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Top Features From Future Generali Health Plans

Features of Future General health insurance plans Health insurance plans offered by Future Generali have the following common features

  • The plans allow coverage on an individual as well as family floater basis
  • You can renew your health plans lifelong without any maximum cover ceasing age
  • There are two main types of health plans offered by Future Generali. One is the indemnity based health plan which covers the actual costs of hospitalisation and the other is the fixed benefit health plan which pays a lump sum benefit if the claim occurs irrespective of the actual costs incurred
  • The coverage benefits under all Future General health insurance plans are quite extensive promising you good coverage
  • Premium rates are competitive and the plans offer different types of discounts to reduce the premiums further

Coverage under Future Generali Health Insurance Plans : Future Generali health insurance plans offer different types of coverage benefits depending on the plan that you choose.While fixed benefit plans cover specific instances like critical illness, hospitalisation, specific diseases, mediclaim policies provide a range of coverage benefits. These coverage benefits include the following

  • Inpatient medical expenses : When you are hospitalised and your hospitalisation is for an illness or injury, the expenses incurred on treatments are covered under this head. The hospitalisation should be for 24 hours or more to avail coverage. The expenses which are covered include nursing fee, room rent, ICU room rent, operation charges, doctor’s fee, surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia, blood, medicines, etc.
  • Pre and post hospitalisation : The expenses which are incurred before you are hospitalised for treatment as well as after you are discharged from the hospital after the treatment are also covered.These expenses are called pre and post hospitalisation expenses respectively and they are covered for up to a specific period
  • Day care treatments : If you are hospitalised for treatment and the treatment does not take 24 hours due to medical advancements, such treatments are covered under this head
  • Organ donor treatments: The expenses incurred in harvesting an organ from a donor for your organ transplant surgeries are covered under a mediclaim insurance policy
  • Domiciliary treatments Treatments which are taken at home because of unavoidable circumstances are called domiciliary treatments.These treatments are covered subject to certain terms and conditions
  • AYUSH treatments :If you take treatments through non-allopathic means like Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopath, etc. you can avail coverage for the costs incurred on such treatments
  • Free health check-ups: You get the benefit of availing free preventive health check-ups once after the completion of specified number of policy years

Exclusions Across Future Generali Health Plans

Though Future Generali health insurance plans have a good scope of coverage, there are some common exclusions and in such cases, the claim is not paid.These exclusions include the following

  1. Self-inflicted injuries and attempted suicides
  2. Acts of criminal nature
  3. Participation in hazardous activities
  4. Cosmetic treatments
  5. Pre-existing illnesses are covered only after a specified waiting period
  6. Mental illnesses and disorders
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases
  8. Dental treatments, LASIK surgeries, etc.
  9. Maternity related costs unless specifically covered under the plan
  10. Illnesses and injuries suffered due to war, rebellion and nuclear threats

Future Generali Premium Calculator

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Indemnity health insurance plans are those which cover the actual medical costs that you incur subject to a maximum of the sum insured opted by you. Thus, if you have coverage of INR 5 lakhs but your medical bills total INR 1 lakh the policy would pay only INR 1 lakh in claims

Yes, the premium of a continuous policy would have to be paid at once. However, Future Generali allows you easy instalment facility wherein you can pay the premium in instalments if you want

No, Future Generali does not load the premiums due to your claim experience. So, even if you make a claim in your health insurance policy, the premium would not increase on renewals.

Future Generali allows dependent parents to be covered under some of its health insurance plans. So, you need to check whether the plan that you want to buy allows coverage for dependent parents or not. It is, however, better to cover dependent parents in a separate health insurance plan so that they can be covered optimally and you can also claim an additional tax benefit on the premiums that you pay for their plan.
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