Transfer of ownership and insurance when selling your used car

With newer car models being launched regularly, sticking with the same car for years is uncommon. Most of you use your cars for five to six years and then think of upgrading to a newer model. When you buy a new car, what do you do with your old one?

Thanks to the popularity of used cars, there is a huge market for selling your old car to someone else. People buy second-hand cars when they have a limited budget and also when they are still honing their driving skills. So, when you are buying a new car, you can sell your used car. Though the selling process has been simplified by the presence of online and offline used car dealers, there are two things which you should remember when selling your old car. Do you know what they are?

Selling your used car involves two aspects –

  • Transfer of ownership of the car
  • Transfer of the car insurance policy

Let’ understand how you can go about fulfilling each aspect of transfer –

Transfer of ownership

Transferring the ownership means changing the name of the car’s owner from your name to the name of the buyer. To transfer the ownership of your car, certain documents would be required. These documents include the following –

  • Certificate of Registration (RC) of the car
  • Certificate of Taxation (CT)
  • PUC Certificate.
  • Declaration of selling the car.
  • Copy of Existing Insurance Policy
  • An affidavit which represents the change in ownership
  • Address proof of the buyer of the car

Moreover, three RTO forms would also be required which should be filled and signed by both you (the seller) and the buyer. These forms are –

  • Completed Form 28: Form of No Objection Certificate.
  • Completed Form 29: Form of Transfer of Ownership.
  • Completed Form 30: Application for intimation or report of transfer of motor vehicle.

All the documents and RTO forms should be submitted with the local RTO along with a fee and the ownership of the vehicle would be changed. The RTO, with which the car has been registered, should be informed about the ownership transfer process. This information should be given to the RTO within 14 days of selling the car. When the RTO is intimated and the transfer process is undertaken, the RTO would indemnify you (the seller) of all legal, tax, traffic, criminal and other liabilities pertaining to the car.

City Address of the RTO RTO Helpline number
Mumbai Transport Commissioner Office

Administrative Bldg., 4th Floor, Govt. Colony,

Opp. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Garden,

Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051

022-26550932 / 33 / 34 Ext. 216
New Delhi Public Relations Officer,

Transport Department,

5/9 Under Hill Road, Delhi 110054

011- 42-400-400, 9311900800
Ahmedabad RTO Office, Subhash Bridge,

Sabarmati, Ahmedabad – 380027

Chennai First floor, Municipal Commercial Building,

New Street, Alandur,

Chennai , TN – 600016

Kolkata The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO ),

Beltala Road, Kolkata,

West Bengal – 700020

033-24751621, 033-24751622
Pune 38, Dr. Ambedkar Road,

Near Sangam Bridge, Pune 411 001

+91 20 26058080, 26058090/8282
Bangalore Commissioner for Transport, 5th floor,

M.S.Building, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Veedhi,

Bangalore – 560 001

080-22210994, 9449863459
Jaipur Transport Department

Parivahan Bhawan, Sahkar Marg,

Jaipur-302 005

0141-2740021, 2740023, 5116111, 5108461-63
Hyderabad JTC, Hyderabad D.No.6-3-646,

Opp. Eenadu Office,

Khairtabad, Somajiguda

Hyderabad-500 082

040-24462727, 9848787505
Lucknow Transport Commissioner UP,

Tehri Kothi, MG Marg,

Lucknow – 226001

0522-2613978, 0522 – 2436445, 1800-1800-151
Agra Regional Transport Officer,

Agra, U.P. – 282002

0562- 2600793
Shimla Directorate of Transport,

Parivahan Bhawan, Cart Road,

Shimla -171004

Chandigarh Registering and Licensing Authority,

Sector 17, Chandigarh



In case your location is not mentioned in the above list, click on the button to find the RTO offices near you.

Transfer of insurance

The first aspect is pretty simple and straightforward. When you sell your old car you have to transfer the car’s ownership to the buyer. It is the second part which confuses many of you. Since insurance is considered to be a technical concept, many of you don’t know how to transfer the policy. If the policy is not transferred, both you and the buyer might face legal complications in case of any accident. So, here is a step-by-step guide to the transfer of car insurance policy when selling your used car.

