite different from duplicate RC requests but an essential step that you should follow to use your RC certificate continuously. This is done within 60 days of the date of the expiry of the registration of your vehicle with the RTO office.

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How to Get the Duplicate RC Online?

Don’t fret about applying for a duplicate copy of RC! You can choose an easy and quick way to get it. Go through the following steps to learn how to apply for an online RC book download request in a simplified manner:

Step 1: First of all, you should go to the official website of Parivahan to initiate the procedure of duplicate RC
Step 2: Then, choose the option online services given in the menu and click the option Vehicle Related Services
Step 3: Select your state name from the drop-down menu bar
Step 4: On your left-hand side, you will get the option of Registering Authority. Click on it
Step 5: Then, provide the requisite details in the boxes
Step 6: Select your regional RTO office in the drop-down menu bar
Step 7: Then, click on the option Proceed
Step 8: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure. You have to provide your bike insurance policy as well as police FIR details
Step 9: Upload all the essential documents to verify your details
Step 10: Submit the application fee that is displayed on the screen
Step 11: Download and take out the print of the RC book receipt
Step 12: Submit its copy to the RTO office.

How to Get the Duplicate RC Offline?

Check out the following steps to procure the duplicate RC offline:

Step 1: Go to the police station to lodge an FIR regarding your lost or stolen primary RC. Provide all the essential details like registration number, your personal information, engine number, and chassis number
Step 2: Then, you should visit your nearby RTO office to apply for its duplicate copy
Step 3: Request to issue the RC Extract. You will receive the information regarding your registered vehicle and driving license in the RC extract
Step 4: Get the application form 26 from the RTO office to procure a second copy of RC book
Step 5: Fill out the details in the form carefully
Step 6: Attest all the essential documents to complete the procedure
Step 7: Submit the fee of the RC request
Step 8: Get the receipt of your deposited fee for its duplicate copy.

How to download RC books online?

Have you completed the procedure of applying for an RC book? If yes, you can download its copy yourself via your smartphone or iOS device. Check out the following two methods to download RC book online:

Via the Parivahan website

  • Log in to the official portal of Parivahan
  • If you don’t have one, create an account on the official Parivahan website
  • After logging in, provide your vehicle registration number in the required box
  • Select State RTO from the drop-down menu bar
  • Navigate to the Download option and press the option RC Print
  • Enter the vehicle registration number and chassis number
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to validate the details
  • Enter the OTP that has come to your registered mobile number
  • Download your RC book.

Via the Digilocker

  • Go to the Digilocker website or open the Digilocker app
  • Log in to your account with your Aadhar card number and security PIN
  • In case you don’t have a Digilocker account, create one with an Aadhar card
  • Navigate to the option Issued Documents located on the home page
  • Then, select the option ‘Get More Issued Documents’
  • Then, click on the option ‘Registration of Vehicles’
  • Input the vehicle’s registration number along with the chassis number
  • Select the option ‘Get Document’
  • Once again, go back to the issued document option to download and take out the print of your RC book.

Documents Required to Get a Duplicate RC

Check out the following pointers to know which documents you should have to get a secondary copy RC:

  • Application form 26
  • Police FIR copy
  • Address proof
  • Challan clearance copy from traffic police
  • Insurance policy affidavit
  • PAN card copy
  • Tax clearance copy that can show that your vehicle is debt-free
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Identification of vehicle owner’s signature
  • Affidavit that can state that the RC is misplaced or damaged.

Fee to be Paid to Get the Duplicate RC of 2-Wheeler & Other Vehicles

Go through the following table that simplifies the fee details to get the duplicate RC for you:

Type of Vehicle Duplicate RC Fee
Motorcycle INR 25
Non-Transport Light-Weight Vehicle INR 300
Invalid Carriage INR 150
Transport Light Weight Vehicle INR 500
Medium Size Vehicle to Carry GoodsINR 500
Medium Size Motor Vehicle to Load PassengersINR 500
Heavy Weight Vehicle to Carry GoodsINR 750
Heavy Weight Vehicle to Load PassengersINR 750 
Imported Motorcycle INR 1,250
Imported CarINR 2,500
Other Kinds of Vehicle INR 1,500


We hope you have understood how to get another copy of the RC and how to download it easily. Duplicate RC is not an optional document that you can miss if you have lost/ torn/ stolen/ damaged your primary RC. You should have it; otherwise, your vehicle will not be considered legal. So, hurry up! Follow the above-given instructions and download the vehicle RC without any ado.

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