How to Transfer Ownership and Bike Insurance

My friend Raj wanted to sell off his existing bike to buy the new trendy model which everyone was talking about. He was a bike enthusiast and his promotion gave him the excuse to splurge on a new bike. Thanks to the online platform, he also found many interested buyers for his bike but what he was clueless about was how to transfer his bike’s ownership and what to do with the existing insurance policy.

Raj’s problem is not uncommon. Most of you who are looking to sell your bike second-hand don’t know how to transfer the ownership of the vehicle. Moreover, when it comes to the attached insurance policy, the confusion increases further. After all, transferring ownership and insurance are both legal steps which require you to follow specified procedures. Considering the procedures to be difficult most of you are ignorant about the process of transfer of ownership and bike insurance policy. So, let’s un complicate things for you –

Selling your bike second hand requires you to deal with two main aspects –

  1. Transferring ownership
  2. Transferring insurance

Both these aspects have a well-defined procedure. Let’s understand what the procedures state –

Process of transferring ownership of the bike

  • You should first approach the RTO of the state in which your bike is registered. You are required to inform the RTO regarding the sale of your bike and the transfer of ownership. If you do not know your nearest RTO office, you may find the same by clicking on this link.
  • To inform the RTO, you are required to submit some forms and documents. These include the following –
    • Completed Form 28 which is for transfer of ownership
    • Completed Form 29 which is a No Objection Certificate. The form should be filled and it should contain your (the seller’s) signature
    • Completed Form 30 which is an application for intimation of transfer or report of transfer. This form should be filled and signed by both you (the seller) and the buyer of the bike. Moreover, you also have to attach a print of the chassis of your bike
    • Registration Certificate
    • Tax certificate
    • PUC Certificate
    • Copy of the bike’s insurance policy
    • Your address proof
    • Passport sized photographs
    • If the bike is registered at another state’s RTO and the sale is happening in another state, a NOC from the registered RTO would also be required
    • If the bike is on loan, NOC from the lender would also be required
  • If the actual owner of the bike dies and then the bike is being sold or acquired by anyone else, additional documents would be required. They would include the death certificate of the owner, Form 31, succession certificate and an affidavit from the successor.
  • A registration fee would also have to be paid when transferring ownership. The fee should be paid along with the submission of all relevant documents.

Once you follow these steps, the process of transfer of ownership would start and your bike would be legally transferred in the buyer’s name. The transfer process should start within 14 days from the date of sale of the bike. However, if the buyer resides in another state, the transfer should commence within 45 days of the sale of the bike.

Process of transfer of bike insurance policy

Once you are done with the transfer of ownership, you are required to transfer the insurance policy. In fact, it is the duty of the buyer of the bike to get the insurance policy transferred in his name within 14 days of buying the bike. If not, any claim made would not be paid. You should also help the buyer with the transfer process as you would be legally held liable for any claim faced by the buyer till the policy is transferred.

Bike insurance in India can be either third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance policy. These help you stay protected against any damages in case of an accident.

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Transferring insurance is quite a simple process actually. To do so all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Inform the insurance company about the sale of your bike
  • Some documents need to be submitted to the insurer to transfer the insurance cover in the name of the buyer. These documents would be the following –
    • The new RC book of the bike containing the name of the buyer. If the new RC book is not yet available, the proof of transfer of ownership can be submitted for the time being. Later, when the RC book is available, it should be submitted to the company
    • Original policy bond
    • Address proof of the buyer
    • Passport sized photographs of the buyer
  • Once the documents and request for transfer is submitted, the insurance company would begin the transfer process
  • The bike might be inspected in some cases
  • A fee would also be required to be paid for transferring the policy
  • You should avail the no claim bonus certificate from the insurance company so that the accumulated bonus of the policy can be retained in your name
  • If the documents are in order and the transfer fee is paid, the insurance policy would be transferred in the name of the buyer

The whole process of insurance transfer should also be done within 14 days of selling the bike. The third-party cover would automatically operate in the name of the buyer from the date of sale for up to 14 days. It is assumed that during this process the transfer process would be completed. However, once 14 days are over and the policy has not been transferred, the third-party cover would also cease.