Step 1 – Inform the insurance company and get a NCB certificate

The process to transfer insurance should start along with the process to transfer ownership. To do so, you should first inform the insurance company about your intention of selling the car and the initiation of transfer of ownership. Once the insurance company knows of the transfer of ownership, it can help you with the transfer of insurance also. Moreover, if you have any no claim bonus to your name, you can retain the bonus even though you are selling the car. To do that you should ask the insurance company to issue you a NCB retention certificate. The certificate would allow you to retain your no claim bonus and use it on another car insurance policy for your new car. To get the NCB retention certificate you would have to submit the following documents to your insurance company –

  • A letter requesting policy cancellation
  • Original policy document
  • Certificate of insurance
  • RTO Form 29 which is the form for transfer of ownership
  • RTO Form 30 which is the form for intimation or report of transfer of motor vehicle
  • Copy of the RC book containing the name of the buyer
  • Proof that the car was delivered to the buyer

Step 2 – Transfer the policy

After you have availed the NCB retention certificate, it’s time to get the policy transferred. To transfer the insurance policy you would need a set of documents which should be submitted to the insurance company. These include –

  • The changed and updated RC book containing the name of the new owner. If the RC book has not been updated as yet, Form 29 should be submitted
  • The policy document
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from you (the seller)
  • New policy application form
  • Inspection report of the vehicle which would be conducted by the insurance company
  • The difference between the actual premium and the premium paid after factoring in no claim bonus

These two steps would get your car insurance policy transferred to the new buyer.

Points to remember when transferring insurance

When you are transferring the insurance policy, here are some important points which you should remember –

  • The buyer is mandated by law to get the insurance policy transferred in his name. However, you should also share in the responsibility of transferring the policy to avoid any legal hassles which you might face.
  • Transfer of the policy should be done within 14 days of selling the car
  • For these 14 days, when the transfer is in process, the third party cover would automatically operate in the name of the buyer. However, if the transfer is not done within 14 days, the third party cover would cease to operate
  • If there is a claim when the insurance transfer is in process, the claim would not be rejected. It would be paid after the proof of transfer is provided to the insurance company.

So, bear these important points in mind on how to change the car’s ownership and transfer the car insurance policy in the name of the buyer when you sell your car second hand. If the policy is not transferred and there is an accident, you might be forced to pay the legal liabilities if you are still mentioned as the policyholder in the policy documents. So, try and get the policy transferred within the stipulated time to avoid any hassles in future.

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101 thoughts on “Transfer of ownership and insurance when selling your used car

  1. can I purchase Insurance policy on the basis of NOC issued by RTO office i.e before the transfer of vehicle in my name.

    1. No, You have provided form 29 & 30 or RTO receipt to purchase an Insurance policy in your name, before the transfer of the RC.

  2. I recently bought a car from Thane district. My ownership transfer is under process and my insurance has just expired today. Now when i renew the insurance it will be made on the seller’s name. And after the ownership transfer work is done, i will have to then transfer the insurance (which i am planning to renew since my insurance has expired today) to my name. Correct? So, what will be the charges? If u have any idea.

    1. For ownership transfer on Insurance you have to pay transfer charges approx.60/-(Depends upon the insurer it may vary )

  3. And one more important question. The person from whom i have bought the car has not made any claims during his insurance period. And the agency who sold the car to me on his behalf was talking something about 20% NCB (No Claim Bonus) and was saying me that i will have to pay higher charges for insurance since there is NCB. Is this true? Just because the seller has not made any claims, i will have to pay extra money?

    1. Your seller has given the wrong information, as in ownership transfer process NCB will be 0, as NCB cannot be transferred from one owner to another.

  4. Hi,
    Recently I have purchased a Santro car, but before transferring ownership on my name insurance of car expired. For transferring ownership insurance is must. So please help me with the procedure to transfer ownership.

    1. Sir, you have to first renew the Insurance in the first owner’s name and apply in RTO for RC transfer. Once Rc is transferred get you name endorsed on policy from the respective Insurance company.

  5. hi sir I am from kerala and I want to buy a second hand car from.other state delhi.mumbai.etc what should I.d
    o to get that vehicle legally?
    please inform me …. thanks

    1. Required NOC from the current RTO from where your vehicle is already registered with, seller agreement and form 29 &30 duly signed by both the parties.

  6. I have my friends car at my name. I want something in order to not getting involved in any legal offence involving the vehicle.What can i do apart from transferring Registration certificate to his name?

