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Apply for Learning License

Knowing driving is nowadays an important life skill like knowing swimming. Many of us want to be self-reliant rather than depending on another person for driving. As such, many individuals want to learn driving and own a vehicle. Besides learning how to drive, a driving license is also needed if you want to drive in India. When you apply for a driving license, you get a learner’s license which is the first step in getting the permanent driving license. Let’s understand what learner’s license is all about and its different aspects –

What is a driving license?

driving licence is a certified paper that sanctions you as its holder to run and operate different types of vehicles on public roads and highways in India. They are being regulated by the Regional Transport Authorities Offices named as RTA or RTO. A driving licence is obligatory in India by any individual driving a vehicle on a public road or any highway according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and no one is allowed to drive a vehicle in a public place without a valid Driving licence.

What is a learner’s license?

A driving license is a permanent license which allows you to drive a vehicle. But before the permanent driving license is issued, a learner’s license is issued which is valid for a limited period. A learner’s license, therefore, is a license which specifies that you are applying for a new driving license and you have no prior driving knowledge. A learner’s license is a learning license which will be treated as a provisional licence after which a driving test will be conducted for you to be eligible to get a permanent Driving licence.

The need for a learner’s license

It is very important for you to understand that a learning License is compulsory before a Permanent LicenseThe first and the most crucial step to obtain a Driving License in India is receiving a Learner’s License. A Learning License is a provisional and limited license issued by the particular State Regional Transport Office (RTO) and Regional Transport Authority. You need to be familiar with roads and traffic regulations get a Learning License. In India, Learner’s License will be given to you after you pass a written exam or online exam that evaluates your familiarity and knowledge about the rules of the road. After receiving a Learner’s License, you will be permitted to practise driving on public roads. However, you as a learner would have to be supported by a permanent driving license holder. You must get a Learning License for the applicable vehicle type before receiving a permanent Driving License.

Importance of Learner’s License in India

A learner’s license is a must if you need a valid driving licence to drive a vehicle. Given below are the other important reasons which make a learner’s license an important requirement:

  1. A Learner’s License officially permits you to learn driving with a knowledgeable and skilled instructor or driver on the Indian roads
  2. You can practise driving with a permanent Driving License holder. This, in turn, will help you to acquire driving skills before the vehicle is taken out finally
  3. Easy to apply and get a permanent Driving License if you have a valid Learner’s License
  4. You get familiar with road and traffic rules and regulations and set your hands before stepping finally on the road

Types of learner’s license in India

There are different types of learner’s license issued by the RTO depending on the class of vehicle for which you are applying to get the license. Thus, the different types of learner’s license which are issued by the RTO include the following –

If the vehicle is being used for personal purposes

  • MC 50CC which is issued for motorcycles which have an engine capacity of up to 50cc
  • LMV-NT which is issued for light motor vehicles which are not used for transport purposes
  • FVG which is issued for motorcycles which are without any gears and can have any engine capacity
  • MC EX50CC which is issued for motorcycles which have a gear and whose engine capacity exceeds 50cc and also for light motor vehicles which also includes cars
  • MCWG or M/CYCL.WG for all types of motor vehicles being used for personal purposes

If the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes

  • HGMV which is issued for Heavy Goods Motor Vehicles i.e. heavy goods carrying vehicles
  • LMV – TR which is issued for light motor vehicles that are being used for commercial transportation purposes
  • HPMV which is issued for heavy passenger carrying vehicles
  • MGV which is used for medium-sized goods carrying vehicles

The process to apply for an online learning licence in India

In India, every region and state have its respective RTO or RTA office in all main cities from where you can get the Learner’s License. Many state RTOs have their own online portal where online learning license can easily be applied by you without any issue. The necessary online learning license forms are available with mock Learner’s License exam for you to understand the pattern of the questions and therefore learn and practise accordingly.

