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Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Calculator & Chart Online

Max Bupa is a standalone health insurance company which has been formed as a joint alliance between Bupa and True North. While Bupa is an international expert in providing health insurance and healthcare services, True North is an Indian investment firm. Max Bupa is a leading name in the health insurance industry as the company offers a range of health insurance plans suitable for every individual’s coverage needs. The health insurance plans offered by Max Bupa are both comprehensive and affordable ensuring that you can enjoy an all-inclusive coverage without hurting your finances.

You can choose from a range of health insurance plans and buy a policy which is suitable for your coverage needs. Whatever Max Bupa health insurance plan that you buy, you would have to pay a premium for the same which is the cost of availing the coverage. The premium is calculated by the company based on several factors and you can even calculate the premium of the chosen Max Bupa health insurance plan yourself if you know how. So, let’s understand how the premiums of Max Bupa health insurance plans are calculated –

How to calculate the premium of Max Bupa health insurance plans?

To calculate the premium of a health insurance plan offered by the company you can use Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator. This calculator is an online tool which allows you to calculate the exact premium payable for the selected Max Bupa health insurance policy. To use the Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator, here are some simple steps which you can follow and calculate your premium –

  • Visit and browse through the available health insurance plans
  • Select a suitable policy for your coverage needs and click on ‘Know More’ 
  • A new page would open which would have the Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator of the respective plan selected
  • Enter in your details into the Max Bupa premium calculator to find the premium. The details which should be entered in the Max Bupa premium calculator includes the following –
    • Your name
    • Your phone number
    • The OTP which would be sent to your mobile number which you provided earlier
    • Your email ID
    • Your residential city
    • Age of the eldest member being insured under the plan
    • The amount of sum insured you need
    • Whether you want no co-payment in any Indian city or you opt for a co-payment in select places
  • Once the details are entered, the premium would be displayed. You can also change the sum insured to recalculate the premium amount

The Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator, therefore, helps you determine the premium payable for a policy within the shortest possible time. 

You can also use Turtlemint’s health insurance premium calculator to find the premium of the plan. Turtlemint is tied-up with Max Bupa and sells its health insurance policies online through its platform. You can visit and enter in your coverage details to find the premium of Max Bupa’s health insurance plans. Based on the coverage details, Turtlemint also shows you other health insurance plans available. You can, thus, compare the available plans and then choose the best policy.

Factors affecting Max Bupa health insurance premiums

While Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator allows you to calculate the premium rates instantly, you should know about the factors which affect the premium calculation of the policy. As mentioned earlier, health insurance premiums are calculated taking into consideration some common parameters. These parameters are as follows –

  • Age of the eldest insured member
    If you buy an individual health plan for yourself, your age would determine the premium charged. The higher the age the higher would be the premium rate. On the other hand, if you choose a family floater policy, the age of the eldest insured member would determine the premium rate. So, you need to mention the age of the eldest insured member which would determine the premium rate charged by the plan.

  • City of residence
    Max Bupa has different premium rates for different cities. If you are residing in Bengaluru, Mumbai or Delhi, you would be charged a different premium rate compared to the premium rate when you reside in other cities. This is because metro cities have higher healthcare costs and so premium for such cities is higher.

  • Sum insured
    The sum insured of the policy directly determines the premium payable. If you choose a higher coverage level, the insurance company takes a higher risk and the premium is high. So, the premium is calculated depending on the sum insured that you choose.

  • Geographical coverage
    Under Max Bupa health insurance plans, there are two options for choosing your geographical coverage scope. You can either choose no co-payment in any city of India or a 20% co-payment for treatments taken in Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata or NCR. If you chose the no-payment cover, the premium would be higher because the insurance company would pay a higher amount of claim. In the second instance, however, since you are choosing to pay a part of the claim yourself, the premium would be lower.

  • Number of members covered
    If you include your family members under the coverage of the policy, the premiums would increase. The more the number of family members covered under the plan the higher would be the premium rate.

  • Coverage tenure
    You can avail Max Bupa health insurance plans for a continuous period of two or three years. If you choose long term coverage you would have to pay the total premium upfront. Thus, premiums for long term health insurance plans are higher than premiums for one year health insurance plans.

  • Medical history
    If you have an adverse medical history, it increases your health risk and also the probability of claims. Thus, for individuals with an adverse medical condition, the premiums are higher compared to individuals who do not have such conditions.