    1. You Have to transfer the vehicle to your friend’s name to not getting involved in any legal offense.

  7. I hv brought swift and the vehicle is insured till May 18, do I need to pay differential premium considering Owners NCB?

    1. Hi Vinay,
      If old owner is asking for the NCB certificate for his NCB from insurer ,so new owner needs to pay NCB amount and ownership transfer charges for the same. Let us know if you have queries.

  8. Hi,
    I am selling my car which is registered with Hathras RTO. The buyer wants the NOC, so that it can be registered with Meerut RTO.
    I can sign the form 28 and give that to buyer, do I have to be physically present at Hathras RTO or the buyer can do that himself?

    1. Hi Lalit

      For RTO change both New and old owner of the vehicle needs to be present with all the documents of vehicle and form 28 in the Meerut RTO not in Hatras RTO for RTO verification.

  9. Hi I have purchased a used car through axis bank…the deal got over on 25th sep 17. And the insurance was expiring on 22nd oct. I was waiting for my rc card delivery, but recently received call on 10th Nov that the insurance has expired. My query is can I pull up my bank for not transferring within 1 month. And can I remove third party insurance in the name of the owner and get it transferred on my name. Pls guide sir.
    Regards, vinay

    1. Hi Vinay,
      Yes, You can go ahead with the third party or Comprehensive Insurance for the vehicle you have purchased, once RC will be delivered to you there will be one endorsement on your policy for new owner’s name update.

  10. Hi,

    We have an old i10 car which is registered on my mama’s (uncle) name. Now we are planning to sell the car but my uncle is in US and all the documents are available with me here. Kindly suggest how to proceed.


    1. Hi Shruti,
      We can help you queries related to your car insurance. You can contact Car dealers for selling your car.

  11. Hi I have sold the car and informed the RTO where the car was registered and the buyers RTO in the same state by RPAD Letter enclosing delivery report. DL ID proof of the buyer. Will my liability cease on receipt of the acknowledgement even if the buyer does not complete the transfer

    1. Hi Murali,

      If all the documents are submitted by the first owner, then the liability will not be ceased of first owner even if the buyer does not complete the transfer process.

  12. I want to buy a used t permit car from registered in the same state but different RTO. is there any additional process I need to carry out for t permit car apart from the mentioned one in the above doc

    1. Hi Sameer,

      No, there won’t be any additional procedure required.

      Here you need to follow only normal ownership transfer process, in which form 29 & 30 or transferred RC with New RTO passing registration number, inspection report, transfer charges, Proposal form and NOC from the old owner.

      Insurance will be transferred within 7-8 working days in the name of the New owner.

  13. Hello, I have a query relating to the NCB. For instance I have purchased one Car from a Company. The Company transfer the ownership as well as the Insurance in my favour. But at the same time though the Company is going to be closed officially, the company officially transfer the 50% (Own Damage) NCB in my favour and the Insurer transfer the NCB in my favour mentioning on the Policy copy. Now I want to change the Insurer for the renewal of the car. Would you confirm me under which provision of IRDA regulation can I get the 50% NCB while renewal. As I have the valid document in my favour for renewal.

    1. Comment: Thank you for your comments in respect of NCB.

      We wish to inform you that, there is no specific IRDA regulation for enjoying NCB/NCD, however provisions of Indian Motor Tariff applies.

      You will receive the renewal notice prior to expiry from existing Insurance Company mentioning therein your entitlement to the NCB for the next year.

      You may either continue with the same Insurance Company or you may switch over to any other Insurance Company enjoying the NCB stated in the renewal notice.

      If it is transfer case, NCB cannot be transferred from one owner to another owner.It can be retained by the first owner and he can utilize it for his second vehicle.

  14. sir , i bought a old car 1 year back and the first owner issued noc (same state)on my name but i haven’t transferred the car on my name , now i want to sell this car can i sell the car without transferring on my name ?
    please let me knw the process .

  15. I bought a second hand bike. The insuarance has been finished earlier. And i want to transfer the bike to my name. So do i need to remove insurance at the sellers name? And later transfer it to my name?? Kindly reply me foe the same.

    1. Sir, you have to first renew the Insurance in the first owner’s name and apply in RTO for RC transfer. Once Rc is transferred get you name endorsed on policy from the respective Insurance company.