The general process to apply for an online learning licenceis as below:

You need to follow 5 easy and simple steps for applying for online learning licence

  1. You will have to register Online
  2. You will then have to fill the form accurately
  3. You should then submit the filled-in form online
  4. You will have to appear for the Learner’s License Test
  5. The test needs to be scheduled by you and you need to attend the same
  6. Once you pass the test, the learner’s license would be issued

Let us see a detailed process for filling out the online application for applying Learner’s Licence for your benefit:

  • You need to click on the option of “Driving Licence” from the respective RTO website
  • You will then have to choose the “Apply Online” option and from the drop-down then choose “New Driving Licence”
  • All the directions need to be read carefully by you and then “Continue”
  • The relevant box needs to be ticked by you upon asking the options like whether you are holding a Learner’s Licence, a Foreign DL, or a Defence Licence and then will be asked for the Learner’s Licence Number/ Defence Licence Foreign DL Number/ Number as appropriate
  • You will then have to fill the date of birth needs in DD/MM/YYYY format and then click on “OK” where you will be asked to fill up the personal details like the name, address and age
  • You will then have to upload all the obligatory supporting documents like proof of identity proof of address and age proof
  • You will then have to upload scanned copy passport size photograph with signature
  • The date and the time need to be selected by you to go directly to the RTO and appear for the test
  • The application will be sent to the RTO post the payment made along with the form
  • After the application has been processed, an intimation will be sent to you via SMS
  • Once the above steps are completed, then you will have to visit and give the test

Procedure to apply for a Learner’s License in RTO or Offline in India

Other than applying online, you can also apply for a Learner’s License directly at the RTO office. Since the online portal is easier and saves time and energy hence everyone prefers to apply online mostly. But you must be aware of the offline process as well and below are the steps to do so:

  • You need to obtain either Form 2 or Form 3 which is for the application of Learner’s License with passport photographs. These forms can be y downloaded online or can be directly obtained from the RTO office
  • You need to fill up the application form properly by attaching photographs, age and address proof. You should, then, visit the local RTO and submit the application form along with the documents
  • After submitting the form with other documents, the test date and time will be decided
  • You will have to be present as per the stated date and time for the test. After passing the test, the learning licence will be handed over to the applicant or will be sent to the registered address of the applicant
  • If you are taking a driving lesson from a Driving school, the school can support you to get the learning licence

Eligibility criteria for availing a learner’s license

To avail a learner’s license, the following eligibility parameters would have to be satisfied –

  • You will have to be greater than 16 years for two-wheeler licence and 18 years for four-wheeler licence
  • If you are applying for a driving license for transport vehicles, you should be aged at least 20 years. Moreover, you should have cleared Class 8 and should be experienced in driving a light vehicle for at least one year
  • You, as a Learner’s licence holder, can apply for a permanent driving licence 30 days after the issue of the Learning licence
  • You will have to apply for a permanent driving licence within 180 days or 6 months of their Learner’s Licence being issued.

Documents needed for applying for Learning Licence

A set of documents would be needed when you are applying for a learning Licence as well. These documents are mentioned below and you need to upload scanned images of the same on the RTO website when you apply for the license:

  1. Declaration of Physical Fitness (form 1)
  2. Medical Fitness Certificate (form 1-A)
  3. Passport-sized photographs
  4. Address proof: any one of the below lists:
    • Passport
    • LIC policy
    • Ration card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Voter’s id card
    • An affidavit sworn before a Public Notary or a Judicial Magistrate.
  5. Age Proof: Any one of the below lists:
    • Passport
    • Voter’s id card
    • Birth certificate
    • School matriculation certificate
    • An affidavit attested by a Public Notary or Magistrate
    • LIC policy

Test Procedure to get a Learning Licence in India

It is necessary to know the tests which you would have to undertake and their procedure so that you can avail a learner’s license easily. You will have to give an online test if the online learning licence application is made or a written test that measures your acquaintance about the rules of the road and safety signals. Important points for you to note here as below:

  • You need to be present at the test site at least half an hour beforehand
  • Mostly RTOs hand over printed information which has the important points like traffic signals and traffic rules etc
  • Submission of the approval slip at the designated counter by you is required and you need to pay the fee of INR 150 for taking the test
  • If you pass, you will be given the learner’s license.
  • If you are unable to pass the test, you will be allowed to retake the test after a week’s time

So, if you want to learn driving and avail a legal license for the same, the first step is to apply for a learner’s license. Follow the above-mentioned steps and apply for a learner’s license so that you can also apply for a permanent driving license later on.


A learning license in India is effective and valid for 6 months period from the issue date

Yes, both unexpired Learner’s License and permanent driving license is valid across India

No, you don’t have to give a driving test. You will give an online or written test which has multiple-choice questions to test your skills on traffic rules and traffic signs.

The fee is INR 50 in case you are unable to pass the online test.

You can refer to the official website and can see the pattern of test questions for giving an online test https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/sites/default/files/DownloadForm/STALL_QB_ENGLISH_NEW.pdf