  • Add-ons selected
    There are different types of add-ons offered by Max Bupa health insurance plans. If you add these add-ons to your coverage, the premium would increase because each add-on comes with an additional premium.

  • Policy discounts
    You can avail attractive premium discounts if you choose to buy a multi-year policy, cover two or more family members under the policy, buy the policy at a young age, etc. If you are eligible for these discounts, the premium of the Max Bupa health insurance policy would be reduced.

Sample premium rates of Max Bupa health insurance plans

The premium payable for Max Bupa health insurance plans depends on the policy that you choose and the above-mentioned factors. So, here are the sample premium rates of some of the popular health insurance plans offered by Max Bupa. The following assumptions have been made to calculate the premium amount–

  • Policy tenure – 1 year
  • Location of the insured – Mumbai
  • No co-payment in any Indian city has been selected
  • The premium is inclusive of GST
  • No add-ons have been selected

Max Bupa Health Premia

Age of the insuredSum insured INR 5 lakhsSum insured INR 10 lakhsSum insured INR 20 lakhs
35 yearsINR 12,908INR 17,223INR 20,506
40 yearsINR 16,953INR 22,081INR 26,270
45 yearsINR 22,644INR 29,150INR 34,698

Max Bupa Health Companion

Age of the insured Variant 1Sum insured INR 4 lakhsVariant 2Sum insured INR 10 lakhsVariant 3Sum insured INR 20 lakhs
35 yearsINR 8092INR 11,201INR 14,212
40 years INR 9062INR 12,540INR 15,910
45 yearsINR 10,693INR 14,798INR 18,775

Max Bupa Heartbeat

Age of the insuredSum insured INR 5 lakhsSum insured INR 10 lakhsSum insured INR 20 lakhs
35 yearsINR 14,843INR 20,093INR 51,898
40 years INR 17,191INR 23,263INR 58,574
45 yearsINR 21,078INR 28,753INR 66,908

Advantages of using Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator

Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator is a quick and easy way to calculate your health insurance premiums. The advantages of using Max Bupa health insurance premium calculator are many. They include the following –

  • You can find the premium payable before you actually buy the plan. This helps you find out whether the premium charged by the policy is affordable or not so that you can easily buy the policy without any difficulties
  • When you know the premium payable, you can adjust the coverage level and other add-ons so that the coverage is optimal and the premium is also affordable
  • You can recalculate the premium multiple times to find the best rate for the best coverage
  • The calculator is completely free of cost allowing you to ascertain the affordability of the premium without incurring any charges

Why you should choose Max Bupa health insurance?

Choosing to buy a health insurance plan from Max Bupa is wise because of the edge which the company has in the health insurance market. Some of the achievements of Max Bupa are as follows –

  • The company prioritizes its customers both at the time of buying the policy and also at the time of claims. That is why Max Bupa approves cashless claims within 30 minutes and allows you access to ‘Point of Care’ desks at leading hospitals to help you with your claims
  • The company has an in-house direct claim settlement policy which eliminates the need of TPAs and smoothens the claim process
  • Max Bupa has a dedicated health application which can be downloaded on the mobile and used for availing diagnostic tests, doctor’s consultations, home delivery of medicines and more
  • The company has won various awards over the years, the recent ones being the Economic Times Best Brands 2019 Award and the Super Brand 2019 award
  • The company has a wide network of cashless hospitals in the country for ease of claim settlements. Max Bupa is tied-up with more than 5000 hospitals in every part of the country

You can, therefore, choose a suitable health insurance policy offered by Max Bupa and also find the premium of the policy using Max Bupa’s health insurance premium calculator.


Co-payment means paying a part of the claim yourself while the insurance company pays the rest. You can choose a voluntary co-payment in your Max Bupa health insurance policy and get a premium discount. Moreover, under plans where the insured is aged 61 years and above, there is a mandatory co-payment.

No claim bonus is a reward which Max Bupa gives you if you do not make a claim in a policy year. Under most policies, the no claim bonus is allowed in the form of a cumulative increase in the sum insured level. Under some plans, the no claim bonus might also be allowed as a discount in the renewal premium.

Yes, Max Bupa health insurance premium calculators also allow you to purchase the policy online. After calculating the premium, you can pay the premium online and buy the policy easily.

In most cases the calculated premium does not change when buying the policy. However, if there is a need of pre-entrance medical check-up and you are found to have an adverse health condition, the premium would be recalculated considering the medical history you have. In this case, the calculated premium might change.

Yes, Max Bupa premium calculator calculates the premiums inclusive of the GST.