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8 tips to keep your car cool

8 tips to keep your car cool

Summers are here, and it’s not just you who is getting scorched in the heat. Your car needs as much as care as you to be safe in the rising temperatures. The condition of the car will help you get a better resale value and thus lower car insurance premiums. . But, the usual maintenance routine won’t do much for your car in the summers. Especially, if you are planning a road trip during the vacation, be extra vigilant of your car’s condition.

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Prevent mechanical breakdown in the summers simply with these 8 point checklist:

  1. Oil:
    The recommended interval for changing oil is usually after every 3,000 miles. To be on a safer side, before summers begin, you can use the dipstick to check the level and shade of oil, which should be a pleasant shade of amber.
  2. Air Conditioning:
    Weak air-conditioning system won’t be able to handle the tough heat. Make sure you get it check by a mechanic. Summers also means more dust, don’t forget to get the filters cleaned too.
  3. Cooling System:
    Overheating is a major reason for summer breakdowns. We would recommend it to be checked, flushes and refilled by a professional every 24 months.
  4. Engine:
    Engine filters like the fuel, PCV, etc. too need to be cleaned or replaced as required. Check the user’s manual for how often these filters need to be cleaned.
  5. Tyres:
    Tyres should be your foremost concern for safety. Get your tyres checked and rotated on time, usually every 5,000 miles. The tyre inflation should be checked every time you refill the fuel. Other aspects you should look at for tyre-safety would be tread life, uneven wearing and tearing, cupping, and alignment.
  6. All Fluids:
    Fluids are the key to surviving summers in India for you as well as your car. We’ve covered oil, but there are other fluids like the coolant, automatic transmission fluid, power-steering fluid, brake fluid, etc.
    Not all cars are equipped with automatic transmission, but if yours is, check the owner’s manual on how to check the ATF levels.. It might be difficult to check the transmission fluid if it is manual. You can have it checked or if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can crawl under the car and look for yourself by removing the fill plug.
    For optimum performance, the coolant should be changed at least once a year. It would be best to do it before the summers every year.
    It is important to top off the power -steering fluid which is often overlooked in the regular servicing.
    Brake fluids play an essential role in the wear and tear of your brakes and tyres. Degradation of the brake fluid might result into complete brake failure. Have the brake fluid changed once every 2-3 years.
  7. Windshield Wipers:
    Though you are not going to use the wipers much in this heat, the rubber is the reason you should get them renewed with proper summer wipers. Unlike monsoon wipers, summer wipers are designed to bear higher temperatures. Also, a dirty windshield poses a safety hazard. Keep enough windshield washer solvent stacked. As they say, wipers are cheap insurance.
  8. Paint:
    A good session of washing and waxing will do much good for your paint to survive one summer. During the summers, park the car in shade and avoid direct light.

There are other little things you need to pay attention at. Check your lights and get the minor repairs done. Never forget a car emergency kit.

Let’s face it: the last thing you would want is a car breakdown in scorching heat. These precautions will save you from the distress of summertime breakdowns.

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