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Care Health Insurance Plans Overview

Care health insurance offers 15 health insurance plans. The sum insured ranges from Rs. 1 Lakh - 2 Cr. Details of the comprehensive coverage provided by the following 15 Care health insurance plans are listed below:

Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan

Being an ideal health insurance policy, Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan helps you avail of quality medical treatment when you require it the most. The plan is a comprehensive health policy offering high and captivating sums insured up to INR 1 crore. The Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan helps you and your loved ones sail through all sudden and hefty medical bills. Simply put, the policy covers all hospitalization and treatment costs up to the sum insured for you and your family

Main Features of Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan

  1. Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan is obtainable on an individual and family floater basis
  2. The Policy covers all in-patient’s hospitalization expenses including pre-hospitalization (30 days) post-hospitalization (60 days) medical expenses cover for patients admitted in hospitals for over 24 consecutive hours including:
    • All expenses covering room, oxygen, medicines, nursing, boarding ICU, diagnostic equipment, Anesthetist, drugs, surgical appliances, OT, medical practitioners fees, etc.
  3. The Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan covers every medical expense incurred in daycare treatment.This comprises a total of 540+ treatments that need less than 24 consecutive hours of hospitalization
  4. Automatic reinstate of the entire sum insured in case it is exhausted during long or multiple hospitalizations at a time
  5. All medical expenses incurred in case of organ donor for organ harvesting operation
  6. The Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan features an unlimited recharge/lifetime renewability on related illnesses
  7. The plan provides all cashless treatment facilities at more than 7900 hospitals across India along with an incredible emergency ambulance facility
  8. Exceptional tax benefits under section 80 D
  9. No claim the bonus by increasing your sum insured by 10% up to a maximum of 50% in 5 consecutive years cheering for good health

Eligible Age

91 days onwards

PED Waiting Period

4 years


25 Lakh - 1 Cr


10% increase in cover;max upto 50%

Care Cancer Mediclaim Policy

There are certain diseases that have zero predictability and can attack you at any age regardless of your fitness level. One such dreadful illness is cancer. Cancer has been disturbing human lives for over 400 years and still continues to affect millions of people every year. To safeguard your family from this awful disease, cancer insurance is a must.

Cancer Mediclaim policy designed by Care Health Insurance is an efficient cancer care policy to provide you financial coverage for the expenses incurred in the treatment of all types of cancers.

This is an indemnity-based policy that promises to give you the best cancer treatment, provides coverage on hospitalization charges,charges incurred in organ transplants, and chemotherapies

Main features of Care Cancer Mediclaim Policy:

  1. Cancer Mediclaim policy will provide financial coverage for the treatment processes if the insured person is diagnosed with cancer at all stages
  2. In-patient’s care charges covered in the policy:
    • Hospitalization charges for the insured person shall be borne by the company
    • Expenses incurred due to all the daycare procedures are covered in the policy
    • Costs of treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other cancer care procedures are covered in the policy
    • The policy covers the expenses of air ambulances up to INR 5 lakhs
  3. Pre-and-post hospitalization charges are covered for up to 30 days and 60 days respectively
  4. Care Cancer Mediclaim policy offers no sub-limits on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) charges for the insured person
  5. The policy offers coverage on organ transplantation charges up to the sum insured or INR 5 lakhs
  6. Care Cancer Mediclaim policy offers the feature of annual health checkups for the insured person
  7. Special healthcare services including doctor on call and coverage of OPD expenses
  8. For every claim-free year, Care Health Insurance awards an extra bonus on the sum insured
  9. Expenses incurred due to specific alternative treatments are covered in the policy
  10. Care Health Insurance offers lifelong renewability of the policy to its clients
  11. Policyholders can avail of the policy on an instalment basis by paying affordable premiums on a monthly and quarterly basis
  12. The policy offers additional benefits like global coverage and second opinion features
  13. As per section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, tax benefits can be availed by the policyholder on the payment of the premium on an annual basis
  14. Care health insurance promises quicker and hassle-free claim settlements for the welfare of their clients

Eligible Age

5 years - 50 years

PED Waiting Period

2 years


10 Lakh - 2 Cr


50% increase in cover

Care Classic Health Insurance Plan

Care Classic Health Insurance Plan is a zone-based comprehensive health insurance policy for families residing across a range of cities in India. The zone-based health care assists families to stay secured and protected with decent medical insurance irrespective of their residence and availability of healthcare treatment. This insurance covers an affordable premium dissimilar to the city zone. Ideally, there are 3 zones. Individuals can identify their zone based on the pin code of their city. To sum up, the plan covers all medical bills incurred on your family anytime, anywhere

Main Features of Care Classic Health Insurance Plan

  1. Care Classic Health Insurance Plan is available on a family floater basis
  2. The Policy covers all in-patient’s hospital expenses up to the sum insured for individuals hospitalized for 24 hours including
    • Charges consist of room, rent, ICU Charge, Nursing, boarding, oxygen, anaesthesia, drugs, surgical appliances, medicines, OT, diagnostic equipment, surgeons fee, and medical practitioners fee
    • Pre-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days
    • Post-hospitalization expenses up to 90 days
    • OPD care including diagnostic and consultation charges
    • Unlimited e-consultations with physicians
    • Assisted reproductive treatment with new-age technology methods
  3. The Care Classic Health Insurance Plan covers all medical bills sustained in daycare treatment up to the sum insured. This consists of a total of 540+ daycare treatment that requires less than 24 hours of hospitalization
    • The plan covers hospital expenses incurred on admission in AYUSH hospital for over 24 hours
    • Care Classic Health Insurance Plan covers Domiciliary expenses besides providing organ donor cover
    • The plan provides an annual health checkup for every insured member once a year apart from offering unlimited automatic recharge in case the sum insured is exhausted
    • Upon renewability, the plan offers no claim bonus by increasing the sum insured by 10% provided that no claim is made in a year before renewal
    • Care Classic Health Insurance Plan offers cashless hospitalization facilities across a large network of hospitals
    • The Second opinion on treatment along with fascinating tax benefits under section 80 D

Eligible Age

91 days onwards

PED Waiting Period

4 years


5 Lakh - 15 Lakh


25% increase in cover;max upto 150%

Care Premium Calculator

Use the Care health insurance premium calculator to estimate your health insurance premiums.

Premium Calculator

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You can reach out to the customer support team through phone or email to get the details. One can also place a request for a callback on the company’s website

Alternatively, one can click on the “Helpdesk” icon on the home page of the company’s website and then go to “Branch Locator”

The updated list of network or empanelled hospitals is available on the company’s website. One can also call us on the Toll-free number 1800-102-4488 or email at customerfirst@religarehealthinsurance.com to get more details.

Yes. The premium paid for the health insurance policies qualifies for a tax deduction as per Section 80D. One can claim a tax deduction of up to INR 25,000 (or INR 50,000 in case of senior citizens) for a premium paid for self, spouse and children. If the premium is being paid for parents an additional deduction of INR 25,000 (or INR 50,000 if parents are 60 years or above) can be claimed.

No. There is no such limit. However, the total claim amount (from all the claims) should not exceed the sum insured.
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