What is car insurance?

If you own and drive a car on any road in India, the law makes it compulsory to have a valid and active car insurance for the four wheeler. Apart from being a mandatory requirement, a car insurance also provides protection from damages caused by accidents, theft, or mishaps. If you do not have a car insurance at the time of an accident, you will have to bear the hefty expenses of car repairs and hospitalization costs from your own pocket and this can be a steep bill.

For a smart purchase of car insurance you need to check out various insurance providers, compare car insurance policies, and pick the one which is best suitable for you.

Type of car insurance plans (Comprehensive and 3rd party)

A third party coverage is a basic insurance needed by every car owner in India. It covers damages to the third party and any bodily injury to the other person in case of an accident. It is interesting to note that you won’t get compensation for your own car or bodily damage. For this, you will need to opt for a comprehensive insurance policy. You can also have the benefit of including helpful add-ons with a comprehensive insurance policy, which increases the level of protection you get for your car.

Logging on to Turtlemint will show you all insurance providers with their different policy plans. This way you can compare car insurance policies to check their plan and coverage details. With such research-backed exercise, you can arrive at a decision on which insurance provider to go with, after checking.

How to do online car insurance comparison?

It is very simple to do online research for buying a value-for-money car insurance policy. With the intuitive interface of Turtlemint, you can easily see which providers have what type of plans in your city. You can check the inclusions and select add-ons and it will show the premium amount payable. This way you can do a side-by-side comparison of the different insurance companies and buy car insurance that offers great value for money. You can also utilize the site the same way for online car insurance renewal.

On Turtlemint, you can proceed with the payment and have the policy document mailed to you to keep in your car or for your record-keeping.

Car Insurance Renewal made easy with Turtlemint

Turtlemint helps eliminate all the hassles associated with obtaining quotes from multiple car insurance companies. This way you can easily compare car insurance premiums on offer. In a typical offline mode, you have to call up different companies or travel to their nearest offices to pick up their sales brochure. With online car insurance renewal, you can sit in the comforts of your home or office and do this process any hour of the day, any day of the week. Your research need not be limited by the office hours of the insurance companies.

The zero-cost free quotes you obtain from different providers on Turtlemint is the first step towards a smarter purchase of car insurance for your vehicle. You can add individual elements like add-on covers to see how the price differs from one company to another. Once you have made your decision on which company to go with, all that is needed is to make payment online and have the policy document delivered to your inbox. The easy process lets you finish the car insurance renewal process in a matter of minutes.

4 easy steps of car renewal

It is essential to get your car insurance renewal done well before due date. This way you get sufficient car insurance renewal period without the policy going into a lapsed mode. Some of the important steps to follow for prompt car insurance renewal include:

  • Keep track of date – You need to know when your car insurance policy renewal will be due. If you look at the policy document you will see that the policy valid period is mentioned right to the last hour. For any policy that has gone beyond that last date/hour, you will lose your insurance protection and its benefits.
  • Keep documents ready – You need to keep your previous policy document and car’s RC papers ready during the insurance renewal process.
  • Make the payment – The Turtlemint site will provide helpful ways in which you can pay for the car insurance renewal. Simply follow these steps for secure online payment through NEFT or credit. card
  • Obtain acknowledgement – Once the payment is successful, you will have the renewed insurance policy document mailed to your inbox and delivered to your physical address.

Car insurance renewal premium calculator

Wondering how the insurance premium would look after you have entered all the necessary information? Want to calculate the premium amount yourself before you buy car insurance? Then check out Turtlemint’s comprehensive car insurance premium calculator that helps you address these queries with an intuitive calculator tool build specifically for you.

The below are key parameters considered in calculating premium:

  • Car model – A car’s brand, model, and variant will be significant determinants of the car insurance renewal premium calculation.
  • NCB – No Claim Bonus (NCB) is the value accumulated for every year of zero claims made. So if you are in the third year of successive no claims, then you are entitled to a 35% discount on the premium. This can go up to 50% of the premium amount for 5 continuous years of zero claims.
  • Your area of residence – The place where you stay is a big premium calculation factor. An urban area with high traffic volume and bigger chances of accidents is at a higher risk than a rural area where the concentration of four wheelers is low.
  • CC capacity – The higher the cc capacity, the bigger will be the premium amount applicable.
  • Fuel type – A CNG fitted car will generally have a higher premium rate than a petrol or diesel car.
  • Manufacturing year – The manufacturing year impacts the IDV of the car which in turn impacts the premium amount. So the older the car, the lower the IDV, and hence, the lower the premium.
  • Voluntary Deductible / Voluntary Access – The higher the voluntary deductible amount, the lower will be the premium.
  • Anti-theft relief – An ARAI approved anti-theft device like a steering lock or gear box lock can lower your insurance premium by as much as 2.5%.

