Introducing the Turtlemint Chatbot- India’s first and only chatbot for buying insurance


Need to buy insurance but just can’t find the time? Read on, as now it’s as easy as saying ‘Hi’.

Do you see yourself spending hours commuting on a daily basis? In today’s hyper-connected world, we almost always tend to be connected to a messenger service, and that too through our first screens today i.e. our smartphones. Wouldn’t it be awesome to simply chat with us, buy your policy and have it ready in your email inbox before you even reach home?

Introducing the Turtlemint chatbot, where we make insurance search and purchase convenient for you. Now, you can simply message us on Facebook to buy or renew your policy in a matter of minutes. Our chatbot responds instantly and is available 24/7 to make your insurance purchase quick and simple. You can also check on your policy status or ask us a generic query over the chat. We have had quite a few happy customers chat with us and purchase their policy with a few simple clicks and messages to the Turtlemint chatbot.

Here is a peek into what the chatbot looks like:

Chat to know your suitable insurance

Start chatting by hitting ‘GET STARTED’.

Chat to know your suitable insurance

You can choose to buy or renew a policy. You can also look up your policy status or ask for any other general assistance.


Chat to know your suitable insurance
Chatbot asks you a series of simple questions.


Chat to know your suitable insurance
Information is gathered by the bot.


Chat to know your suitable insurance
The bot displays the best available plans as per the information gathered from you. Swipe from right to left, to browse various options. If you need to get a breakup of the displayed premium, click ‘PREMIUM BREAKUP’. Buy the policy by simply clicking ‘BUY POLICY’.

So there you have it – a bot that not only makes buying a policy easy, but also answers your insurance related queries. If the bot thinks a human being would be in a better position to answer your query, one of our agents will step in to help you out. It is a bot after all!

For all the curious minds out there, the Turtlemint chatbot is powered by several modules, including NLP. Go ahead, give it a try. Just say ‘Hi’ to fire up the bot on your Facebook messenger.


Here are two ways you can start chatting with us:

  1. Search for Turtlemint in your Facebook messenger and start chatting.
  2. Click the ‘Send a message’ button on the Turtlemint Page.


We would love to hear your feedback. This would help make our chatbot even smarter. Just drop us a line at

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