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YSR Pension Kanuka Eligibility Criteria, Benefits & Types

YSR Pension Kanuka Eligibility Criteria, Benefits & Types

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What is YSR Pension Kanuka?

Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh announced YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme in June 2019. YSR Pension Scheme has been launched by the state government of Andhra Pradesh for providing financial help to vulnerable sections of society. The vulnerable sections of the society include old age people, disabled persons, transgenders, cobblers, fishermen, weavers, widows, Dapu artists, patients suffering from chronic diseases, etc. The YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme beneficiaries began receiving the scheme’s benefits on 1 July 2019. 

Despite being a Sunday, the state government disbursed the second instalment of the funds to the vulnerable sections on March 1, 2020. Around 87.5% of beneficiaries got the benefit from the YSR pension on the same day. Thereafter, when the Covid 19 hit the world, the factories and shops were shut down for an uncertain time. At that time, this scheme emerged as a great help for pensioners. 

YSR Pension Eligibility List

To be eligible for the YSR Pension Kanuka, the applicant must fulfil the given YSR pension eligibility list. The applicant:

  • Must be from a Below Poverty Line family, with a White ration card
  • Should not be enrolled with any other Government pension scheme.
  • Should be the inhabitant of Andhra Pradesh
  • The required age criteria are explained below


Age limit

Old age pension

60 years or above 

Anti Retroviral pension

No age limit but the applicant should have the medical proof of 6 months of treatment

Transgenders pension

18 years or above

Toddy Tappers pension 

50 years or above

Fishermen pension

50 years or above 

Disabled pension 

No age limit

Widow pension

18 years or above 

Single women pension 

Divorced/ separated women: 35 years or above

Unmarried women (rural areas): 30 years or above

Unmarried women (urban areas): 35 years or above

Traditional cobblers pension

40 years or above

Dappu artists pension

50 years or above 

Weaver’s pension

50 years or above

Features of YSR Pension Kanuka

The features of the Andhra Pradesh government’s YSR Pension Scheme are given below:

  • YSR Pension Kanuka scheme is a great step that has been taken by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh to help the financially backward section of society.
  • During Covid 19 pandemic, the YSR Pension scheme helped the vulnerable people a lot by providing them with financial relief when they had no source to earn a livelihood.
  • The beneficiaries should be below the poverty line. In this way, this scheme helps poor people live a better life than before.
  • Those women who are widowed/separated are able to get the benefit from the YSR Pension Scheme to start their life once again 
  • YSR Pension Scheme is easily available to the beneficiaries whenever the state government allocates the amount to them.

Benefits of YSR Pension Kanuka

There are many benefits that the beneficiaries are getting from the YSR Pension Scheme. Some key benefits are given below:

  • The beneficiaries get the amount of INR 2250 from the social security pension scheme i.e. YSR Pension Kanuka scheme.
  • The government has reduced the age limit from 65 years to 60 years. Now, people who are 60 years old are eligible to get the pension as per the YSR Pension Kanuka eligibility criteria.
  • The patients who are suffering from chronic kidney diseases get the amount of INR 10000 with the help of the YSR Pension Scheme. In this way, they get significant financial help for getting the right treatment in government/private hospitals.
  • Transgenders, disabled people (at least 40%), and dappu artists get INR 3,000 as pension under this scheme.

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Types of pensions

YSR Pension Scheme provides the following types of pensions:

  • Old age Pension
  • Anti-Retroviral Therapy Pension (ART Pension): 
  • Transgenders Pension
  • Toddy tappers’ Pension
  • Fisherman Pension 
  • Disabled Pension
  • Widow Pension 
  • Single Women Pension
  • Traditional Cobblers pension
  • Dappu Artists Pension: 
  • Weavers Pension.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDEU) Pension.

Steps to apply for YSR Pension

Follow the following steps to apply for the YSR Kanuka Pension scheme:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme i.e. https://navasakam2.apcfss.in/
  • Step 2: Then, click on the homepage to download the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme application form.
  • Step 3: After downloading the application form from the official website, take a printout to fill it out.
  • Step 4: Confirm that you are eligible to apply for the pension scheme and have all the necessary documents to attach with the application form.
  • Step 5: Fill out the form carefully and attach all the required documents i.e. Aadhar card, bank passbook, ID proof, BPL card, etc.
  • Step 6: Submit the application form to the Gram Panchayat Office for verification.

Eligible applicants for the YSR pension scheme 

  • The old age people, transgender, toddy tappers, weavers, traditional cobblers, widows, single women, fishermen, and dappu artists are eligible to apply as per the YSR Pension Kanuka eligibility criterion.
  • Those who are 40% disabled physically or mentally can also apply for the YRS Pension Scheme. 
  • Furthermore, those who have taken antI-retroviral therapy for a continuous period of 6 months are also considered eligible to apply for this pension scheme. 
  • Special provision is for those patients who are suffering from chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDE) in this scheme.

