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HDFC ERGO Car Insurance: Benefits, Coverages, Renewal & More!

A brief overview of HDFC ergo Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO Insurance is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd and ERGO International AG which offers a complete range of insurance products for health, home, travel, motor, accident, property, liability insurance and marine, etc. With over 120+ branches in 106+ cities, HDFC ERGO serves its customers with unmatched services and protection against life uncertainties. Designed specifically to prove useful in times when one faces shortcomings of life. HDFC ERGO provides innovative products that cater to all the insurance needs of an individual. Upgrading the plans according to the fast-paced world has made it one of the pioneering insurance companies with a robust system that takes care of its customers efficiently. HDFC ERGO has also received iAAA rating for being one of the highest claim paying insurance companies.

HDFC ERGO car insurance is one of the prime products which is admired widely by users all over. Enabling its customers with a sense of security, the HDFC ERGO car insurance takes care of the emergency needs and provides comprehensive coverage to car owners.

Benefits of HDFC ERGO car insurance plans

Anyone who owns a car understands the importance of the invested money and an insurance policy. An insurance policy gives the vehicle coverage against losses and damages, third party liabilities and saves the policyholder from financial losses as well. Ensuring that a policyholder does not have to worry about losses in case of an accident or theft, HDFC ERGO car insurance offers easy policy norms which makes the process smooth. 

There are several other benefits of HDFC ERGO car insurance plans like:

  1. Add-on covers of HDFC ERGO car insurance:
    HDFC ERGO also provides several add-on covers like No Claim Bonus, Zero depreciation, etc.

  2. Quick settlement of claims
    HDFC ERGO has recorded one of the highest rates of claim settlements for its customers through the easy and quick settlement process.

  3. Easy renewals
    HDFC ERGO comes with easy online renewals instantly and without lengthy documentation process.

  4. Overnight repair service
    HDFC ERGO helps its customers in getting minor damages repaired overnight without any hassle. They also provide option pick up at night and deliver the vehicle after repair at the doorstep in the morning.

Features of HDFC ERGO car insurance policy

  1. Third-party liability
    HDFC ERGO comes with a third party liability option in case the accident causes loss or damage to third party’s property or person. HDFC ERGO offers complete coverage for meeting the needs of all the legal liabilities. There are options for having a separate third party policy as well with HDFC ERGO car insurance.

  2. Personal Accident covers
    HDFC ERGO provides assistance by covering the medical expenses of treatment in case of an accident and ensures that the insured stays healthy through its feature of personal accident cover. There are offers available for co-passengers as well with minute changes in the policy premiums. HDFC ERGO provides insurance cover for driver and owner up to Rs 2lakhs in case of accidental injury, permanent disability or death.

  3. Round the clock assistance and high claim settlement
    One of the best features of HDFC ERGO is the round the clock service provided for any emergency and claim assistance. With high rates of claim settlement, HDFC ERGO has become one of the most trusted brands for insurance. It allows easy claim settlement through its app and website, to make the process smooth for its customers.

  4. The network of garages for cashless services
    HDFC ERGO has a wide network of more than 6800 garages across the nation where cashless services can be availed by the policyholders. Allowing the customers to avail cashless services in case of emergencies, HDFC ERGO car insurance supports its customers 24*7.

  5. No Claim Bonus
    No Claim Bonus is the discount that a customer gets for renewing the policy already held after a claim-free year. Let’s just consider, HDFC ERGO gives incentives to its customers for driving safely and not getting into any trouble.

    The various discounts available under this are
    • 1 claim free year- 20%
    • 2 consecutive claim-free year- 25%
    • 3 consecutive claim-free year – 35%
    • 4 consecutive claim-free year- 45%
    • 5 consecutive claim-free year- 50%

  6. Comprehensive coverage
    HDFC ERGO car insurance provides comprehensive coverage and protects the policyholder against losses and damages caused due to man-made and natural disasters. Optimizing the insurance with add-on covers, HDFC reduces a lot of expenses for the insured and enhances safety features as well.