  16. Sir I have purchased a used car which belongs to Beltala RTO in Kolkata and I have got the NOC completed from the owner (stamped 2 pages from Beltala RTO with NOC issued). How I want to register to Alipore RTO in Kolkata. I have the following documents with me.
    1) RC smart card
    2) tax token
    3) insurance
    4) puc
    5) delivery note from dealer
    6) form 28 (2 nos) from Beltala RTO that NOC is issued
    7) form 29 filled up
    8) form 30
    My question is, since I have got the NOC does the owner need to come to Alipore RTO to attest again for the name transfer process?


    1. As you have all ht required documents with you, the first owner need not come to alipore RTO for the name transfer process.

  17. Hi,
    I am going to buy a used car where the insurance is expired, can i buy the car and get insurance in my name and then get the transfer ownership done? Please advice.


    1. Sir, you have to first renew the Insurance in the first owner’s name and apply in RTO for RC transfer. Once Rc is transferred get you name endorsed on policy from the respective Insurance company.

  18. i have purchased a maruti 800 car from a person ownership transfer process completed but insurrance is in his name and valid upto july 2018 will it be an issue for cops when they look for papers.

    1. Yes, you have to get Insurance Transferred to your Name and below mentioned documents will be required for the same.
      a.29-30 form / transferred RC
      b.Inspection report
      c.Transfer charges 60/-
      d. NCB recovery ( If any NCB given on current policy )
      e.proposal form
      f.Customer request letter.

  19. I want to sell my bike to a buyer. I have got the RC reciept for Ownership transfer in My name and the RTO Data base shows the same but I have not got the RC book which I was suppose to get in 3 months. When inquired the RTO has no reply. Can I sell my bike on the RC receipt.

  20. I am buying a used car in delhi and need to take that car on my home town how much tax to be paid to my home town RTO. I m not got a NOC because loan is running on used car.

  21. Good day sir,
    Recently i bought a second hand car with insurance upto march 2018. Already transferred name on RC book but confused about insurance name tranfer! Please guide me sir

    1. You can visit a nearby branch of the respective Insurance company and need to submit below-mentioned documents and get the policy transferred in your name.

      a.29-30 form / transferred RC
      b.Inspection report
      c.Transfer charges 60/-
      d. NCB recovery ( If any NCB given on current policy )
      e.proposal form
      f.Customer request letter.

  22. I am selling my old Santro. I had got it transferred from Pune RTO to my address (Pimpri RTO) by obtaining NOC. Will the new buyer have to obtain NOC if he resides in (1) Pune or (2) Pimpri?

  23. Hi,

    I have purchased the old car which is on the first owner name and this insurance is going to expire on 14th Jan18. I have already applied for NOC and got the receipt but original NOC will receive after one month, after which i will apply for ownership change in RC.
    What i will donfor insurance. Can i renew it on my second owner name on the basis of noc receipt or i can get the name change on insurance after the RC owned on my name. What is best idea ?

    1. No, you can not renew the policy in the name of the second owner. Once you will get the NOC form RTO you can apply for Ownership transfer endorsement in the respective Insurance company.

  24. Hi i am buying a car whose insurance has been expired. Is it possible that rc book name transfer can be done of the vehicle without existing insurance policy??

    1. No sir. You have to renew the policy with the name of existing owner and with that active policy you have to RC transfer in your name from the concerned RTO and you can Endorse Insurance in your name.

  25. Hi,

    I want to sell my Bangalore registered 1998 model Maruti 800 in Pune. I have paid Pune’s road tax but couldn’t successfully register my vehicle in Pune even though I had paid for registeration, got an NOC from bangalore, took my vehicle for inspection. I lost my patience following up with RTO so did not bother to follow up and eventually my NOC got expired. My license issued from a different state expired almost 1.5 yrs back and so I couldn’t use my car and therefore my car doesn’t have an insurance and PUC.

    I don’t want to spend a penny more on the car and want to sell it legally, since the vehicle is not registered in Pune, I wouldn’t be able to do the owner transfership in Pune RTO. I can’t go to bangalore either.

    What is the best way of disposing/selling my vehicle legally under these circumstances? I don’t want to be held responsible if the buyer does anything wrong with the vehicle tomorrow.


    1. You have to visit Bangalore RTO and take there NOC for transfer of the vehicle and visit Pune RTO get your vehicle transferred. Once vehicle will get registered in Pune you can legally sell your vehicle.

