Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator & Chart Online

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company is a standalone health insurance company that offers a range of health insurance plans which you can choose from. The health insurance plans offered by Star Health are comprehensive in their scope of coverage and have affordable premiums so that you can afford the plan easily. Moreover, the company is one of the best health insurance providers in the country due to the following reasons –

  • The company has already insured more than 126.9 crore lives ever since it was formed
  • The approval for 93% of cashless claims is given by the company within 2 hours
  • The company has recorded a gross written premium of INR 6865 crore in the financial year 2019-2020.

More than 11,000 hospitals across India are tied-up with Star Health to offer you the ease of cashless claim settlement

How to calculate Star health insurance premiums?

Whichever health insurance policy that you choose to buy from Star Health, you can calculate the premium of the policy beforehand to find out the expected cost. Star Health Insurance premium calculator is an online tool offered by the company which allows you to find the health insurance premium of a Star Health plan. Moreover, Star Health insurance premium chart is available in the brochures of almost all health insurance plans offered by the company. You can, therefore, check the Star Health insurance premium chart in the plan brochure and find out the premium. 

Star Health insurance premium chart, however, shows the premiums without taxes and applicable discounts. To find the actual amount of premium that you have to pay, you can use the Star Health premium calculator and find the premium instantly. The process is as follows –

  • Visit and choose a suitable health insurance plan of your choice
  • When you choose the plan, click on ‘Buy’ to go to the page which has the Star Health mediclaim premium calculator and the plan details
  • Provide your details in the Star Health insurance premium calculator. These details include the following –
    • Full name
    • Mobile number
    • Email ID
    • Date of birth
    • Number of adults to be covered under the plan
    • Duration of the policy
    • Number of children to be covered under the plan
    • Sum insured
  • Once the details are entered, you would be shown the premium payable, including tax
  • You can pay the premium and even buy the policy online if you want

Alternatively, you can visit Turtlemint and find the premium of Star health insurance plans. Turtlemint is tied-up with Star Health and provides an online premium calculator which helps you find the best premium of different Star Health Plans. Just visit and enter in your coverage requirements. Provide your contact details to save the premium quotes and proceed to check the premium of Star Health Insurance Company. Besides calculating the premiums of Star Health, Turtlemint’s calculator also shows the premium quotes of other health insurance plans available for your coverage needs. This allows you to compare and choose a plan which offers the best coverage at the most competitive premium rates.

Factors that affect premiums of Star Health Insurance

Premiums of Star health insurance plans depend on a lot of factors which affect the premium calculation. These factors and their respective effects on premium calculation are as follows –

  • Age 

    Your age determines your Star health insurance premium. The older you are the higher would be the health risk because health conditions set in as you age. Thus, premiums depend on age and the older you are the higher would be the applicable premium rates.

  • Sum insured chosen

    Since sum insured determines the risk which is insured, it directly affects your health insurance premium. The higher the sum insured level you choose the higher would be the premium rate and vice-versa.

  • Number of members to be insured

    If you include more than one member under the coverage, additional premium would be payable for each covered member. Thus, the number of members covered under the plan also determines the premium rate. The more the insured members the higher would be the premium and vice-versa

  • Age of insured members

    Just as your age determines the premium so does the age of the insured members. Family floater plans calculate the premium based on the age of the eldest member. Thus, the age of the insured members directly impacts the premium. The higher the age the higher would be the premium and vice-versa.

  • Location 

    Many Star health insurance plans have a premium classification for the city wherein you live. There are three or four types of area classification – Zone 1 cities, Zone 1a cities, Zone 2 cities and Zone 3 cities. Thus, the city in which you live would also determine the premium payable.

  • Existing health conditions

    If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition and the condition is severe, the health insurance premium would be increased.

  • Policy duration

    Many Star health insurance plans offer coverage durations of two or three continuous years. If you choose a long term coverage period, you have to pay the aggregate premium at once and you can also enjoy a premium discount. Thus, depending on the coverage duration chosen, the premium is calculated.

  • Riders selected

    Some Star health insurance plans have optional coverage benefits which you can add to your base policy. However, these coverage benefits come at an additional cost and if you choose such riders, the premium would increase.

  • Applicable discounts

    Star health insurance plans allow attractive premium discounts for adding family members, for choosing a voluntary co-payment, for buying the policy online or simply for choosing long term coverage duration. If these discounts are available, you can opt for them and reduce the premium amount.

