Bike insurance calculator

A bike insurance calculator is an effective tool for finding the premium payable under your bike insurance plan. The calculator calculates the premium of various different policies based on the details of the policyholder’s bike. The calculator, thus, helps policyholders compare the premium rates of different bike insurance plans and choose one plan which is the most suitable.

Benefits of two-wheeler insurance premium calculator

A two-wheeler insurance premium calculator offers various benefits which are as follows:

  • It calculates the premium rates for the two-wheeler.
  • Premium rates of different plans are calculated at once.
  • The policyholder can view the expected premium rates before buying the two-wheeler insurance policy.
  • Since premiums of multiple policies are calculated and listed, the policyholder can compare the available plans and choose the best plan for his two-wheeler.

How to use Turtlemint’s bike insurance calculator?

Turtlemint is an online insurance platform which helps you calculate your bike insurance premium using its calculator. You can also buy the policy online after calculating the premium. The process of using Turtlemint’s calculator is as follows:

  • Visit the website at
  • On the home page, choose ‘Bike’.
  • You would be taken to the bike insurance premium calculator page.
  • Enter the registration number of the bike. In case you don’t have the registration number, you can choose ‘Continue without bike number’.
  • You would be asked the details of the bike. You would have to provide the make and model, registration year, fuel type, variant and whether you want to buy a new policy or renew an existing one.
  • You would also have to specify the type of policy required – comprehensive or third party liability only.
  • After all the details are provided, you would be asked for your contact details so that Turtlemint’s representative can call you and assist you with your purchase.
  • After all the relevant details are provided, the premiums of various two-wheeler insurance plans would be displayed.
  • Turtlemint’s calculator also shows the minimum and maximum IDVs (Insured Declared Value) available for your bike. You can choose any IDV between the minimum and maximum levels and your premiums would be calculated according to the IDV you select.
  • You can, thereafter, compare plans, choose add-ons and then buy a plan which you think is the most suitable for your requirements.

Factors affecting premiums of bike insurance policies

Though the calculator calculates the premium, there are certain factors which affect the premium of bike insurance policies. These factors include the following:

  • Make, model, variant of the bike – The make, model and variant of the bike affects the premium charged because it affects the value of the bike. The higher the value of the model, the higher would be the premium charged.
  • Year of registration – The year of registration of the bike determines the age of the bike. If the bike is old, its value would be low and so would the premium rate.
  • Location of registration – The location of the bike also determines the premium. Premiums are higher for metro cities compared to non-metro ones.
  • Type of policy selected – There are two types of bike insurance policies, comprehensive and third party. Third party plans have restricted coverage and so have a very low premium amount. Comprehensive plans, on the other hand, have a wider scope of coverage and so the premium is higher.
  • Add-ons selected – Comprehensive bike insurance policies offer additional c overage benefits. These benefits are optional and require additional premiums. If such add-ons are selected, the premium rate increases.
  • Bike modifications – Any modifications done to the bike increases the value of the bike and also the associated premium rate.
  • Discount – There are different types of discounts available in bike insurance plans. These discounts affect the premium rate.