As stated earlier, though transferring the policy is the burden of the buyer, you, as a seller should be involved in the process. Here are the reasons why –

  • Retention of No Claim Bonus – any bonus you earn because of not making any claim in the previous policy years entitles you to a discount. It was your safe driving which caused no accidents and, thus, incurred no claims. Therefore, you are entitled to enjoy the benefits of the No Claim Bonus earned on your policy, especially when it allows premium discounts. If you do not transfer the policy, you cannot avail the No Claim Bonus Certificate and you lose the discounts earned by you. Would you want that?
  • Freedom from future liabilities – suppose the new buyer of your bike causes damage to any person or property while driving the bike. If a third party claim is raised on your policy and you are named as the policyholder, you would be legally liable. Though your insurance policy would pay off the financial claims, you would have to ensure such claim settlement. Transferring the policy, therefore, frees you from future liabilities.

Transferring the ownership and insurance policy of your bike is essential when you are selling it off to another person. It is legally required and is also beneficial. My friend Raj didn’t know about it and so he was given the complete lowdown on the transfer process. You have been informed too. So, the next time you sell your bike, remember what you have to do.

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56 thoughts on “How to Transfer Ownership and Bike Insurance

      1. Sir, you have to first take the Insurance in the first owner’s name and apply in RTO for RC transfer. Once Rc is transferred get you name endorsed on policy from the respective Insurance company.

  1. Hii ramesh here
    I am having vintage bullet 350 passing is from DELHI
    Documenta i am having police(real owner name)
    2.RC book xerox(real owner name)
    3.notary(that i am legaly transfer bike)
    But now i want to transfer my bike on my name but the real owner contact not getting to me i am Confuse what should i do now..?plz plz suggest me

    1. Hi Ramesh,
      For Transfer of vehicle form 29-30 & RTO receipt signed by both the parties is required, if you have same you can go ahead with the transfer procedure or Kindly coordinate with the previous owner for required documents.

      1. Hi Bhavesh,
        Please visit the same RTO and fill the 29/30 form for the name endorsement process.

    1. Hi Connor,

      If customer applies for ownership transfer on an insurance policy, so if all the necessary documents such as
      1)Transferred RC,
      2)form 29-30, NOC of the first owner,
      3)inspection report,
      4)proposal filled by the new owner and
      5)transfer charges transaction with NCB difference (if any) is provided, it will take 7-8 working days for an endorsement schedule to come.

  2. Hello sir good evening

    Mera name Vishal hai sir me second hand scooter ya bike Lena chahta hu par sir mujhe samajh nahi aaraha second hand scooter ya bike kaise lu iske Kya process hai Kya Kya documents mujhe Lena hai or kaise bike ya scooter apne name karwau kaha se transfer hota hai kitne paise lagte hai transfer karwane ke liye mujhe Kya karna hoga or Jo transfer karega usse Kya Kya mujhe Lena hai taki future me mujhe koi problem naa ho sir please help & reply only Hindi language

    1. Sir,apko bike transfer karane ke liye pehele owner ka RC,seller agreement, form no.29 and 30 jiske upar dono parties ka signature ho.
      Insurance transfer ke liye mentioned documents Beema company ko dene honge.
      a.29-30 form / transferred RC
      b.Inspection report
      c.Transfer charges 60/-
      d. NCB recovery ( If any NCB given on current policy )
      e.proposal form
      f.Customer request letter.

  3. Hi Team,
    I had purchased a second hand Activa, please can anyone guide me about the procedure to change the ownership of the vehicle. It will be a great help from your side.


    1. You have to contact your concerned RTO with Seller agreement, RC copy ith first owner name and form 29-30 duly signed by both the parties.

  4. I take a second hand pulsor 150 2015 model on december 2017 and i want to transfer all paper and document what is the procedure

    1. You can visit a nearby branch of the respective Insurance company and need to submit below-mentioned documents and get the policy transferred in your name.

      a.29-30 form / transferred RC
      b.Inspection report
      c.Transfer charges 60/-
      d. NCB recovery ( If any NCB given on current policy )
      e.proposal form
      f.Customer request letter.

