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Max Life Insurance: Check Policy Status & Details

Max Life Insurance Company is a reputed life insurance provider with various awards and recognitions under its belt. The company is spread all over India with more than 329 offices. The company’s Assets under Management stand at INR62, 798 crore as of the financial year ending 2018-19 which shows that the company is financially strong. The company is also trusted by its customers as the company’s claim settlement ratio for the financial year 2018-19 stood at 98.74%.

Among the range of products, the company offers a variety of life insurance solutions which cater to the different financial needs of individuals. Moreover, the company provides its customers with the required online tools using which they can check their policy details in an instant. Let’s see how individuals can check their policy details –

Management of Max Life Insurance policies online

How to view policy details?

Customers can view the details of their existing policy online using the following steps –

  • They have to visit the company’s website at www.maxlifeinsurance.com
  • On the home page, there is a ‘Customer Service’ tab
  • When the individual rolls over on the tab, a drop down menu opens. In that menu, the customer should select the option ‘View Policy Details’.
  • A new page will open where the details can be checked in either of the following two ways:
    • By entering the policy number and date of birth
    • By entering the registered mobile number and date of birth
  • After the details are entered, the individual should click ‘Submit’ and the policy details would be available.

How to track application?

Once the individual fills up a proposal form and submits it, the insurance company underwrites the proposal. Once the company decides to undertake the risk, the policy is issued. Underwriting might take some time and if the proposer wants to track the status of his/her application form, the same can be done online.

The process is as follows –

  • The individual should visit the company’s website at www.maxlifeinsurance.com
  • On the main page, there is a ‘Customer Service’ tab under which there are multiple options
  • The individual should roll over the Customer Service’ tab and choose ‘Track Application’
  • The details of the application submitted in the last six months can be checked
  • To know the status, the application number should be mentioned
  • Once the application number is entered and the ‘Submit’ button is clicked, the status of the application would be displayed.

Thus, the online medium helps the customer view his policy details or track the status of his insurance application easily. Besides the online medium, there are other ways to check the policy details or track the application.

These ways include the following –

Customer serviceThe customer can call on the helpline number of the company which is 1860 120 5577 and talk to the company’s customer service expert. The expert would help the customer to check his/her policy details or to track his/her application. The helpline number is available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday
Online chatThere is also an option to chat with the company’s online customer service executive in real time.
EmailThe individual can mail his/her query to the company’s email id corporate.communications@maxlifeinsurance.com and ask for the policy details or application status
Physical visitIndividuals can locate the company’s offices in their city and visit the company’s branch to check their policy details. To locate an office, the individual can visit the company’s website and choose ‘Contact Us’. On the ‘Contact us’ page, there is a ‘Locate an Office’ option. Individuals would have to select that option and enter their State, city and PIN code. Thereafter, the address of the nearest branch would be shown.
Request for financial expertAnother way to check the policy details is to request for an advisor of the company. To do so the individual should visit the ‘Contact us’ section in the company’s website and select ‘Request for Financial Expert’. Therein the individual would have to provide his/her name, mobile number, email address and city and the company’s agent would get in touch with the individual for his/her query.

How to pay premiums?

Premiums for Max Life Insurance policies can be paid in different ways. These ways include the following –

  • Offline mode – premiums can be paid offline in the following ways:
    • Through cash (up to INR 49,999) paid at any of the branch office of the company
    • Through account payee cheque deposited at any branch of the company. The policyholder can also request for a check pick-up facility at select cities by calling on the company’s helpline number 1860 120 5577
    • Through a demand draft drawn in favour of the company
  • Online mode – the online mode is the digital way of paying premiums which is easy and convenient. Max Life Insurance Company accepts online premiums in the following ways:
    • Through the company’s website using credit cards, debit cards, net banking facility, e-wallets, cash cards or UPI
    • Through NEFT or RTGS from the policyholder’s bank account
    • NRI’s can pay their premiums through remittance from international bank accounts or through wire transfers
    • Through mobile wallets like PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay and Airtel Money
    • Through Instapay Service offered by the policyholder’s bank
  • Other ways – other ways in which premiums can be paid include the following –
    • Through phone where the policyholder can dial the company’s helpline number at 1860 120 5577 and make a payment through IVRS guidance
    • By placing a Standing Instruction on the credit card owned by the policyholder
    • By placing an ECS, NACH or a direct debit mandate on the bank account of the policyholder
    • Through direct debit from the bank account if ECS facility is not available
    • Through Electronic Bill Payment Process (EBPP) by registering with Tech Process or Bill Desk
    • Through the branch of Laxmi Vilas Bank which is partnered with the company
    • Through the branch or ATM of Axis Bank
    • Through EBIX cash counters
    • Through Common Service Centres (CSCs)
    • Through the branch of the policyholder’s bank by filling up a NEFT or RTGS form
    • Through the branch of Yes Bank

So, the customer has various options of managing Max Life Insurance company’s policy details.

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