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Post Office Monthly Income Scheme: All you need to know

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme: All you need to know

What is Post Office MIS?

Under the administration of the Ministry of Finance, the Post office is offering its most reliable services to the citizens of India with the help of its more than 1,55,000 branches across the country. Amidst various schemes issued by the Post office, the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS) is considered the most popular because it gives the investors a guaranteed return on their deposited money at the rate of 6.6% per annum. This is their fixed monthly income which the investors who invest in the POMIS get despite the uncertain domestic and global market conditions.

Those investors who are interested in POMIS have to start a POMIS scheme in the post office. It can be owned by a single holder or a joint holder. If the POMIS account holder is minor, then his/ her account is operated by the guardian.

Features of the POMIS scheme

Mentioned below are some of the highlighting features of the Post Monthly Income Scheme

  1. Risk-Free Investment

    The biggest advantage of the Post Monthly Income Scheme is that it is a risk-free investment. The investors can invest a minimum of INR 1000 in the scheme. The maximum amount that can be invested in the scheme is INR 4.5 lakh. The investors can get guaranteed returns on their money as the volatile market conditions wouldn’t influence the investment returns of the POMIS.

  2. Joint Account

    The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme account can be opened as a joint account. One feature that is added to the joint account is that the investors can invest up to INR 9 lakh in this scheme to get the highest amount of returns.

  3. Monthly Income

    The investors receive interest from the Post office Monthly Scheme every month. In this way, the investors get a monthly fixed income on their invested amount.

  4. Nominee

    The investor has to fill out the nomination form while opening the POMIS account. If the investor passes away, the nominee will be to claim the invested money of the account holder.

Limitations of the POMIS scheme

As beneficial as the POMIS scheme is with its fixed returns and monthly payments; there are still a few limitations tagging along with the benefits such as,

  • The funds invested in the POMIS scheme don’t provide any tax reduction benefit under Section 80C of the Income-tax Act. Individuals must pay the tax for the invested funds.
  • If the interest income from every month isn’t withdrawn, they stay idle and do not generate any interest on those additional funds.
  • The money income paid by the scheme also falls under the taxable section.

Working of the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme 

  • In the POMIS scheme, an individual can invest a minimum of Rs.1000 or multiples of Rs.1000 up to INR 4.5 lakhs per annum. 
  • During its tenure period of 5 years, the individual receives an interest calculated income every month.
  • The two or three individuals can also open a joint, but the maximum investment limit here would be INR 9 lakhs per annum.
  • On the maturity of the funds, the individual can withdraw the entire investment funds without any additional charges.
  • However, there are penalties included during the premature withdrawal of the funds. Depending on the year joining, the penalty fee can vary between 1% – 2% of the investment funds.

Let us see this example:

Suppose Mr Rajesh, a 39-year-old bank manager, plans to open a POMIS scheme account at its maximum deposit range of INR 4.5 lakhs for a period of 5 years. Then for that period at the end of each month, he will receive a monthly income of INR 2,475 based on the 6.6% interest rate. The monthly payment continues until his entire tenure phase. Once the account reaches its maturity after 5 years, he can withdraw his total investment of INR 4.5 lakhs without any extra charges. If he wants he can also renew his account. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

The following criteria have to be fulfilled to qualify for the scheme:

  • Any Indian adult above 18 years can open a POMIS account
  • They must be a resident of India; NRIs are not eligible
  • Minor who are 10 years of age or above can also have an account on a legal guardian or parent’s name
  • The minors can change their account name and claim the funds once they reach the majority.

Difference between Monthly Plans vs Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

When the monthly plans of the mutual funds are compared with the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme, it is analysed that the POMIS scheme is a risk-free investment plan that gives a guaranteed return to the investors. Monthly Income Plans or MIPs of mutual funds are debt-oriented mutual funds but are subject to interest rate sensitivity, which does not exist in the POMIS scheme. Since a part of the investment in MIPs is in equity as well, the element of guarantee is lesser than in POMIS schemes.

Also, MIPs have a tax advantage as investors get to avail of indexation benefits over the POMIS scheme. Both allow liquidity before the end of the term but with a charge. In Mutual Fund Monthly Income Plans, there is no limit for investment whereas in the POMIS scheme one can invest upto a maximum of INR 4.5 lakhs per PAN number.

POMIS scheme is a traditional investment and is trusted by many. Hence it has gained popularity over the years. With the facility of online transactions between post offices and banks according to the announcement in the Budget 2022, the POMIS scheme is expected to gain more popularity.

