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Yes, National Insurance offers a range of family floater health insurance plans which can be taken to cover your entire family including you, your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents

The group health insurance policy would give you limited coverage which might not be sufficient for the coverage needs of your family. The sum insured would also be limited and given the rising medical costs, you need a higher coverage level. Moreover, the group insurance coverage would be valid until you are employed with your employer. When you leave your job, the coverage would stop. It is, therefore, better to buy an independent health insurance plan covering all the family members and having an optimal level of sum insured

Yes, National health insurance plans allow coverage even if you have pre-existing illnesses. Pre-Existing diabetes would, however, be covered after a waiting period. Alternatively, if you want coverage from the start of the policy, you can pay an additional premium and get coverage for your diabetes

The coverage level depends on various factors which include the expected cost of treatments, the number of members covered, the city where you live (metro cities have higher hospitalisation costs than non-metro ones), etc. You should always choose a high level of sum insured so that the rising medical costs can be easily covered under your health insurance plan.
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