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Top Features From Royal Sundaram Health Plans

  1. Adequate Coverage: Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans offer comprehensive coverage to customers for both pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses.This enables them to cover their medical expenses without a hassle in times of emergencies.Additionally,Family Plans provide coverage for a total of 5 members per family.
  2. No Co-Payment Policy: Royal Sundaram Health Plans does not offer a co-payment policy for its policyholders in case of medical claims.
  3. Lifetime Renewal: The best part of all health insurance plans by Royal Sundaram can be renewed for a lifetime. Easy renewals are possible in case of a lapse of policy so that you can continue enjoying all the privileges of health insurance even after the plan expires.
  4. Pre-existing diseases covered: Royal Sundaram provides coverage for pre-existing diseases after completion of the specified 3 years of waiting period.
  5. Health checkups reimbursed: Royal Sundaram Health Insurance provides coverage for expenses incurred on health checkups. Expenses up to a total of Rs. 750 per insured person are eligible for reimbursement by the company.

Exclusions Across Royal Sundaram Health Plans

  • Maternity Expenses: Cost coverage for maternity and childbirth is not provided under Royal Sundaram Health Insurance.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: There is no provision for insurance coverage for pre-existing health conditions at the time of policy purchase. These conditions are covered only after the completion of the lock-in period, i.e., 2-4 years from the date of policy purchase.
  • War Injuries: Coverage for injuries due to war is permanently excluded under Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans.
  • HIV/AIDS: Congenital diseases and HIV/AIDS conditions are not covered
  • Intentional Injury or Self-Harm: Injuries caused to self intentionally harm oneself, such as an attempt to suicide, will not be covered under the health insurance plans of Royal Sundaram.
  • Alternative Therapies: Coverage for alternative treatment options, such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda, or Unani, is excluded.
  • Lifestyle Diseases: Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol may result in lung or liver diseases. Treatment of these conditions caused due to the mentioned reasons is not covered under health insurance.
  • Eye, Ear, and Teeth Procedures: Treatments for hearing, vision, or dental problems are also not covered.
  • Cosmetic Surgeries: Specific cosmetic treatments and procedures would also be excluded from health insurance plans.
  • Diagnostic Tests: The cost incurred on undergoing diagnostic tests, X-rays, etc., is generally not covered under Royal Sundaram Health Insurance.

Royal Sundaram Premium Calculator

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If the hospitalisation occurs within the pre-existing waiting period, coverage would not be available.However, after the waiting period is over,coverage would be allowed for pre-existing illnesses

Renewals of Royal Sundaram health insurance plans are allowed lifelong. There is no cover ceasing age

Yes, at the time of renewal, the sum insured can be increased if the company allows it. However, for the increased part of the sum insured, the pre-existing waiting period would apply from start

Porting means changing one health insurance policy to another. When you port, you can retain the renewal benefits of your existing health insurance policy. Thus, the waiting period in the new policy would be reduced by the term of the existing policy and you can enjoy better coverage.
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