Types of Plans under HDFC ERGO car insurance

There are various plans available with HDFC ERGO car insurance. Each plan provides comprehensive coverage with added benefits.

  1. HDFC ERGO Single year comprehensive car insurance
    This plan offers roundup services and benefits by protecting the insured against damages and losses, third-party liability and personal accident cover for one year

  2. HDFC ERGO Standalone Damage Cover-Private car
    This plan offers coverage for the car of the policyholder only.

  3. HDFC ERGO Long Term Comprehensive car insurance
    This plan is a complete package when it comes to insuring a car for long term. Covering the policyholder for third party liability, damaging the insured car and personal accident, this plan is perfect.

  4. HDFC ERGO Third-Party liability car insurance
    This plan offers protection for the damaged caused to the third party in case of an accident. This is one of the mandatory covers which comes with all the plans and is also available separately.

List of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Plans:

The insurance plans with HDFC ERGO are also classified as:

  1. HDFC ERGO Silver Car Insurance Plan
    This plan has an add-on benefit of zero depreciation which means that the policyholder gets full amount of the claim without any deductions for depreciation.

  2. HDFC ERGO Gold Car Insurance Plan
    This policy comes with another added benefit of loss of use protection along with zero depreciation

  3. HDFC ERGO Platinum Insurance Plan
    This insurance plan HDFC ERGO brings along another added benefit of No Claim Bonus protection and gearbox protection along with zero depreciation.

  4. HDFC ERGO Titanium Insurance Plan
    This plan has additional benefits of zero depreciation, gearbox and engine protection, no claim bonus protection and consumable expenses covered under it.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Coverage:

The insurance policy for cars under HDFC ERGO provides the following coverage to the policyholders

  1. Own Damage:
    Under this the policyholder gets protected against any damage or loss to the insured car and its accessories in case of explosion, fire, lighting and self ignition, flood, earthquake, storm, rockslide and landslide, theft, burglary, strike, stroke, accident, terrorist activities, damage caused during transit by road, rail, airway, waterway, elevator or lift.
  2. Third-party liability:
    HDFC ERGO provides protection against any legal liability arising due to accidental damage caused to the third party. This is a mandatory provision under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and HDFC ERGO also covers the policyholder for death or any permanent injury or any damage caused to any surrounding property.
  3. Personal Accident cover:
    HDFC ERGO provides personal accident cover of Rs 2 lakh for the driver/owner. It also provides accident cover for the co-passengers at a certain rate.

HDFC ERGO car insurance also has some optional covers available for its customers

  1. Unnamed/named personal accident cover: This covers the person named in the policy or the driver/co-passenger mentioned in the policy.
  2. Electrical and non-electrical coverage: This extends the coverage to the car accessories including fog light, music system, etc. It also covers non-electrical accessories like seat covers, wheels, etc.
  3. CNG kit cover: Policyholders can also choose the option to protect the CNG kit cover for the vehicle. It is mandatory for the policyholders to declare the installed CNG kit while purchasing the policy.

HDFC ERGO car insurance add-on features

  1. Zero Depreciation cover
    This helps in combating the depreciating value of the insured car. This add-on cover reduces the depreciating value of the car and other parts.

  2. No Claim Bonus protection
    The no-claim bonus is kind of discount which the policyholder gets for a zero claim during a year. This bonus increases with every passing year with zero claims. This add on value protects in the times when one makes a claim during one of the years. This add-on helps in saving premiums and No Claim Bonus is retained even if the claim is made. The policyholder can make only three claims which are subjected to damages to the windshield, loss or damage to the parked vehicle by external factors, flood, earthquake, etc.