How to check the beneficiary list for the YSR pension scheme?

The state government of Andhra Pradesh decided to provide monetary help to the socially backward people as well as the financially backward people so that they will be able to have a certain source of income to live a good life. Thousands of beneficiaries have got financial aid from the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme. 

For checking the beneficiary list of the YSR Pension Scheme, follow the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of the YSR Pension Scheme i.e. https://navasakam2.apcfss.in/
  • Enter the asked information on the webpage: name of district/ panchayat/ mandal.
  • Then, click on the link GO to submit the information.
  • Then, you will be able to get the list of beneficiaries on your computer screen.

Documents required for the YSR Kanuka Scheme

Those who want to get the benefits of the YSR Pension Kanuka should have the following documents:

  • They should have the BPL ration card to prove that they belong to the below poverty line
  • Aadhar card, residential proof, birth certificate/ identity proof, and bank certificate are mandatory for applying for the YSR Pension Scheme
  • Those who are transgenders should have a medical certificate.
  • A widowed woman should have the death certificate of her husband.

YSR Kanuka Pension selection procedure 

The selection procedure of the applicants for the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme is given below: 

  • When the applicant submits the application to the Gram Panchayat, then the application is sent to the Gram Sabha for the verification process.
  • Gram Sabha approves the application and forwards the application to the municipal office for validating the filled information and documents.
  • Finally, MPDO (Municipal Planning and Development Office) disburses the pension to the eligible beneficiaries in the rural areas. The municipal office disburses the pension in the urban areas. 

Pension amount under YSR Pension Kanuka 

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has decided on the following amount to disburse to the beneficiaries under the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme:

  • Old people, anti-retroviral, toddy tappers, traditional cobblers, single women, widowed women, and fishermen receive a monthly pension of INR 2250.
  • Transgender, disabled persons. dappu artists receive a monthly pension of INR 3000. 
  • The patients who are suffering from chronic kidney disease and are undergoing dialysis receive the amount of INR 10,000 every month for their better treatment in private/ government hospitals. 

How to search for a pension ID for YSR Pension Kanuka?

The process for searching for the pension ID for YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme is given below:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme i.e. https://navasakam2.apcfss.in/
  • Then, you should click on the search option on the homepage.
  • You will get two options: Pension ID and Grievance ID.
  • You have to enter your pension ID/ration card number/ saderam ID
  • Then, you are asked to select your district/ mandal/ panchayat.
  • After submitting these details, you will be able to access the required information.

Track status:

The process of tracking the YSR Pension Kanuka status is given below:

  • You should visit the official website of the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme to track the status of your application. The link to that official website is https://navasakam2.apcfss.in/.
  • On the homepage, you will get two options: Pension ID and Grievance ID.
  • Click on the desired option.
  • Then enter the required information.
  • Submit it.
  • Now, you will able to view the YSR Pension Kanuka status. 

YSR Pension Kanuka Customer Support:

In case of any discrepancy regarding the implementation of the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme, you are able to contact the department of the rural department that comes under the government of Andhra Pradesh. The state government is always ready to work towards the welfare of the financially backward people. Hence, they can contact the society for eliminating rural poverty. The address of the society is 

Society for Elimination of Poverty,
2nd Floor, Dr N T.R. Administrative Block, Pandit Nehru RTC Bus Complex,
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh-520001.

If you want you can call on 0866-2410017.


YSR Pension Scheme has been implemented by the state government of Andhra Pradesh to uplift the living standards of those vulnerable people who are dragging their lives. The process to fill out the application form and then its submission in the Gram Panchayat for the next procedures of approval is easy to understand for the common citizens. Many people have benefited as this scheme is divided into the 12 categories and the pension amount that has been decided to disburse is as per their needs.

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  1. Who can come in the category of Toddy Tapper’s pension?

    You should be a member of the Toddy Co-operative Society (TCS). You can also be registered with the Tree for Taper’s scheme. These are the essential requirements that you should have for getting a pension of INR 2250 under this scheme. Furthermore, your age should be 50 years or above.

  2. What provisions are provided to single women under the YSR Pension Kanuka?

    If you are divorced/separated, then you will be able to apply for the monthly single women pension scheme. The age eligibility is 35 years old, but if you are unmarried and living in a rural area, you should be at least 30 years old for getting the advantage of the YSR Pension Scheme of Andhra Pradesh. Unmarried girls who are living in the urban areas should of at least 35 years old to be the beneficiary.

  3. What monthly amount is given to those who fall in the category of the chronic disease of unknown etiology (CKDEU)?

    Those who fall in the category of chronic disease of unknown etiology get the monthly pension amount of INR 10,000 for their dialysis treatment in government/ private hospitals.

  4. What documents are required with the YSR Pension Scheme application form?

    The following documents should be attached by the applicant with the YSR Pension Scheme application form:

    • Bank Passbook
    • Ration Card
    • BPL Card
    • ID Proof
    • Address Proof
    • Aadhar Card.


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