If you have applied for a learner’s license, you need to prepare yourself for an online learner’s license test.  A driving licence is mandatory in India by any individual driving any vehicle on public road or highway as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and no one is permitted to drive the vehicle without a valid Driving licence. 

However, the rule also states that the first step to getting a permanent driving license is to get a Learner’s licence by passing the learner’s license test. This learners license will be considered as a temporary licence post which a driving test will be carried out to get a Driving licence.

What is a Learner’s Driving license?

A Learning License is issued if you wish to learn how to drive a vehicle after passing the learner’s license test. This license is valid for 30 days after which, you can then apply for a permanent driving license.

A learning license is mandatory before a Permanent License

You must have understood by now that the first step to getting a Driving License in India is receiving a Learner’s License. For the test, you need to be acquainted with the roads and traffic signals and regulations to get a Learning License. This test assesses your understanding and knowledge about the various traffic rules of the road In India. And after you pass the online Learner’s License test, the license will be given to you that. Therefore, after getting a Learner’s License, you will be allowed to practise driving on the public roads. One very important point to note for you is that you as a learner has to be accompanied mandatorily by any permanent driving license holder.

Every state and regions in India have its own RTO or RTA office in all primary cities from where a person can obtain the Learner’s License. Many state RTOs have their own online portal where online learning license can easily be applied for. The required online learning license forms are accessible with mock Learner’s License exam as well so that you as a candidate for giving Learners License test can do a practise before you actually give the test.

What is the process of a Learners License test in India?

Now let us take you through the process of Learners License test.

You will have to appear for an online test if the online learning licence application is made or you can appear for written test as well. Some key aspects to note here as below:

  1. You need to be present at the venue half an hour before the test
  2. Many RTOs usually give printed information covering points like traffic signals, traffic rules etc for your reference
  3. You need to pay the required fee (table is given below for you to refer) for the test
  4. If you pass, you will be given the learner’s license there itself
  5. If you are unable to pass the test, you will be allowed to retake the test after a week
  6. You will be allowed to apply for a Driving License 30 days post the date of issue of the Learner’s License.

What are the necessary fees for a Learner’s License Test?

Table for Learning licence test Fees

Type of License

Amount of Fee (INR)

Learner’s License


Renewal of earner’s License


Driving License


Test for Driving License


International Driving License


Renewal of Driving License


Sample learning licence test questions

Now let us see some sample Learning licence test questionsas below for you to understand the pattern of the test questions and then you will be able to prepare yourself in a better manner:

  1. When you change houses, you must inform your nearest RTO about the change in your address within:
    1. 90 days
    2. 30 days
    3. 1 year
    4. No need to inform
  2. The following sign represents:

    1. No left turn
    2. No freeway
    3. No U-Turn
  3. On a one-way road, you should not:
    1. Over-speed
    2. Park on the way
    3. Drive in the reverse gear
    4. Honk a lot
  4. How do you know that a vehicle is a transport vehicle?
    1. By the make of the vehicle
    2. By the driver’s license
    3. By seeing the number plate of the vehicle
  5. Overtaking is allowed only:
    1. From the right side
    2. From the left side
    3. After honking 3 times
  6. What does this sign mean?

    1. No u-turn
    2. No right turn
    3. No freeway
    4. No left turn
  7. What does this sign mean?

    No parking

    1. No freeway
    2. No parking 
    3. No right turn
  8. While travelling uphill, which vehicle has the right-of-way over others?
    1. Largest vehicle
    2. Longest vehicle
    3. Any vehicle travelling uphill
    4. The vehicle which came first
  9. Your vehicle faces a railway station which is unguarded and you want to move, you must
    1. Wait patiently till l the train pass
    2. Keep honking and cross the station fast
    3. Stop your motor vehicle on the road’s left side, move towards the track and check whether there are any trains coming before crossing.
  10. The driver of any vehicle is allowed to overtake
    1. When the driver in front gives the right indication to overtake
    2. When there is a broad road
    3. Driving on a hilly road
  11. Red signal in traffic implies:
    1. Please slow down your vehicle
    2. Please stop your vehicle
    3. Move with caution
  12. Overtaking will be forbidden in case
    1. Roads look greasy
    2. Dangerous to approaching traffic
    3. All mentioned as above
  13. When your car is halted on one side of the road at night, then
    1. The vehicle must be under lock and key
    2. Parking signal must be used
    3. All as mentioned above
  14. You are approaching a fine bridge and you see there is one more vehicle is entering the bridge from the opposite side. What will be your action?
    1. You need to wait till the other car pass the bridge before you move on
    2. Switch on the headlight and start crossing the bridge
    3. Drive fast so that you can first pass the bridge
  15. The driver of a vehicle must drive on the
    1. Road’s Left side
    2. Road’s right side
    3. in the middle
  16. A road not having a footpath, walkers must
    1. Walk on road’s right side
    2. Walk on the road’s middle side
    3. Walk as per your wish
  17. You are allowed to board and get down from moving vehicles of all types.
    1. True
    2. False
  18. Vehicles used for transport can be differentiated through
    1. Vehicle’s colour
    2. Vehicle’ number plate
    3. Vehicle’s tyre size
  19. You are approaching a zebra crossing and you see that there some pedestrians for crossing the road, you must
    1. Slow your vehicle down and start moving
    2. Keep honking and move
    3. Stop your vehicle and wait till pedestrians cross the road and then go-ahead
  20. Honking is forbidden near:
    1. Temples, Churches and Mosques
    2. Medical Institution, Courts
    3. Police office
  21. Pollution Under Control Certificate or PUC is valid for
    1. One year
    2. 180 days
    3. 24 months
  22. The minimum eligibility for getting a driving license for driving a vehicle lacking gear is
    1. 16 years of age
    2. 15 years
    3. 25 years
  23. Rearmost mirror is used for the purpose of
    1. Observing traffic that is coming from behind
    2. Viewing passengers who are seated at the back
    3. Decorations of the vehicle
  24. You must use lamps used for fog when:
    1. You can see fog
    2. During night
    3. When you notice that the opposite side vehicle’s dim light is not on
  25. If your driver sees the sign for ‘greasy road in front, the driver must
    1. You will drive faster
    2. Change your gear and lessen your vehicle’s speed
    3. Put brake but move in the similar swiftness
  26. The tax for a new car is to be paid once in
    1. 10 years
    2. 15 years
    3. Till the cancellation of the vehicle’s
  27. Essential papers required for all vehicles will be
    1. Certificate of Insurance, Certificate of Registration
    2. Certificate of Registration, Insurance Certificate, Tax Token of the vehicle and your Driving License
    3. Permit slip, Registration Certificate of your vehicle
  28. Overhauling is not permissible if:
    1. The road is broad
    2. The road in front is not noticeable evidently
    3. The road does not have holes
  29. The Parking hand-brake must be in use to
    1. Stop and park your vehicle
    2. Fast apply of the brake
    3. Reduce the speediness
  30. Vehicles which are unregistered can be used in public places
    1. True
    2. False

Your learner’s license test paper will have similar questions to the above-mentioned questions. The actual idea of a learner’s license test is to evaluate your knowledge pertaining to the safety of road, traffic rules and regulations. Hence, be patient and be calm and be ready for the test.


Yes, the learner’s license test can be given online.

No, you will not be asked to drive a vehicle to obtain your Learner’s License. You will have to appear for an online or written test which will have a multiple-choice questionnaire to measure your knowledge on traffic rules and signs.

The main documents are proof of identity, proof of address and age, application fee and duly filled application form.