Why choose Turtlemint?

Today, there are many companies that offer car insurance renewal policies. However, they all have different premium amounts calculated by different weightage given to different parameters. As a buyer, if you are confused by the plethora of options available to you, then expert help is at hand in the form of Turtlemint, your very own professional insurance car assistant. Here are some reasons why you can make Turtlemint your first choice to buy the best car insurance in India and get it renewed swiftly.

  1. Get help from experts: If you have any query when you compare car insurance online, you can ask our support team. We are available for you to answer any queries or clarify any doubts that you may have. What’s more, we also offer door-step services to help you get timely resolutions to any doubts or queries you may have. This way, you can be sure that your decision to buy or renew car insurance using Turtlemint is a smart move
  2. Get round the clock assistance: We are available to your at your chosen hour of need. You can count on the dependable support staff to reply to you on mail, chat or phone call whenever you get down to renewing or buying car insurance online at Turtlemint.
  3. Buy the best policy online: We are always on your side and help you make the right deal in car insurance renewal with superior value for money offerings. In many cases you will find that the amount paid for buying through Turtlemint is far less than what you would pay if you had approached the insurance company directly.


As per Motor Vehicles Act, an insurance is essential to drive a car on the road in India. As a bare minimum, it mandates a third party insurance coverage that protects against third party damage repair or injury. You can also opt for comprehensive car insurance. It significantly expands the range of coverage so that not only the third party but your own car damage and injury too is covered under the protection.

Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the maximum sum payable by the insurance company in case the car is stolen or is a total loss. In short, it is the current market value of the car. The premium amount is based on this IDV. So the higher the IDV the higher will be the premium.

A cover note is an interim document that is issued by the company till it completes the formality of assessing your insurance applications. While it reviews the risk profile and the insurance certificate, the cover note is as good as an insurance certificate in case you are stopped by a traffic policeman for checking the car’s documents. It is valid for 60 days, within which the company has to send you the certificate of insurance.

When you renew car insurance online you need to keep ready the car registration papers (RC book or previous policy) as minimal documentation.

Unfortunately no, under the Insurance Act 1938 this type of payment of insurance is not allowed. Interestingly there is one way by which you can get to pay insurance amount in smaller parts. You can pay online for car insurance renewal through credit card. Post this, you can choose to repay to the credit card company in smaller more manageable periodic installments.

You need to follow a pre-defined process when you get such kits installed, so that your insurance coverage doesn’t get affected. You have to immediately inform the Road Transport Authority (RTA) and the insurance company of this change. The RTA will make this change in your RC document. Also the insurance company will let you know of how the premium is impacted in the ‘OD’ and ‘TP’ section because of this update. The CNG fitting needs to be endorsed in the RC certificate, else any claim will be liable for rejection, as insurance will be termed void.

That is correct. Areas that are historically proven to be high risk in terms of theft or burglary are marked for higher premium. Also for bigger cities where vehicle density and chances of accidents are high, the premium will be higher than other areas.

When you choose a car insurance online in India, you see quite a few add-ons on offer. An add-on provides an extra level of protection over and above the standard protection of base coverage. Some great add-ons that are worth considering include –

  1. Zero Depreciation cover: With this, you can claim for the full amount for parts replaced post accidents, without factoring in depreciation on them.
  2. Invoice cover: With this you can get compensated for ‘on road’ price rather than current market value in case of total loss or theft of car.
  3. NCB cover: With an NCB cover, you get to retain your NCB discount eligibility even after you have made one claim for the year.
  4. Engine cover: Engine cover protects your engine when it is inundated with water due to monsoon or water-logging. This type of coverage is not given with third party or comprehensive cover.

A deductible is an amount that has to be borne by the insurance owner. Any claim amount over the deductibles will be payable by the insurance company. There are two types of deductibles:

  1. Compulsory Deductible: A compulsory deductible is a compulsory contribution that has to come out of the pocket of the insurance owner. This amount increases with the increase in engine CC, age of car, or frequency of claims made.
  2. Voluntary Deductible: in addition to compulsory deductible, a car insurance owner can also opt for voluntary deductible. This is an extra amount that he agrees to pay from his end in case a claim arises. Opting for a bigger voluntary deductible will reduce the premium amount and hence is a good choice to opt for.