What are the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme interest rates?

  • The account holder of POMIS accounts receives a 6.6% interest on their investments.
  • A calculated interest value is given to the account holder on completion of the month from the joining date. This continues until the scheme attains maturity (5 years).
  • If the account holder fails to collect the interest, the leftover claim will include no additional interest funds in these funds.
  • If the deposit value exceeds the maximum deposit limit, the excess funds are returned, and the interest is calculated only up to the allowable deposit limit.
  • The funds received from the scheme are taxable.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme account opening procedure

It is very easy to open a Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (MIS). If you want to invest in the scheme, a Post Office Savings Account is mandatory. If you don’t have a savings account, you can open it with the Post Office. After that you can go with the following procedure:

  • Get a POMIS Application Form from your nearest post office
  • You need to submit the form with a photocopy of ID proof, a photocopy of address proof, and 2 passport-sized photographs. 
  • You need to submit original ID proof and address proof too for the verification process.
  • You need to get the signatures of witnesses or beneficiaries.

Penalty against early withdrawal in POMIS scheme in post office

You are allowed to withdraw prematurely from your POMIS scheme but at a cost. Here are certain norms that need to be followed:

  • The account holder must submit the bank passbook and a withdrawal application form at their registered post office to withdraw the funds.
  • Individuals cannot withdraw the funds until the scheme attains its 1-year maturity. 
  • If the individual withdraws the funds between 1 – 3 years of the tenure period, the scheme will charge a penalty fee of 2% on the initial deposit, and the remaining will be paid.
  • If the individual withdraws between 3 – 5 years of the tenure period, then a penalty fee of 1% will be deducted from the initial deposit, and the remaining will be paid.

Who should invest in POMIS?

  • The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is generated by the post office for those investors who are unwilling to take any risk. They prefer to keep their capital intact. They are not very conscious of getting high investment returns.
  • Those investors who want a reliable and fixed source of getting monthly income should choose the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS).
  • The locking period of the POMIS is one year. After one year, the investors will be able to withdraw the money by paying the penalty charges of 1-2%. Those who plan to invest for the long term should invest in the POMIS.
  • For those who are uncomfortable investing in the stock market, mutual funds, etc due to the volatile market conditions, the post office monthly scheme (POMIS) is the best option to invest in for the long term. Investors don’t need to analyse the market daily.

Maximum deposit limit under the POMIS scheme

The maximum deposit limit varies depending on the type of account and the account holder’s age.

If the account holders are adults, then,

  • Single account – maximum investment is INR 4.5 lakhs
  • Joint account – maximum investment is INR 9 lakhs (the individuals must make equal shares of investment. However, each individual’s contribution cannot exceed a maximum of INR 4.5 lakhs)

If the account holder is a minor, then,

  • Minor account – maximum investment value is INR 3 lakhs.

Documents needed for POMIS

The documents required for POMIS include:

  • Identity Proof

    Photocopy of original government-approved IDs such as Passport/Voter ID card/Aadhar card/ Driving Licence, etc.

  • Address Proof

    Original government-issued ID or recent utility bills.

  • Photographs

    2 Passport size photographs.


Government-based schemes always provide you with security for your money. By investing in the POMIS scheme, the individual can enjoy the benefits of complete return along with their monthly income. With its decent interest rate of 6.6%, the scheme allows the account holder to enjoy their money benefits instead of letting them stay idle in their bank accounts. No wonder the elder communities and risk-free investors welcome the POMIS scheme so warmly.

FAQs about the POMIS 

  1. Does the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme come with a lock-in period?

    Yes, the POMIS scheme offers a lock-in period of 5 years. After this tenure period, the individual can withdraw their investment. Early withdrawal is possible after 1 year of lock-in; however, it can cause a penalty.

  2. Can I purchase the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme for my 10-year-old daughter?

    Yes, for minors aged 10 and above an adult can open a minor account in the POMIS scheme. Once the child reaches the majority, she can transfer the account to their name and claim the funds.

  3. If I open a Post Office Monthly Income Scheme joint account, how will the income be distributed?

    The contributors of the joint account receive equal shares of the income transferred to their independent accounts. The joint accounts begin with equal claims of investment made by 2 or 3 investors and equal distribution of the income money generated.

  4. Will I be able to reinvest my accumulated fund, once it reaches maturity?

    Yes, you can. Once the funds reach maturity, you can reinvest the accumulated funds in the same scheme for another 5-year tenure. Reinvesting assures you to enjoy the financial benefits for another 5 years.


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