Cholamandalam Cashless Garages List In Panchkula

Total Garages: 26

There are more than 26 Cholamandalam Cashless Garages in Panchkula, this extensive network offers you the freedom to select the best service centers for your vehicle. The availability of cashless garages is an important factor to consider while buying motor insurance. Find the Cholamandalam cashless garages list in Panchkula below:

Garage Name Address
1 em pee motors ltd - panchkula plot no-71, phase-1, industrial area, panchkula-134109 panchkula
2 benchmark motors pvt ltd - renault - panchkula 363, industrial area, phase ii, panchkula, panchkula, haryana, 134109 panchkula
3 joshi auto scans pvt. ltd.-honda -panchkula sco -369, sector-8, panchkula
4 berk auto limited liability partnership- panchkula plot no.375 , indl area, phase -1, panchkula
5 autopace network pvt ltd - maruti - panchkula plot no-5,industrial area,ph-1 panchkula
6 sachdeva automobiles - maruti - panchkula plot no.308, indl area, phase-1 panchkula
7 modern automobiles - maruti - panchkula modern automobiles 318 ind area phase 2pkl dealer code k302,modern automobiles 318 ind area phase 2 pkl dealer code k302 panchkula
8 luxmi switchgears pvt ltd plot no. 82, industrial area phase 1, panchkula panchkula
9 popular automobiles industries - yamaha - panchkula plot no 147, industrial area, phase 2, panchkula panchkula
10 joshi autolinks pvt ltd- panchkula 389, industrial area, phase -1, panchkula
11 kbs wheels - royal enfield - panchkula sco 350 sector 9 panchkula
12 harbir automobiles pvt. ltd. -panchkula #350, industrial area, phase 2, panchkula. 134002 panchkula
13 pmg autos private limited - panchkula 6, ind area, ph-1, panchkula, haryana, 134113 panchkula
14 batish auto care - panchkula naraingarh road barwala distt panchkula
15 rama motor sales and services private limited - ford - panchkula plot no. 349,ind area phase-2,134113 panchkula
16 panchkula auto services - maruti - panchkula plot no.300,phase -ii ,industrial area panchkula
17 r d autolinks - panchkula plot no. 273 ind area ph 1 panchkula
18 motorways - panchkula plot no 159, industrial area, phase -1, panchkua panchkula
19 gomechanic vee autos - panchkula plot no. 1, ind. area phase-2, panchkula panchkula
20 berk auto limited liability partnership - panchkula plot no.375 , indl area, phase -1 panchkula
21 radiant autos - panchkula plot no.178,industrial area,phase-1,panchkula, haryana panchkula
22 care taker - maruti - panchkula plot no. 35,36 ind area ph 2 panchkula
23 ultimate automobiles pvt ltd - panchkula plot no-355, ind area ph-2 panchkula
24 vee autos - multibrand - panchkula plot no 1a, industrial area, phase 2, panchkula panchkula
25 divya mart scf 81, grain market, sector 20, panchkula panchkula
26 klg automobiles private limited - panchkula plot no 171-p, industrial area ph-1, panchkula

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Other Cashless Garages In Panchkula

One of the key aspects considered while buying a car/vehicle insurance plan is the list of authorised cashless garages network of the insurer, as it ensures smooth claim process with less turnaround time. Find the list of cashless garages of different insurers in Panchkula below:

How To Raise A Claim Under Cholamandalam Car Insurance

Claims under your Cholamandalam car insurance policy would occur if there is a third party liability, if your car is damaged or if your car is stolen. At any type of claim incidence, you should follow a specified claim process. This process involves the following steps –

  1. Inform Cholamandalam immediately of the claim by calling its toll-free number 1800 208 5544. You can also register your car insurance claim online on the company’s website
  2. A police FIR would be needed if you suffer a third party claim or if the car is stolen
  3. In case of own damages, the car should be taken to the nearest networked garage for cashless claims
  4. The surveyor visits the garage and assesses the damages
  5. Based on the report submitted by the surveyor, the company approves the claim and the repairs begin
  6. You are also required to submit a set of documents for claim processing
  7. When the car is repaired, the company settles the claim amount with the garage and you can take delivery of the car
  8. In the case of third party claims, the claim is handled by the motor accidents tribunal. Depending on the ruling of the tribunal, the insurance company pays the claim
  9. If the car is stolen, the police try and trace the car. If the car is not found, the police issue a non-traceable report. The insurance company, then, settles your claim based on this report.

Documents Required For Claims

Documents required for car insurance claims
To get your car insurance claims processed, you should submit the following documents to the insurance company

  • Copy of the car’s RC book
  • Copy of your driving license
  • Copy of the police FIR (if required)
  • Policy document
  • Identity proof
  • Any other document required by the company

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