Sample premium rates of Star health insurance plans

The actual premium rates of Star health insurance plans depend on the plan selected and the above-mentioned factors. Here are the sample Star health insurance premium charts (excluding tax) at different ages and sum insured levels for some of the most popular plans offered by the company assuming the following – 

  • Premiums are for Zone 1 cities
  • No add-ons have been selected
  • No discounts have been availed
  • Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan – for one-year duration


    1 adult + 1 child

    2 adults

    2 adults + 2 children

    Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 10 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 10 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 10 lakhs

    16 days to 35 years

    INR 8985

    INR 11,475

    INR 9895

    INR 12,620

    INR 14,460 

    INR 18,355

    36 to 45 years

    INR 9795

    INR 12,495

    INR 11,585

    INR 14,740

    INR 15,905

    INR 20,175

    46 to 50 years

    INR 13,640

    INR 17,330

    INR 16,345

    INR 20,730

    INR 20,960

    INR 26,530

  • Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan – for one year duration


    1 adult 

    2 adults

    2 adults + 2 children

    Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 10 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 10 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

    Sum insured INR 10 lakhs

    3 months to 35 years

    INR 7015

    INR 9725

    INR 10,420

    INR 15,560

    INR 14,800

    INR 20,920

    36 to 45 years

    INR 8075

    INR 11,775

    INR 12,120

    INR 18,840

    INR 16,410

    INR 23,520

    46 to 50 years

    INR 13,200

    INR 19,865

    INR 22,400

    INR 33,860

    INR 25,390

    INR 37,090

  • Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy 

    Sum insured level

    1 adult

    2 adults (Self + Spouse)

    Term 1 year

    Term 2 years

    Term 1 year

    Term 2 years

    INR 10 lakhs

    INR 22,500

    INR 43,425

    INR 38,250

    INR 73,823

    INR 15 lakhs

    INR 29,205

    INR 56,366

    INR 49,650

    INR 95,825

    INR 20 lakhs

    INR 32,710

    INR 63,130

    INR 55,610

    INR 107,327

Advantages of using Star Health Insurance calculator

Star Health Insurance’s online premium calculator is a smart tool which allows you to calculate the premiums of Star health insurance plans. The benefits of using the calculator are as follows –

  • You can find out the premium payable for the policy that you choose. This helps you ascertain whether the premium is affordable or not
  • You can calculate the premium of different health insurance plans and compare them to find a policy which has the lowest rate without skimping on the coverage offered
  • The calculation of premium allows you to find out whether or not you can choose to add riders to the policy without hurting your pockets
  • When you know the premium payable, you can make provision for the same in your financial budget ensuring that the budget does not overshoot the expected expenses
  • The calculator is flexible and you can change the coverage and/or the members to be insured to find the appropriate rate of premium which would be affordable
  • The calculator shows you the instant premium quote, including taxes, which helps you find the cost of a particular health insurance plan 
  • Star health insurance premium calculator is free of cost and you can find the premium quotes multiple times without any charges

Why should you choose Star Health Insurance?

Star Health Insurance Company is one of the leading health insurance providers in India. It offers a range of health insurance plans for all types of coverage needs. You can find different types of health plans at a single platform and fulfil your coverage needs. Other reasons why you should choose Star Health Insurance are as follows –

  • Under many Star health plans, there is no need for pre-entrance health check-ups till 55 years of age
  • Star Health has an in-house claim settlement department which makes it easier for your claims to get settled easily without any hassles
  • The premiums are affordable and you can also choose to pay the premiums in instalments so that you can afford the health plan easily
  • Star health plans offer lifelong renewability so that you can enjoy coverage lifelong. Moreover, the premiums are not loaded for claims on renewals making them competitive and reasonable 

So, choose a suitable health insurance plan and use Star Health’s premium calculator to find the premium before you actually buy the policy.


The different zonal classifications, as applicable under some health insurance plans offered by Star Health, are as follows –

  • Zone 1 – Mumbai, Delhi (including Faridabad), Ahmedabad, Thane, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Surat and Baroda
  • Zone 1a – Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Ernakulam, Nashik, Trivandrum and the rest of Gujarat 
  • Zone 2 – Indore, Coimbatore and the rest of Kerala
  • Zone 3 – Rest of India 

If you cancel a health plan within 15 days of purchase, you would get a complete refund of your premium after deducting minimal charges associated with issuance of the policy and the risk coverage provided till cancellation. This is called free-look cancellation. You can also cancel the policy mid-term after the free-look period is over. Upon such cancellation, the refund of the premium would depend on the period after which you cancel the plan.

No, you can avail premium discounts also at the time of policy renewal.

Usually, renewal premium is not increased by the company if there has been a claim under the policy in the previous year. However, it depends on the underwriting principles of Star Health and you should check the plan details for the same.

Yes, you can claim a deduction on the amount of premium paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. However, the amount of deduction available would be limited to INR 25,000 since you are aged below 60 years. So, premium up to INR 25,000 would be allowed as a deduction while the premium of INR 7000 would form a part of your taxable income.