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Top Features From Reliance Health Plans

Features and benefits of Reliance General’s health insurance plans:

  • The company offers both indemnity health plans as well as fixed benefit plans. While indemnity plans pay the actual medical costs suffered, fixed benefit plans pay a lump sum benefit irrespective of the costs incurred
  • Wellness benefits are offered under the company’s health insurance plans which let you track your health and live a healthy life
  • Premium discounts are offered if a girl child is covered under the health insurance plans
  • Discount coupons and vouchers are offered which can be used at specified wellness centres
  • The health insurance premiums qualify as a deduction under Section 80D up to INR 25,000. If you also cover your senior citizen parents and pay their premiums, you can claim an additional deduction of up to INR 50,000
  • The company offers a claim settlement guarantee. If you have submitted all the documents of the claim and the claim is not settled within 6 hours, the company would pay an interest of 1% of the claim amount for delay of every 6 business hours

Exclusions Across Reliance Health Plans

Exclusions of Reliance HealthWise Plan:

  • Illnesses like cataract, fibromyoma, fistula, piles, hysterectomy, etc. are not covered in the first policy year
  • Under the Standard Plan variant, pre-existing illnesses are not covered in the first 4 policy years. However, under the other two plan variants of Gold and Silver, pre-existing illnesses are not covered for the first 2 years
  • Illnesses suffered within 30 days of buying the policy are not covered
  • Maternity related treatments and costs of childbirth are not covered
  • HIV, AIDS or any other sexually transmitted ailments are not covered
  • Costs of spectacles, lenses or hearing aids are not covered
  • Treatments due to war, nuclear contamination and related perils are not covered
  • Congenital illnesses are not covered

Exclusions of Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan:

  • Pre-existing illnesses or diseases are not covered
  • HIV, AIDS or STDs are not covered
  • Illnesses within 3 months of buying the policy would not be covered*Illnesses due to pregnancy, war, nuclear threats, breach of law, alcohol usage or smoking, attempted suicide, etc. would not be covered
  • Cosmetic treatments and surgeries are not covered
  • If the insured dies within 30 days of diagnosis of the illness, claim would not be paid
  • If the diagnosis is not done by a recognized medical practitioner or if it is not scientifically recognised, claim would not be admissible

Exclusions of Reliance Personal Accident policy:

  • Any type of claims after a claim has already been paid
  • Claims for similar disabilities
  • Claims more than the sum insured
  • Attempted suicide, criminal acts, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, AIDS, etc.
  • Accidents suffered when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Maternity and its related complications
  • Natural death

Reliance Premium Calculator

Use the Reliance health insurance premium calculator to estimate your health insurance premiums.

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Yes, you can buy as many health insurance plans that you want. However, when you buy another plan, mention the details of the earlier plan as well

In the case of multiple policies, you can make your health insurance claim under any policy that you want. However, if one policy is insufficient to cover the claim and you are utilising the other policy that you have, make sure to submit all the attested copies of the medical bills and reports to the second insurance company. Inform the second company of the previous claim so that the company would accept the attested photocopies of the documents required and settle your claims based on them

Yes, many health insurance plans allow coverage for dependent parents under a family floater plan. Reliance’s HealthGain allows dependent parents to be covered. However, under HealthWise, coverage for dependent parents is not allowed. You should check the plan to see if it would allow coverage for your dependent parents under its floater variant

No, a critical illness policy covers specified critical illnesses only. Thus, you will be able to claim if you happen to suffer from any of the mentioned critical illnesses

Health insurance premiums are allowed as a deduction under Section 80D. You can claim a maximum deduction of up to INR 25,000 if you buy a policy for yourself and your family. If you are a senior citizen, the limit increases to INR 50,000. Moreover, an additional deduction can be claimed if you are buying a separate policy for your dependent parents. If you are buying a separate policy for your parents and paying the premium, you can claim an additional deduction of up to INR 25,000. If your parents are senior citizens, the limit increases to INR 50,000. So, you can claim deductions of up to INR 1 lakh if you and your parents are senior citizens and you buy separate policies for yourself and your parents.
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