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SBI Health Insurance Premium Calculator & Chart Online

SBI General Insurance Company Limited is a leading name in the general insurance segment. The company is a joint venture between multiple companies which include the following –

  • State Bank of India which owns 70% stake in the company
  • Napean Opportunities LLP which owns 16.01% stake in the company
  • Honey Wheat Investment Limited which owns 9.99% stake
  • PI Opportunities Fund I which owns 2.35% stake
  • Axis New Opportunities AIF – I which owns 1.65% stake

SBI General Insurance is backed majorly by the largest public sector bank in India – SBI. This lends credibility to the company and makes it trustworthy. SBI General Insurance offers different types of health insurance plans so that you can cover all possible medical contingencies. SBI Health plans are both comprehensive and affordable making it beneficial for you to buy them.

How to calculate premiums of SBI health insurance plans online?

The premiums of different health insurance plans are different. You might want to know the premium payable before you buy a particular policy to judge its affordability. SBI offers you an easy way of premium calculation of its health insurance plans. The company offers SBI health insurance premium calculators to help you calculate the premiums of its health plans. These calculators are online tools which are free of cost and which allow you to calculate the premiums instantly. Moreover, SBI health insurance premium chart is also available in the brochures of the plans offered by the company. You can, therefore, check the policy brochures to find the SBI health insurance premium chart and know the premium payable.

If, however, you want to use SBI health insurance premium calculators, the process is simple. It is as follows –

  • Visit and under the ‘Health’ tab find the retail health insurance plans offered by the company
  • Pick the plan which you want to buy and the plan page would open wherein the plan details would be available
  • Click on ‘Buy Policy’ to be taken to the SBI health insurance premium calculator page
  • On the SBI health insurance premium calculator page, provide your details. These details include your gender, location, members to be insured and date of birth of the members
  • Click on ‘Go’ to go to the next page wherein your phone number and email ID are to be provided. The OTP would be sent to your mobile number and so you need to provide the correct number to proceed
  • In the next page provide the details of your lifestyle, i.e. whether or not you smoke, drink and consume tobacco and whether you suffer from any existing medical complication
  • Click on ‘Continue’ and you would be shown the premium rates for different sum insured levels

This is the easiest way to get the premium calculated for the selected SBI health insurance plan. You can also use Turtlemint’s online premium calculator for calculating the premium of your SBI health insurance plan. Turtlemint is an online aggregator website which is tied-up with SBI General Insurance Company. The company’s plans are available on Turtlemint’s platform and its online premium calculator helps you calculate the premium of SBI health insurance plans. To use the premium calculator of Turtlemint visit and provide your details. Once your coverage details are provided, the premium would be calculated and displayed. Moreover, you can also check the premium quotes of other insurance plans as well and compare before buying.

Factors affecting SBI health insurance premiums

Though SBI health insurance premium calculators help you calculate the premium instantly, you should know the factors which affect the premiums of SBI health insurance policies. These factors are as follows –

  • Your date of birth
    Your date of birth determines your age and your age determines your health risk. As you age, your health risk increases. That is why health insurance premiums are higher at higher ages.
  • Coverage level
    The level of sum insured which you choose represents the maximum liability which the insurance company undertakes. As the sum insured increases, the company’s liability increases and so does the premium. So, the premium depends on the sum insured you choose. Higher the level higher would be the premium.
  • Coverage tenure
    Under some SBI health insurance plans coverage can be taken for a continuous period of 2 or 3 years. If you choose such long term plans, the premium would be paid in lump sum and so such long term plans have higher premiums.
  • Gender
    SBI health insurance premiums are also dependent on your gender. Females are charged a lower premium than males and so premiums charged from females are lower.
  • Location
    Your location would affect your premium rates. Indian cities are divided into different zones based on the healthcare expenses charged. So, your location determines your premium. If you are in metropolitan cities, the premiums would be higher than other cities.
  • Details of members to be insured
    If you are insuring other members of the family under the same plan, their details would also determine the premium rate. The number of members to be insured and their age would have to be provided in the SBI health insurance premium calculator.
  • Lifestyle habits
    You also have to provide the details of your lifestyle habits which affect the premium rate of health insurance plans. You need to mention if you smoke, drink or consume tobacco because these habits impact your health risk. If you have these lifestyle habits, your premiums would be higher. 
  • Existing medical conditions
    If you or any insured member suffers from any physical or mental condition or disorder, this would increase the premium charged. So, you need to specify if there are any pre-existing conditions that you suffer from.
  • Premium discounts
    SBI allows different types of discounts on health insurance premiums which help in bringing down the premium rate. If you are eligible for the available health insurance discounts, your premiums would reduce.
  • Optional coverage benefits
    Under some SBI health insurance plans, there are optional coverage features which you can choose by paying an additional premium. So, if you choose such optional coverage benefits, called riders, the premium rate would be increased. 

