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Potholes and insurance make a winning combination

Potholes and insurance make a winning combination

It’s no secret, no one likes potholes. Potholes increase during monsoons. Here is how you can take care of your bike at such times. They literally come in the way of you having a smooth ride. As much as we hate potholes, we’ve learnt to live with them. That’s because they’re not going away anytime soon. However, with the right kind of insurance, potholes aren’t such a bad thing. Let’s see why you need insurance to make your peace with potholes.

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Keep it covered
There are many different types of insurance to choose from. However, you should always opt for one that provides pothole coverage. You might be wondering why you would need such a thing. That’s probably because you’re not fully aware of the damage a single pothole can do to your ride. Go over a pothole at the wrong speed and it can do a number on your tyres, which can cost you dearly. That’s why it’s always good to have pothole coverage in your insurance plan.

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A friend in need, is a friend indeed
We’ve mentioned the kind of damage a single pothole can do to your ride. However, you probably haven’t thought about being stranded because of it. And that’s very much a possibility. Don’t worry, once again insurance comes to your rescue, literally. There are some insurance policies that provide on-site repair and towing service. This can be a lifesaver, in case you’re ever stranded because of a pothole. Know about roadside assistance cover in your insurance policy.

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A constant reminder
Until now, we’ve only talked about vehicle insurance with respect to potholes. But now we’re going to talk about health insurance. Going over a pothole usually makes you wonder about the wellbeing of your vehicle, but what about your wellbeing? There are thousands of pothole-related accidents in India each year. That should give you pause and think about your future. So the next time you go over a pothole, let it be a reminder that not only do you need vehicle insurance but also health insurance.

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