  26. Hello,
    I am transferring my bike from one state to another. I have got the NOC. What should I do about the insurance as I will be changing my registration number in the new state.

    1. While renewing/ purchasing your Insurance kindly provide form 29/30 or transferred RC to the Insurance company, they will make the changes as per RC at the time of renewal/ Issuance.

  27. Hi
    I have sold my car to a third party and even after one year he didnot changed the ownership. What can i do if he doesnot change it?
    Sivakumar P

    1. If you have completed all the transfer formalities you don’t have to worry, you will not face any problem.

  28. I have purchased one car and it is not more than 3 years old, I have RC on previous owner name and I have got NOC on my name to register it in different RTO,When I approached the Bajaj Allianz office for insurance transfer they said that RC with my name is compulsory required to transfer the insurance on my name, However submission of NOC and getting RC on my name will take almost 45 days. So my question is if anything happens to the car within 45 days / utill I get my RC then am I eligible to claim OR Do I need to get any type of temporary certificate from Bajaj Allianz which states that will cover car untill I can get RC.

    1. You have to produce RC transfer receipt provided by Concerned RTO to the Insurance company if your vehicle meets with an accident within 45 days of Transfer of RC.

  29. Hi. I have purchased a swift from different district (different RTO), but same state. After transfer, whether a fresh registration no. Will be alloted or the old no. Will be retained ?

  30. Hi,
    I sold my Delhi registered car to Cars24. Now i can see the status as NOC issued to Muktsar in Punjab. I believe that cars24 sold that car to buyer in punjab. Now once the status as mentioned above, then who will be the owner of car? Will it be my responsibility in case of any unlawful activity.? Is there any way to know whether car is re-registered in punjab and its not in my name.
    Please help.

    1. 1)The owner of the car will be the person in Muktsar, Punjab as per your given information.
      2) cars24 will be responsible for any unlawful activities subject to all the transfer formalities are done by you with them.
      3) You have to contact with cars24 or Punjab RTO to check whether the car is re-registered in Punjab.

  31. Hi, I sold my car to maruti True value and they sold the car to other person using endorsement for change of Rto. After one year also it shows my name as car owner. Please let me know, I need to take a legal steps.

    1. Dear Sir Kindly visit the RTO from where your vehicle was registered with the selling agreement or transfer papers.

  32. Hello Sir.. we are buying an old used car from Mr Sharma and the insurance policy has expired on 9-Mar-2018. And we want the transfere of car in my name. So what is the procedure?

    Can I buy the new policy in my name as the old one is expired or we can pay for the old policy renewal and later transfer it to my name.

    I have no idea on the legal process so please help me in this ?


    1. In this, as policy is already expired, Inspection will be needed and if you want to renew the policy in your name Below documents will be required.

      a.29-30 form / transferred RC
      b.Inspection report
      c.Transfer charges 60/-
      d. NCB recovery ( If any NCB given on current policy )
      e.proposal form
      f.Customer request letter.

  33. Dear Sir,
    I have purchased Second Hand car from Reseller. Car is in good condition and working ok.
    After asking to show paper he has shown xexox copies of first owner and completed documentation process but after verifying online I came to know that vehicle has second owner and registered to other name.
    I had paid money already and paid money for Insurance, RTO etc.
    Reseller has confirmed that he will give me NOC, RC Book from RTO. What is legal obligation to me if vehicle having second owner and before transferring to me if any claim on vehicle. Also let me know after getting NOC and RC on my name what is obligation to me.


    1. You will have to take NOC letter from the second owner and 29/30 form or RTO receipt duly signed by both the parties (i.e First and owner and second owner ) in order to transfer RC and Insurance.

      No. there will not be any Legal obligation in respect of a claim if a vehicle having the second owner and before transferring to you.

  34. I have sold a two wheeler. .buyer has submitted documents to rto and provided acknowledgement. Can I deliver the vehicle based on it….

    Pls advice

  35. Dear Sir,
    I have purchased used demo car from company showroom dealer on 12.02.2018 and got delivery on the same day after making full payment. So far they (seller) are not given ownership transfer forms near about 2 months completing.

