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5 Best Health Insurance Policies

5 Best Health Insurance Policies

The importance of health insurance plans is increasing with every passing year. As the millennium is progressing to newer medical treatments and innovative medicines, medical inflation is also rising. In this situation health insurance plans, especially health insurance plans for family has become important. Covering every family member under the purview of health insurance is necessary because you can never know which family member might need medical assistance and if they do the medical costs would cause a financial strain for you.

When it comes to family health insurance plans, you want what’s best for your family, don’t you? But do you know how you can choose the best family health insurance plans in India?

Well, choosing the best family health insurance plan in India is simple if you know how. So, here’s a quick look into the factors which make a health insurance policy the best –

  • The coverage features of the plan

The best family health insurance plan would be the one which has all the relevant coverage benefits which are required by your family members. The plan should cover all possible medical expenses and also have optional coverage benefits which you can choose as per your requirement.

  • Low premium rates

While the plan should be comprehensive in terms of its coverage features, the associated premiums should be low and reasonable. In fact, the best family health insurance plan should be the one which does not compromise on the coverage benefits neither does it burn a hole in your pockets.

  • Attractive discounts

Discounts have a good ring to them, don’t they? Health insurance plans offer various types of premium discounts. The best policy would ideally be the one which has a range of premium discounts and the discount rates should also be high.

  • Value-added coverage benefits

Health insurance plans provide various value-added coverage benefits, besides the regular coverage features. These benefits enhance the whole health insurance experience. You might get free health check-ups, a medical second opinion for critical illnesses, free doctor’s consultations, health risk assessment facilities, access to wellness programs, etc. The plan which offers the maximum of these value-added benefits would be the best family health insurance plan in India.

By checking all the above-mentioned parameters, you can easily evaluate if a certain health insurance policy meets your needs or not. We have gone a step ahead to simplify this purchase decision for you, all you need to do is enter a few details to help us calculate the approximate premium and choosing your insurance policy will become a breeze, simply click the link below to proceed.

So, these are some parameters on which you judge and find a suitable family health insurance plan. Moreover, to make your job easier, here are some of the top family floater health plans of 2019 for you to have a look –

1. Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance Plan

This is a popular family health insurance plan offered by Universal Sompo. You can avail coverage under three plan variants of Basic, Essential and Privilege. Other notable features of the plan include the following –

  • Dental treatments are covered in case of accidental injuries
  • Organ donor expenses are also covered
  • Coverage for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha or Homeopathy treatments is available
  • A daily allowance is paid if you accompany a child aged below 12 hours to the hospital
  • OPD expenses are also covered under the plan which includes diagnostic tests, dental treatments taken on an outpatient basis, cost of spectacles, lenses, hearing aids, etc.
  • A convalescence benefit of INR 10,000 is paid if you are hospitalized for more than 10 continuous days
  • Coverage for maternity related expenses and new born baby is also available
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  • Five optional coverage benefits are available including critical illness cover, personal accident, hospital cash, sublimit waiver and treatment at tiered hospitals
  • Sum insured restoration is available
  • Coverage is available if you suffer from HIV or AIDS
  • Premiums paid for the plan are allowed as a tax-free deduction under Section 80D

You can check out other plans by Universal Sompo General Insurance Company by clicking below.

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2. ManipalCigna TTK ProHealth Protect Plan

ManipalCigna TTK is a leading standalone health insurance provider with a range of health plans. ProHealth Protect Plan is one such plan offering by the company with the following USPs –

  • Guaranteed cumulative bonus is allowed for up to 200% of the sum insured. The bonus increases the sum insured every year when no claim is made by the policyholder
  • Health Maintenance Benefit is awarded for continued renewals. This benefit can be used for covering OPD expenses
  • The premiums are very affordable while coverage is available for up to INR 50 lakhs
  • Domiciliary treatments are covered up to the sum insured
  • Worldwide emergency cover is available under the plan which provides coverage even outside India in an emergency
  • A free expert opinion cam be availed if you suffer from a critical illness
  • Seven optional coverage benefits are allowed like hospital daily cash benefit, deductible, waiver of deductible, voluntary copayment, waiver of mandatory co-payment and cumulative bonus booster
  • Critical illness add-on cover can also be taken under the plan
  • Premiums up to INR 25,000 paid towards the plan can be availed as a deduction under Section 80D

Does the ManipalCigna ProHealth Protect Plan interest you? Buy the plan today and secure your future in a few easy steps here.
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3. Religare Care Plan

  • Free annual health check-ups
  • Sum insured up to INR 6 crores
  • No maximum age to buy the plan
  • Sum insured restoration in all plan variants
  • Free second opinion in a critical illness
  • Alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. are also covered
  • A host of optional coverage benefits like no claim bonus super, everyday care, unlimited automatic recharge, air ambulance cover, personal accident cover, international second opinion and global coverage to name a few.
  • Tax rebate is available on the premium paid for the policy under Section 80D

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4. National Mediclaim Policy

National Insurance is one of the public sector general insurance companies with a large customer base. It’s mediclaim Policy is popular among many because of the following salient features –

  • Alternative treatments are covered under the plan
  • 5% increase in the sum insured is allowed for every claim-free year up to a maximum of 50%
  • Discount @10% is allowed if the policy is purchased for the whole family
  • Premiums up to INR 25,000 can be claimed as a tax-free deduction under Section 80D

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Are you looking to buy the National Mediclaim Policy today? Click here to purchase it now and pave the way for a secure future. You can also explore insurance policies by National Insurance Company below.

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5. Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

How can we forget Star Health’s Family Health Optima Plan? The plan provides comprehensive coverage benefits and some unique features like the following –

  • The sum insured can be restored thrice in a policy year
  • Assisted reproductive treatments are covered
  • New born baby is covered from the 16th day itself
  • Free annual health check-ups are allowed
  • All day care treatments are covered
  • Auto recharge of sum insured is allowed free of cost
  • The premium paid for the plan would qualify for a tax deduction under Section 80D up to INR 25,000

Interested in checking out other plans by Star Health? Click below and start comparing plans by Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited.

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Avail medical expenses, illness treatment costs, and other benefits by purchasing a health insurance plan for yourself and your loved ones. With Turtlemint, your task of choosing the best policy becomes painless. Click below and give yourself the gift of a safe future!

These are the five top family health plans in India. Choose any of these plans or a plan as per your choice keeping in mind the earlier mentioned points but make sure to cover your entire family in a good health insurance plan in 2019.

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