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7 Best health insurance policies for Indian women

7 Best health insurance policies for Indian women

Women have become empowered in recent times as they balance both home and work effortlessly. They have become career-driven and do not shy away from achieving their dreams. However, when it comes to their health, women often ignore it and when a severe illness or disease strikes, they become indisposed to take care of their family and work commitments. Women are prone to specific illnesses and diseases and so it is imperative that they have health insurance for women which provide coverage for their gender-specific health issues.

As a woman, you have certain financial and medical requirements at every stage of your life that may not be covered under a general health insurance plan. That’s why it’s important that you opt for health insurance for women that cater especially to your particular needs.

Why women need a dedicated health insurance policy?

Here are some reasons why health insurance for women is a must for their specific coverage needs –

  • Certain illnesses, like breast cancer, cancer of the reproductive system, etc. are specific only to women. When these illnesses strike, the expenses on treatments are considerable. In the absence of a health insurance plan women might face a financial crunch in meeting the treatment costs and so health insurance for women covering these specific illnesses is important.
  • Women are privileged to bear children and yet the maternity costs are considerable. Moreover, if there is any complication at the time of childbirth, additional medical expenses might incur. To cover these maternity expenses, dedicated maternity oriented women’s health insurance plans is a must.
  • Women can claim a tax benefit on the premiums that they pay towards their health insurance policy. Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, allows them to avail a deduction of up to INR 25,000 on the premium paid for a women’s health insurance policy. This helps women reduce their taxable income and consequently, their tax liability

Benefits of women’s health insurance plans and policies in 2020

Now that you know that women need dedicated women’s health insurance plans, here are some of the benefits which can be availed from such plans –

  • Women can enjoy optimal coverage against the illnesses or diseases that they face.
  • Women can avail quality healthcare facilities without compromising on the quality of care when they have dedicated women’s health insurance plans covering their specific medical expenses
  • Women can get coverage against such illnesses which are specific to them when they buy women’s health insurance plans. A generic policy might not offer such coverage
  • Women can claim additional tax benefit and plan their taxes with a women’s health insurance policy

7 best health insurance policies for Indian women

Here’s a sneak peek into some Indian policies providing health insurance for women that are designed specifically for women:



Besides a free-look periodcashless claims, and deduction in tax returns, the above-mentioned women-specific health insurance policies also offer many other advantages.

Let’s take a look at few of the key benefits of these plans which provide best health insurance for women:

HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan

  • Coverage of pregnancy complications or the birth of a child with a specified congenital disorder, malignant female-specific cancers, and death of a spouse.
  • Uninterrupted savings with waiver & funding of premiums and periodic cash benefits for the next 3 Partial withdrawals also allowed meeting contingencies.
  • Sum assured of up to 40 times the annualized premium.
  • Enhanced allocation rate from the 11th year onwards.

Tata-AIG’s Wellsurance Woman Policy

  • 11critical illnesses covered, with a higher benefit for cancer.
  • Coverage of expenses for hospitalization, ICU/ICCU, convalescence, cosmetic reconstruction surgery (for accidental injuries only), and emergency ambulance.
  • Access to free health helpline, articles for health & wellness information, personalized health tracker, discounts at health-related services (over 200 gyms, skincare & weight management centres, diagnostics centres), etc.

Bajaj Allianz Women Specific Critical Illness Insurance Plan

  • 8 women-specific critical illnesses covered.
  • Congenital disability benefits up to age 40 for up to 2 deliveries.
  • Children education bonus and loss of employment cover.

Star Wedding Gift Insurance Policy

  • No pre-acceptance medical screening.
  • Maternity cover and new-born baby cover for up to 2 deliveries. Also pays certain pre-natal expenses, such as a test for detecting congenital abnormality in the foetus.
  • Coverage of expenses for inpatient care, pre & post hospitalization, emergency ambulance, specified day-care procedures, pre-existing illnesses (with waiting periods), and non-allopathic treatment.

Religare Joy Maternity Health Insurance Policy

  • Maternity cover and new-born baby cover.
  • Coverage of expenses for pre & post hospitalization, emergency ambulance, daycare treatment, inpatient care, and specified pre-existing/named illnesses (with waiting periods).
  • No Claim Bonus (with an add-on).

New India Asha Kiran Policy

  • 11 critical illnesses covered.
  • Hospitalization expenses for the family can be covered.
  • Coverage of expenses for specified day care treatments, pre & post hospitalization, critical care, organ transplantation (organ cost not included), non-allopathic treatment, and emergency ambulance expenses.
  • Personal accident cover applicable to proposer and spouse.
  • Discount on premium for including a daughter in the policy.

Reliance HealthGain Policy

  • 5% discount for single women or girl children.
  • The health of immediate & extended family members can be covered.
  • Coverage of expenses for inpatient care, domiciliary hospitalization, pre & post hospitalization, organ donor, accidental injuries, critical illness, specific ailments, pre-existing diseases (with waiting periods), and emergency ambulance.
  • Discounts and deals on a range of health & lifestyle products and services.
  • Access to health experts and other online services including medical appointment booking, personalized diet plan, and health risk assessment.
  • Accidental death cover for no-claim renewal.
  • Cumulative Bonus for claim-free years.
  • Restoration of the sum insured and free extension of policy possible.

Note: The coverage and other benefits of these health insurance plans are subject to terms and conditions as specified in their respective policy documents.

Choose health insurance for women that are suited to your specific needs and provides you with the best benefits. It’s recommended that you don’t delay getting health insurance. This is because, when you’re in your 40s, most women-specific policies require you to get a medical screening before they can be approved. If you’re not found in the best of health, you might end up having to shell out more for your policy premium.

Find out more information on health insurance for women. Call our HEALTH EXPERT at 1800-266-0101 or visit the Turtlemint website to get quotes for different women-specific health insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find the best health insurance for women?To find the best health insurance for women, you should always compare and buy a plan online. When comparing, look at the sum insured offered, the coverage benefits, premium discounts, add-ons and the premium rate. Choose a plan which offers the most comprehensive scope of coverage at the most reasonable rate of premium and that plan would qualify as the best health insurance for women.
  2. I am a single woman with kids. Can I buy a family floater health plan?Yes, you can buy a family floater health plan for yourself and your kids. When choosing the best health insurance for a single female, ensure that you choose an optimal sum insured so that you and your family are covered. The premium should also be affordable so that the policy can be renewed lifelong without any financial strain. The coverage benefits of the plan should be suitable for your needs. Try and compare plans offering best health insurance for single female and then buy a suitable policy with the best benefits.
  3. What is the maximum tax benefit which I can avail if I buy health insurance for women?The tax benefit is up to INR 25, 000 which would increase to INR 50, 000 if you are aged 60 years and above. Moreover, if you buy a policy for your senior citizen parents, you can claim an additional deduction of up to INR 25, 000 for their policy which would also increase to INR 50, 000 if your parents are senior citizens. So, you can claim a maximum tax benefit of up to INR 1 lakh by investing in women’s health insurance plans.
  4. How can I get cashless claims under my policy of health insurance for women?To get cashless claims under your women’s health insurance plan, get admitted in a hospital which is tied-up with the insurance company. Cashless claims are available only at networked hospitals and you can find the list of networked hospitals on the insurance company’s website.
  5. Can I increase the sum insured when I renew the plan?Yes, you can increase the sum insured when you renew the policy. However, the pre-existing waiting period would apply again to the increased sum insured.

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