    Mean while the above purchaged car item were thefted on 24.02.2018 night (i.e., car glass broken, damaged dashboard and stolen music system unit which is fully car company provided system).
    Then after I had given police complaint and got FIR copy on the above incident. The same intimated to Insurance company and registered insurance claim by me. Then after Insurance people informed me to handover damaged car to same dealer workshop to rectify the problems. As per insurance people advise I handovered my car to the workshop on 26.02.2018.

    Insurance is on seller name, Insurance company says that first asking me transfer car and insurance on my name then only insurance claim process has to start.

    So far car dealer (seller) not given my car transfer papers to me. Still dealer(seller) is neglecting to give my R.C transfer papers. They are blaming their financer for their NOC.

    I am suffering without car and lossed financial.

    Please advise me.

    P S Raju

    1. Your Claim is not payable, request you to get the vehicle repaired on a paid basis and get your claim withdrawn once your claim is closed, coordinate with your dealer and get the transfer formalities done.
      After completion of transfer formalities get your name endorsed on Insurance so that your further claims (if any) can get payable.

    2. Dear P S Raju,
      Please get the RC because it is the most important prospect to get your insurance transferred to your name and then get the claim settled.

  36. i have sold my skoda rapid car which has NCB can i transfer this NCB to a used car which i have purchased. Both insurance company are same. i,e if my ncb is 2000 and the car i have purchased has a ncb of 4000 then can i pay 2000 by adjusting my ncb 2000 or i have to pay complete 4000

    1. Yes, you can transfer the no claim bonus to your other car which you have purchased, the old no claim bonus will be only valid till 90 days from the date of your car sold.

  37. I have Honda Amaze EMT(I DTEC) T permit car register with Panvel RTo, now i want to sell the same to one of my friend out side the state . Kindly let me know the procedure to be followed to sell the same. Car register no:MH 46BB 1137., tax paid upto 30.03.2019 and insurance paid upto 14th Feb 2019.
    Thanks and Regards
    Hariharan P , S.

    1. Hi Hariharanm
      Please fill the 29/30 form from the RTO to transfer the car to your friend name.

  38. Hi All,

    I have 2001 Santro car which is not transferred to my name and insurance is also expired in 2016.

    there is no bank loan on this car.

    MH-12 register so needs your help on below points.

    1- how do I get the transfer this car to my name when the RC is expired and insurance is also expired
    2- without this document I can’t go for green tax for next 5 and I will not get fitness certificate

    1. Dear Ashish,
      You can transfer the RC with the help of NOC from the previous owner and the by filling up the form no 29/30 from the respective RTO.

  39. Got a buyer for my car i m from mumbai and buyer is from pune. what are the dicuments required to do the transfer? when should i give the car to the new Buyer as we all know buyer expect us to give the car immediately once they make payment and say Paper work will go on.

    1. Hi Neville,
      You need to fill the form no 29/30 from the RTO in which your car need to be transferred.

  40. Hello frnds ..
    Me ek used car khareed rha hun same RTO me name transfer k liye noc jarur hai kya..?

  41. Sir,
    I want to buy second handed Aviator scooty of Pune passing MH12 and transfer it to Ahmednagar MH16.
    Please send a documents list to transfer the scooty
    Regarding s Amol

  42. Hello Sir

    I am planning to buy a car but owner is telling that his RC book is in the bank due to loan .
    Is this true that bank keep RC book

    What shall I do now .

    Please suggest me the process

    Thank you

    1. Hi Datta,
      Yes due to the loan on the vehicle the RC and car is on the bank name,in such case you need to clear the loan and get the ownership of the vehicle.


    1. Hi Pankaj,
      First transfer the RC by filling 29/30 form from your respective RTO and then you can transfer the policy copy as well.

  44. Hello , I purchased a car from someone in Chennai and have now moved to Pune. I have all the documents but for some reasons I have not gone to the Pune RTO for the transfer. I got all the forms by 3rd Jan 2018 and its already July end, I want to know is there an expiration date or a a time period within which I have to transfer and if I have failed to do so what are the consequences and the charges to fine if any for the delay of around a year ?

    1. Hi Anchal,
      There is no duration limit in transferring the ownership of a vehicle from one owner to another.

  45. Hi, I have some very strange query.
    I purchased a used car and applied for RC transfer. But then i changed my mind about buying the car and seller is fine to refund my money as he is my friend. My question is – how to cancel the RC transfer which I already requested in to RTO aftet submitting all the required documents?

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