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ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Premium Calculator & Chart Online

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited is a leading, private sector insurer which offers different kinds of insurance solutions. The company is promoted by ICICI Bank, one of the largest private sector banks in India. ICICI Lombard was founded in the year 2001. By 2004 the company became the largest private sector general insurer. For the financial year 2019-20, the company posted a Gross Written Premium of INR 135.92 billion making it a top-ranking company in the list of insurers. The company offers a range of health insurance plans which provide a comprehensive scope of coverage and have affordable premium rates.

Calculating ICICI Lombard health insurance premium

Almost every individual wants to know the premium of ICICI Lombard’s health insurance plans before he/she actually buys the plan. The knowledge of premium helps customers decide on the right coverage amount and policy. To make premium calculations easy, ICICI Lombard health insurance premium calculators are available. These calculators help you to calculate your health insurance premiums easily. 

Here’s how you can calculate the premiums using the ICICI Lombard health insurance premium calculator–

  • Visit and choose the health insurance plan that you would want to buy
  • The relevant plan page would open wherein you need to provide your details. These details include the following –
    • Number of adults to be covered
    • Number of kids to be covered
    • Date of birth of all the members to be covered
    • Mobile number
    • Email ID
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the company
  • A new page would open wherein you would be shown the premium for the respective sum insured option and coverage option
  • You can change the sum insured and/or the coverage benefits and the premium is changed accordingly

Once you have calculated the premium, you can choose to buy the plan online from ICICI Lombard’s website too.

Factors affecting premiums of ICICI Lombard health insurance plans

The ICICI Lombard health insurance premium calculator uses different factors to calculate the premium payable for the policy that you choose. This is because health insurance premiums are determined by those factors and they should be considered in premium calculation. The factors which affect ICICI Lombard health insurance premiums are as follows –

  1. Number of members to be covered
    Depending on the number of members being covered under the policy, the premium would be determined. The more the members covered, the higher would be the premium payable and vice-versa.
  2. Age of the insured members
    Age plays an important role in the determination of health insurance premium. The older the insured is the higher would be the premium. If more than one member is being insured, the age of all the members would be considered in the calculation of premium.
  3. The sum insured chosen
    The sum insured directly impacts the premium rate. The higher the coverage amount that you choose the higher would be the premium payable and vice-versa.
  4. Medical history
    If you have existing medical conditions, your health risk increases and the chances of claims also increase. Thus, in case of adverse medical history, your premium would be higher.
  5. Location 
    Medical costs differ across different cities and states of India. Costs in Mumbai, Delhi and other metropolitan cities are much higher compared to the costs in the rest of India. So, your location also determines your premium. If you live in a metropolitan city, the premiums would be higher.
  6. Riders selected
    Many ICICI Lombard plans offer optional riders with the basic plan. These riders enhance the coverage benefits and come at an additional cost. If you choose the available riders, your premium amount would increase.
  7. Applicable discounts
    A range of premium discounts is available under ICICI Lombard health plans. If you are eligible for the available discounts, the premium cost would reduce. Some of the commonly available discounts include –
    1. Long term discount for buying a policy for 2 or 3 continuous years
    2. Discount for adding two or more family members under the coverage 
    3. Discount for buying the plan online

These factors are considered aggregately and then your health insurance premium amount is decided.

Premiums of ICICI Lombard health insurance plans

Here is a table showing the premium payable under different ICICI Lombard health insurance plans considering the following details –

  1. The sum insured is INR 5 lakhs
  2. A single member is insured under the plan
  3. No optional riders are added to the policy
  4. The age of the insured member is 35 years
  5. The insured member has standard health without any adverse medical history 
  6. The policy tenure is 1 year
  7. No premium discount is used in premium calculation 
  8. The premium is paid annually
Name of the planType of planPremium payable 
ICICI Lombard iHealth Plan Indemnity health planINR 7494
ICICI Lombard Arogya Sanjeevani Policy Indemnity health planINR 5449 (sum insured is INR 5 lakhs)
ICICI Lombard Corona Kavach Policy COVID specific indemnity health planINR 1843 (Sum insured is INR 5 lakhs)
ICICI Lombard Health Booster Super top-up planINR 2798 (Deductible of INR 5 lakhs)
ICICI Lombard Personal ProtectPersonal Accident planINR 1521

Advantages of using ICICI Lombard health insurance premium calculator 

Using ICICI Lombard health insurance premium calculator is quite beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It helps you find out the premium of the plan to check whether the plan is affordable or not
  • You can adjust the premium by adjusting the sum insured and the optional coverage benefits
  • You can check for premium discounts and use them to reduce the premium cost
  • The calculator also gives you coverage options which help you customize the plan and avail the coverage benefits that you require
  • You can also buy the plan online, with ease, through the calculator
  • The calculator is dynamic and when you make changes to the factors which affect the premium, the premium gets automatically updated
  • Last, of all, the ICICI Lombard health insurance premium calculator is completely free of cost and can be used multiple times for premium calculation

Why choose ICICI Lombard health insurance plans?

Here are some reasons which make ICICI Lombard an ideal choice for your health insurance coverage needs –

  1. The plans offered by the company have comprehensive coverage benefits ensuring that you get an all-round coverage
  2. The premiums are affordable and you can also reduce the premiums through discounts which are offered by ICICI Lombard health insurance plans
  3. The company has a tie-up with more than 6500 hospitals across India allowing you to avail cashless facility easily
  4. The company has the highest health insurance Claim Settlement Ratio which stood at 99.9% for the financial year 2019-20
  5. ICRA has given iAAA rating to ICICI Lombard which shows the stability, strength and reputation of the company
  6. The company boasts of being the first general insurance company to receive ISO certification in the year 2005, just four years after it was formed
  7. The company has won many awards and recognitions ever since it was established and enjoys a good reputation in the market

Choose ICICI Lombard health insurance plans for good coverage at competitive premium rates. To find out the premiums you can use the ICICI Lombard health insurance premium calculator which is free of cost and calculates your premiums instantly.


The applicable GST on health insurance premiums is 18%. This GST is charged on the premium amount calculated after considering the coverage factors.

Yes, as you age and renew the policy, your premium would keep on increasing.

Yes, ICICI Lombard allows you to pay your premiums monthly so that the health plan becomes more affordable.

If you do not pay the renewal premium within the due date, your policy would lapse. If the policy lapses the coverage under the health plan stops. If you incur any medical expense after the lapse, the policy would not cover you for the expenses incurred. Moreover, if you do not renew the plan within the allowed grace period, you would lose the no claim bonus and other renewal benefits offered by the policy.

ICICI Lombard allows you both the conventional and digital premium payment modes. You can pay the premium of the policy through cash, cheque, NEFT, mobile wallet, credit card, debit card, ECS, E-mandate, UPI and other available payment modes.