Sample premium rates of SBI health insurance plans

The premium charged by different SBI health insurance plans depends on the plan that you choose. Here are the sample premium rates (excluding taxes) of the popular health insurance plans offered by SBI assuming that the coverage is taken for one year in a metropolitan city and there is no add-on riders included or discounts applied. 

SBI Arogya Sanjeevani Policy


1 adult 

2 adults

2 adults + 2 children

Sum insured INR 1 lakh

Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

Sum insured INR 1 lakh

Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

Sum insured INR 1 lakh

Sum insured INR 5 lakhs

19 years to 35 years

INR 1775

INR 4501

INR 2930

INR 7296

INR 4816

INR 11,721

36 to 45 years

INR 2025

INR 5238

INR 3319

INR 8464

INR 5194

INR 12,858

46 to 55 years

INR 3178

INR 7920

INR 5275

INR 12,865

INR 7115

INR 17,163

SBI Arogya Premier Policy

AgeSum insured INR 10 lakhsSum insured INR 15 lakhsSum insured INR 20 lakhs
19 years to 35 yearsINR 9385INR 10,677INR 11,598
36 years to 40 yearsINR 10,317INR 12,103INR 13,376
41 years to 45 yearsINR 12,452INR 14,722INR 16,337

Advantages of SBI health insurance premium calculator 

SBI’s health insurance premium calculator is an effective tool to calculate and check the premium of a health insurance plan before you actually buy. It has the following benefits for users –

  • It helps you judge the affordability of the health insurance plan that you want to buy. When the plan is affordable you can easily renew it without a strain and enjoy lifelong coverage
  • The SBI health insurance premium calculator helps you adjust the sum insured and the optional coverage benefits for an optimal coverage which would not only cover you comprehensively but also be light on your pockets
  • The calculator is free of cost allowing you to use it multiple times to arrive at the perfect coverage benefit
  • You can calculate the premium of SBI health insurance plans and then compare the premiums with other health plans offering the same coverage benefits. This comparison helps you buy the best health insurance plan available in the market 

Why you should choose SBI health insurance?

SBI General Insurance Company proves to be an ideal choice for your health insurance needs because of the following reasons –

  • The company has a vast customer base of more than 6.8 crore customers making it a trusted brand
  • More than 6000 hospitals across India are tied-up with SBI General Insurance to offer you the ease of cashless claim settlements
  • The company has won various awards ever since inception which show that it is an efficient and reputed company in the market
  • SBI has a branch network of more than 22,000 branches all over India which makes it an easily accessible company for any queries, feedbacks of complaints
  • The plans offered by the company are inclusive and offered at competitive premium rates making them some of the best health insurance plans available in the market

So, the next time you choose to buy SBI health insurance plans, use SBI health insurance premium calculator and know the premium which you would be paying for the plan beforehand.


Under SBI health insurance plans, premiums payable by individuals located in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata are higher compared to premiums paid by individuals living in the rest of India.

Yes, if you include a family member under the coverage during the term of the plan, the premium would increase. You would have to pay an additional premium for the additional member on a pro-rated basis whenever you are choosing mid-term inclusion.

Tax deduction on health insurance plans is available under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The maximum limit of deduction does not depend on the sum insured. As per Section 80D, the maximum limit of deduction is INR 25,000 which increases to INR 50,000 if you are aged 60 years and above. So, for your policy of INR 50 lakhs, premiums up to INR 25,000 would be allowed as a deduction. The remaining premium would be subject to taxation at your income tax slab rates.

Under some SBI health insurance plans a premium discount is allowed if no claims are made in a policy year. However, under most plans, the no claim bonus is, usually, an increase in the sum insured without an increase in the premium payable.

GST @18% is applied on the premium payable for your health insurance policy.