  3. Cover for the Cost of Consumables
    Cost of consumables cover protects the insured against expenses incurred due to loss of consumable items or accessories of the car in case of any mishap or accident. The list of consumable items includes washers, screws, nuts and bolts, lubricants, clips, grease, bearings, AC gas, engine oil, distilled water, filter oil, brake oil and fuel filter, etc. The claim for consumable items is accepted when the damage or loss is caused due to self-ignition, fire, explosion, flood, storm, earthquake, landslide, theft, burglary, riot, strikes, etc.

  4. Cover for Emergency Assistance
    This cover helps in emergencies and events unexpected while travelling. These covers helps the policyholder for breakdowns, flat tyre, towing facilities to any nearest garage, fuel emergencies, etc.

    The following services are covered under this add-on cover
    • Battery jump start
    • Duplicate key
    • On-site repair
    • Lost key replacement
    • Changing tyre
    • Delivering fuel
    • Towing vehicle, etc.

  5. Cover for the engine and gearbox
    This cover supports the policyholder for the expenses of repairing the damage caused to the engine, engine parts, gearbox or any differential parts of the vehicle. Any damage which is caused by water ingression, leakage of oil is covered under this add-on cover. The advantage of this cover is that it allows the policyholder to travel without any worries of travelling from areas with waterlogging, flood-prone areas, storm, landslide, or any other peril that might damage the engine or gearbox.

  6. Cover for Return to Invoice
    This add-on helps in recovering the loss in case of car theft or complete damage. The cover helps in recovering the depreciated value of the insured vehicle i.e. IDV (insured declared value) under the standard policy. The policyholder gets the invoice value of the insured vehicle along with road tax, registration fees and insurance. This add-on cover claim is approved after the consideration of the following conditions.
    • The recovery of the vehicle within 90 days of being stolen
    • Until the final investigation report is issued by the police in case of the vehicle being stolen

  7. Loss of use
    This is one of the most amazing add-on covers which HDFC ERGO offers. Under this cover, the policyholder gets reimbursement of the daily expenses insured for travelling or use of transport while the insured vehicle is under repair at the workshop. The cover offers Rs 500/day for the maximum of 5 days for the partial loss of vehicle and 15 days for total loss or theft of the vehicle insured. This claim is allowed for three times during partial loss and just once for a complete loss. This cover saves money when spent on commute while the insured vehicle is under repair after the consideration of the condition that the damage is caused due to any factors mentioned under the own damage clause of the policy and the insured vehicle is kept under the workshop for more than 24 hours.

Discounts Offered under HDFC ERGO car insurance

HDFC ERGO car insurance provides huge discounts to its customers to help them avail the maximum benefit of the policy.

  1. No claim Bonus: This discount is offered on next years premium when the policyholder makes no claim on the current year. For one claim free year, 20% discount is offered which increases to 25% for two claim-free years and 35% for three claim-free years, 45% for four claim-free years and 50% for five consecutive claim-free years.
  2. Other discounts: HDFC ERGO also provides discounts if the policyholder is a member of Automobile Association of India.

Application Process for HDFC ERGO car insurance

Anyone who is interested in buying HDFC ERGO car insurance then

  1. Contact company sales representative and discuss the various plans according to the needs
  2. Visit the official website and click on buy car insurance
  3. Follow the steps and fill in the required details like name, vehicle number, vehicle registration number, identity proof, etc.
  4. Make payment through debit/credit card, net banking, etc.
  5. The policy will be mailed to you after processing.

Application Process for HDFC ERGO car insurance through Turtlemint:

You can also buy or renew HDFC ERGO car insurance from Turtlemint, which provides assistance in various services and claim settlement. It helps you understand the policy in a better way by and also advises upon what policies best suit your requirement.

  1. For buying or renewing your HDFC ERGO car insurance from Turtlemint, all you have to do is visit
  2. Enter your vehicle registration number or registration location
  3. Enter the details asked for like vehicle model, manufacturing year, fuel type, car variant, insurance policy details, personal details like mobile, email address, etc.
  4. You will be directed towards policy page where you will find various insurance policies based on the details entered
  5. You can choose the plan after comparing the various options and buy it online from the same page.

