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ICICI Lombard Cashless Garages List In Pilibhit

Total Garages: 16

There are more than 16 ICICI Lombard Cashless Garages in Pilibhit, this extensive network offers you the freedom to select the best service centers for your vehicle. The availability of cashless garages is an important factor to consider while buying motor insurance. Find the ICICI Lombard cashless garages list in Pilibhit below:

Garage Name Address
1 dinesh auto sales vill and post , barkhera teh bisalpur , pilibhit uttar pradesh pilibhit
2 khandelwal sales banda road , ghunghchihai, puranpur pilibhit
3 prashanti automobiles near mandi samiti gate, pilibhit, pilibhit
4 k.s.automobiles assam road, puranpur, pilibhit pilibhit
5 m/s gayatri automobiles gola road , bilsanda pilibhit, pilibhit
6 khanna automobiles assam road, puranpur , pilibhit pilibhit
7 murti spares station road, , bisalpur, , pilibhit pilibhit
8 shankhdhar automobiles civil line north benhur college, road village desh nagar under, chungi pilibhit pilibhit
9 agarwal tractors tanakpur bypass road, near degree college crossing, pilibhit
10 khandelwal automobiles moh khatima road,, near telephone exchange , madhotanda, puranpur, pilibhit pilibhit
11 r k automobiles tanakpur road, majhola pilibhit, pilibhit
12 murti spares station road, bisalpur, pilibhit
13 gaytree automobiles gola road, bilsanda bilaspur, pilibhit
14 navaid automobiles near maher pulamria, majhola road, pilibhit
15 kunti automobiles station road, bisalpur, pilibhit
16 khanna automobiles assam road , puranpur pilibhit , uttar pradesh pilibhit

ICICI Lombard Premium Calculator

Use our ICICI Lombard car insurance premium calculator to estimate ICICI Lombard car insurance premium for your car within 30 seconds

Other Cashless Garages In Pilibhit

One of the key aspects considered while buying a car/vehicle insurance plan is the list of authorised cashless garages network of the insurer, as it ensures smooth claim process with less turnaround time. Find the list of cashless garages of different insurers in Pilibhit below:

How To Raise A Claim Under ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

Claiming Process of ICICI Lombard car insurance policy:
For claiming the ICICI Lombard car insurance, the policyholder will have to register a claim following the steps mentioned below

  • Notify ICICI Lombard: The policyholder will have to notify the customer service representative either by an SMS ‘CLAIM’ 575758 or by calling at the customer care. The customer care will get back to you and provide a reference number or claim number
  • The customer care executive will inform the concerned executive and the buyer will be informed about the registered garages
  • The buyer will have to file an FIR in case of accident, theft, bodily injury or any major damage
  • The service manager from ICICI Lombard will contact the policyholder and collect the documents required for processing the claim
  • The service manager will also do a spot verification of the vehicle to estimate the damage
  • The payment to the network garage will be made directly by ICICI Lombard if cashless services are opted for by the policyholder.

Alternatively,you can also avail claim settlements through Turtlemint.If you bought your ICICI Car Insurance policy through Turtlemint,you can inform Turtlemint and the company would then help you in getting your claims settled.Turtlemint has a claim handling team which handle the claims of their customers.You can get in touch with the company’s team of claim experts through their number 1800 266 0101 or post an email to the claim team at their ID Once the team is informed of your car insurance claim, they would take up the claim process on your behalf and coordinate with the insurance company to get the claims settled.

Documents Required For Claims

Documents required for claiming the ICICI Lombard car insurance plans:

  1. For accidental claim for ICICI Lombard car insurance
  • Copy of the duly signed claim form
  • Vehicle registration
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of the FIR
  • Original policy document
  • Original estimate receipt
  • Payment receipt in case of not availing cashless service
  1. For theft claim for ICICI Lombard car insurance
  • Copy of the duly signed claim form
  • Vehicle registration
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of the FIR
  • Original policy document
  • RTO transfer papers along with form 28, 29, 30 and 35
  • No Trace report by the police after investigation
  1. For Third-Party Claim for ICICI Lombard car insurance
  • Copy of the duly signed claim form
  • Vehicle registration
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of the FIR
  • Original policy document

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