  5. Hello,

    I want to sell my bike in ANOTHER CITY.
    As per my knowledge, NOC is required for that.
    1.) So plz can u suggest what r the documents required for issuing NOC….?
    2.) Should i apply for NOC In another city RTO from where my bike Parsing is not done from there.

    1. 1) Documents will be required i.e Seller agreement, form 29-30 and RC with the name of the first owner.

      2) have to apply for In the same RTO from where the vehicle is registered.

  6. I sold my two wheeler. The party will transfer the registration. But is there any process or email id to inform to RTO for my safety?

    1. You have to Visit the concerned RTO and provide the transfer Intimation letter for your safety.

  7. Hii.I am Deepak . I am purchasing bike and the Bike owner is in USA and They Told one Friend to sell .I Contact to that friend who have that bike So can please suggest me How Bike transfer to my name when Owner is in USA .Friend Who have that bike have all documents papers RC everything Can u please suggest me and clear my Query How Bike is transfer to My Name.

    1. You have to get signature of first owner .signature on from 29-30, and if all the remaining documents are clear you can visit to the concerned RTO and get the RC transferred.

  8. Hi I am Rahul,
    I got a bike in second hand.I have done the name change in RC.Now I want to change the name in Insurance.Since the owner insured through online.How can I make name change in Insurance copy?

    1. You can visit a nearby branch of the respective Insurance company and need to submit below-mentioned documents and get the policy transferred in your name.

      a.29-30 form / transferred RC
      b.Inspection report
      c.Transfer charges 60/-
      d. NCB recovery ( If any NCB given on current policy )
      e.proposal form
      f.Customer request letter.

  9. Dear Team,
    kindly help i have perches the old bike so now transfer ownership so please suggest require document. owner latur city am also latur

    1. Below documents will be required in order to transfer of ownership on policy.
      a.29-30 form / transferred RC
      b.Inspection report
      c.Transfer charges 60/-
      d. NCB recovery ( If any NCB given on current policy )
      e.proposal form
      f.Customer request letter.

    1. On the basis of transferred RC or form 29/30, you can purchase fresh Insurance to Insure your vehicle in the name of New owner directly.

  10. Hi team,

    I have an activa whose insurance is expired and the original has signed and provided me form 28 for name transfer. Now which step should I follow first.
    Getting insurance or transferring name.

  11. Hii sir I am second hand bike purchasing in tamilanadu, present vehical regesterd in first owner,how to changed registration in another state in my own address plz help me

    1. If all the papers are clear given by the first owner, you need to visit the RTO where you have to register your vehicle to change the RTO.

  12. I ready to purchase a bike which has insurance lapsed and other all documents have. I have question which this bike can transfer to name or not ligally

    1. Yes.A bike can be transferred to your name, for the same you need to visit the concerned RTO with 29/30 form duly signed by both the parties and seller letter.

  13. Do i need to carry person to RTO on whose name vehicle is to be transferred or can i bring the form at home and sign it from the person amd do we need license to transfer second hamd nike ownership

    1. No. Not required just get sign on form 29 & 30 of both the parties and NOC of First party Or from respective first RTO.

  14. Sir, i have purchased second hand bike , owner has given me 29,30 form , and RC .bike have not any insurance policy , i just want to transfer bike on my name …

    Please tell me the procedure and charge for that.

  15. Sir .please help. I’m having trouble in getting NOC from DTO because the owner insurance policy lapse since 2016.but I already obtain a fresh policy in his name from my city. Will it be hindrance to get NOC from seller DTO? All other documents is up to date.please help.

  16. Hello sir
    May aak second hand bike liya hu to 1st owner ka registration ha other city may(east maydenapur) or mera address hay kolkata ,to RTO alaag ho neke karan may kaishe name transfer karunga.or motor viceless ke loog bol raha hay ki name transfer nehe hota hay may kayshe name transfer karauga ya please bollenge.

  17. Dear Sir
    I bought a second hand car through a dealer. Dealer said he is taking care of all transfer formalities. But the car’s insurance got expired 03 years ago…..will the dealer be able to transfer the RC in my name?
    Dealer says that expired insurance not a problem in RC transfer …..please advise?

    1. Hi Rahul,
      First you need to fill form 29/30 from your respective RTO and the you can transfer the insurance ownership to your name.

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