Claim Process for HDFC ERGO car insurance

Claiming process of HDFC is seamlessly easy and quick. The required steps to follow the claim process of HDFC ERGO car insurance plans is given below

  1. HDFC ERGO car insurance accidental claim
    • Contact HDFC ERGO at their toll-free number 022/0120-6234 623
    • Fill the claim form and lodge the claim
    • Submit a copy of the driving license, insurance policy document, and vehicle registration certificate
    • Copy of the FIR, if required
    • Original copy of the estimated bill
    • Invoice receipt in case of use of cashless service
    • Submit original bills, receipts of repair in case of reimbursement
  2. HDFC ERGO car insurance theft claim
    • Contact HDFC ERGO at their toll-free number 022/0120-6234 623
    • Fill the claim form and lodge the claim
    • Submit the original key of the vehicle, a copy of the insurance policy document and driving license
    • Copy of the FIR
    • Signed form 28,29,30 and 35
    • No Trace Report and final confirmation by the police
  3. HDFC ERGO car insurance third-party claim
    • Contact HDFC ERGO at their toll-free number 022/0120-6234 623
    • Fill the claim form and lodge the claim
    • Copy of the police FIR
    • Copy of the insurance policy document, driving license, and vehicle registration

Steps to claim HDFC ERGO car insurance plans

  1. Contact HDFC ERGO at their toll-free number 022/0120-6234 623
  2. Book an appointment with HDFC ERGO surveyor and take the insured vehicle to the authorized garage of HDFC ERGO for any repair or cashless service required
  3. Fill the claim form and lodge the claim
  4. In case of cash payments, submit the original receipts or repair for reimbursement and claim settlement

Alternatively, you can also avail claim settlements through Turtlemint. If you bought your HDFC ERGO Car insurance policy through Turtlemint, you can inform Turtlemint and the company would then help you in getting your claims settled. Turtlemint has a claim handling team which handle the claims of their customers. 

You can get in touch with the company’s team of claim experts through their number 1800 266 0101 or post an email to the claim team at their ID Once the team is informed of your bike insurance claim, they would take up the claim process on your behalf and coordinate with the insurance company to get the claims settled.

Exclusions under HDFC ERGO car insurance

The following exclusions should be kept in mind while filing the claim with HDFC ERGO car insurance

  1. Wear and tear:
    Damage due to wear and tear and normal ageing of the vehicle is not covered under the policy.Damage due to influence drugs and alcohol: HDFC ERGO does not provide any claim when the damage is caused due to accident or any mishap caused under the influence of any kind of intoxicants like drugs or alcohol.

  2. Driving without a license:
    If the damage is caused by driver driving without any valid driving license, then HDFC ERGO does not pay any claim.

  3. Damage in abroad:
    If the damage to the insured vehicle is caused outside the geographical region of India, then HDFC ERGO does not settle any claim.

  4. Depreciation damage:
    Any loss or damage due to depreciation is also not covered under the policy of HDFC ERGO.

Review of HDFC ERGO car insurance Plans

HDFC ERGO provides all-round coverage for cars which enables its users to drive peacefully. With a huge network of garages and quick solutions to on-road problems, HDFC ERGO also offers add-on covers that enhance the insurance value of the insured vehicle. Also, the extensive set-up for 24*7 assistance towards customers and high rates of claim settlement makes it one of the most trusted brands for insurance.


The insurance coverage depends on the IDV and the listed selling price of the vehicle.

This add-on cover helps during the sudden breakdown of the vehicle, towing facility requirement, replacement of tyre, and other emergencies.

The Insured Declared Value is the sum assured and is decided at the beginning of the policy period. It is calculated on the basis of the listed selling price of the manufacturer and adjusted depreciation of the car based on the model.

Yes, the insurance policy can be transferred by passing an endorsement in the name of the buyer along with sales deed, form 29/30, NOC by seller, etc. One can also cancel the existing insurance policy