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Kotak Cashless Garages List In Panchkula

Total Garages: 19

There are more than 19 Kotak Cashless Garages in Panchkula, this extensive network offers you the freedom to select the best service centers for your vehicle. The availability of cashless garages is an important factor to consider while buying motor insurance. Find the Kotak cashless garages list in Panchkula below:

Garage Name Address
1 ultimate hyundai punchkula 355industrial areaphase - 3 panchkula
2 modern automobiles panchkula plot no - 318industrial area ph- iipanchkula panchkula
3 autopace maruti punchkula plot no -112 - 113industrial areaphase - 1 panchkula
4 panchkula auto services plot no - 300industrial areaphase - 2 panchkula
5 bench mark motors pvt ltd 363 industrial areaphase 2panchkula panchkula
6 tricity ford panchkula plot no 349industrial areaphase 2 panchkula
7 luxmi switchgears private limited plot no - 82,industrial areaphase 1 panchkula
8 berk auto limited liability partnership opposite sukhiza hondanh22kalka panchkula
9 care taker maruti 36industrial areaphase 2 panchkula
10 radiant autos plot no.185ind.area, phase-i,panchkula, panchkula
11 supreme auto zone 293 pindustrial area phase 2panchkula panchkula
12 motorways panchkula plot no 159industrial areaphase 1 panchkula
13 pmg renault panchkula 47 industrial areaphase 1phase 1 panchkula
14 vishal autos panchkula sco 5sec 11pkl panchkula panchkula
15 universal motors panchkula plot no 152industrial areaphase 1 panchkula
16 joshi honda chandigarh plot 389industrial areaphase 1 panchkula
17 berkeley hyundai punchkula 375industrial area ph- ipunchkula panchkula
18 pioneer toyota punchkula plot no 71industrial areaphase - 1 panchkula
19 mahindra first choice panchkula 297industrial areaphase 2 panchkula

Kotak Premium Calculator

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Other Cashless Garages In Panchkula

One of the key aspects considered while buying a car/vehicle insurance plan is the list of authorised cashless garages network of the insurer, as it ensures smooth claim process with less turnaround time. Find the list of cashless garages of different insurers in Panchkula below:

How To Raise A Claim Under Kotak Car Insurance

There is a claim process that you should follow to initiate a claim under your Kotak Mahindra car insurance policy. This process is as follows

  • As soon as you suffer a claim, inform Kotak General Insurance about the same. To inform, you can visit and register your claim online. You can also call the toll-free number 1800 266 4545 between 8 am and 8 pm and intimate the company. Alternately you can simply click on and raise your claim by filling up a form:
  • After registering your claim, you would get a Claim Reference Number (CRN) which would be used for claim processing
  • You would have to submit a list of documents for the claim processing. These documents include the car insurance policy, driving license, RC book of the car, FIR (for a third party or theft claims), etc.
  • The company would arrange for an inspection of the claim after which the claim would be approved
  • If you have taken your car to a networked garage, you can opt for cashless claims. The company would settle the repair costs directly with the garage
  • In the case of non-networked garages, however, you should bear the repair costs initially. Then, after you submit the original invoices and bills, the company would reimburse you for the costs incurred
  • Any deductible applicable under the policy and excluded costs would have to be borne by you

Alternatively, if you have bought the Kotak car insurance policy through Turtlemint, you can take Turtlemint’s assistance in claim settlement. Either drop a mail at or call 1800 266 0101 and inform Turtlemint of your claim. Turtlemint would follow the claim process and help you get the claim settled without any hassles.

Documents Required For Claims

You would have to submit a list of documents for the claim processing

  1. The car insurance policy
  2. driving license
  3. RC book of the car
  4. FIR (for a third party or theft claims), etc.

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Kotak Cashless Garages Near Panchkula

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