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Star Health Insurance Plans Overview

Star health insurance offers 10 health insurance plans. The premium of these plans starts from Rs. 1500/yr. The sum insured ranges from Rs. 50,000 - 2 Cr. Details of the comprehensive coverage provided by the following 10 Star health insurance plans are listed below:

Star Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

Starting Premium- 2,880/Yr

As unique as its name, the Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is a highly beneficial and affordable health insurance policy from STAR Health Insurance. The Policy has been created to cover the most essential clinic aspects required in process of recovery

Eligible Age

91 days - 65 years


50,000 - 10 Lakh

Star Assure Policy

Starting Premium- 1,500/Yr

New age plan from STAR Health which covers the growing medical needs of individuals and families today

  • Family size of upto 7 members allowed (4 Adults= Self + Spouse + Parents + 3 children). Children above 18 yrs are not allowed
  • Maternity benefits of upto 10% of base sum insured
  • Attractive discounts available on renewals and on choosing options of deductible

Eligible Age

16 days - 75 years


5 Lakh - 2 Cr

Star Cardiac Care Gold Policy

Starting Premium- 18,790/Yr

Star Cardiac Care policy is for persons who have undergone for the first time the named surgery / intervention / correction for the existing Cardiac diseases. Gold Plan pays for expenses incurred as an inpatient for treatment in respect of all cardiac related complications that necessitate medical management, surgery/intervention.

Eligible Age

10 years - 65 years


3 Lakh - 4 Lakh

Star Premium Calculator

Use the Star health insurance premium calculator to estimate your health insurance premiums.

Premium Calculator

Enter just a few details to calculate your health insurance premium within 30 seconds.


There is no such limit on the number of Star Health Insurance Claims which an insured can take in a year, however, the limit is on the Sum Insured which is the maximum permissible amount in any policy which one can avail of.

A Health Card is similar to the identity card which helps one to get the cashless facility at the network hospitals.

Yes, you can, however, the coverage will only be applicable in India.

Yes, the premium paid under the health insurance plan is exempt under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The following factors need to be considered which are:

  1. Need to check for the waiting period
  2. Need to check for the pre-existing disease coverage
  3. Need to check the exclusions
  4. Need to check the room rent

eIA means an Electronic Insurance Account wherein all your insurance policies can be stored in a centralized manner. You can opt to open an eIA account with Star Health Insurance by filling up and submitting the account opening form available with the company. once your eIA account is opened, all your policies would be electronically stored in the account. Star Health would allot you a number for the eIA account which would be your eIA number. You can quote this number when buying insurance from other companies and the policies issued would be digitally stored in the eIA account.

To make premium payments of your Star Health Insurance policy online you can use credit cards, debit cards, net banking facility, NEFT or RTGS, mobile wallets and UPI platforms.

To make a valid claim in your Star Health Insurance policy you should contact the insurance company immediately and follow the stipulated claim process. The process has been described above which you can follow and get your claims settled. You can also make a claim through Turtlemint and Turtlemint would follow the claim process on your behalf and get your claims settled at the earliest.

Star Health is a reputed health insurance provider in the Indian insurance market which offers a range of comprehensive health insurance plans. The plans offered by the company have inclusive coverage benefits at affordable premiums. Moreover, the company has a network of more than 9900 hospitals for easy cashless claims and approves 90% of such claims within 2 hours. In-house claim settlement also ensures that your claim process is smooth and hassle-free. Given these reasons, you should buy Star health insurance plans.

The requirement of pre-entrance medical check-up depends on your age, the sum insured that you choose and the type of policy that you buy. Under many plans, medical check-ups are not needed up to 45 years of age. Some plans do not need check-ups even up to 55 years of age and in senior citizen policies, there is no need for medical check-ups. However, if you opt for high sum insured and/or have an adverse medical condition, medical check-ups might be needed. So, the requirement of medical check-ups varies across plans and the underwriting principles followed by the company.
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