A quick guide to common health insurance terms

To those who are new to health insurance, terms like “deductible,” “copay,” and “premium” can be overwhelming. Having at least a basic understanding of what these terms mean can help in selecting a policy and actually using the policy for health care, however. This article will give a quick explanation to help make the new insurance process smoother.


A benefit is any money provided by the insurance company to cover costs of services. As such, a beneficiary is anyone covered under the plan. A benefit period is an amount of time during which services are being continually offered that should be covered – at least in part – by the insurance company.


A standard health insurance covers for in-patient treatment that is overnight stay in a hospital.  This is known as Hospitalisation which could be due to an illness or accident.


A copayment is a part of the payment that must be made by the policy holder out of his pocket based on the policy terms and conditions for certain services like room charges, specific disease treatment etc.

Understand copayment much better with the help of the below video


The deductible is the amount of money that must be paid by the insurance policy holder before the insurance company will start covering medical costs.

Network Hospitals

Network hospital is a terminology that is generally used to let policy holders know which Hospitals or specialists to go to. When a hospital is indicated to be in the insurance company’s network then it will be eligible for cashless treatment.


A premium is an amount paid every year to keep your health insurance policy active. Failure to pay the premium amount every year will result in a lapsed policy. Some insurance companies may allow a grace period before the coverage lapses but this may involve certain terms and conditions which might put the claims on hold during this period.

Many of us take steps to take care of our health; however when it comes health insurance we get hassled with the new terms. Here we have tried to simplify some of these important terms.  For more information about the policy benefits and terms please visit our site www.turtlemint.com/health-insurance  or if you are based out of India you can contact your local health insurance provider and check the various health insurance policies available in the country of your residence.

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Why choosing the right policy helps you take it easy

Have you ever yearned for a dish that is served exclusively at a restaurant in your city? Imagine looking forward to eating that delicious dish but as soon as you arrive at the place, it is crowded and the waiting time is ungodly. Your mood and your appetite are completely ruined. Had you known this beforehand, would you have made a backup plan?

From this example, it is quite evident how a casual evening can turn into a nightmare within a split second and without a backup plan, you’re often left stranded if not completely stressed and frustrated. Life can be quite uncertain and you can never predict the future. Owing to this uncertainty, it is important to have a backup plan. You can never afford to take chances with major concerns such as your health or your vehicle. This is where having an insurance policy comes into play. It is your sole backup that can let you take it easy during times of crisis. Whether your health is in jeopardy or your vehicle, having the right insurance policy like a super top up plan or insurance for your car with add-ons such as the roadside assistance cover, can really take the steam out of your mind and keep you at ease.

If you are confused how to go about picking the right policy that suits your needs, you can visit our website where you can not only choose and buy your own insurance but compare different plans as well. If you require assistance, you can always get in touch with our chatbot who’ll be glad to assist you 24×7.

We make picking an insurance policy comprehensible and easy. Head over to www.turtlemint.com where every policy is #TakeItEasyPolicy.

What does your two-wheeler say about you?

How many times have you seen a Hayabusa stuck in traffic at a busy junction and wondered, “He must be loaded!” or “Why in the blue hell did he buy a Hayabusa for daily commute?” While it is true that the gruesome traffic and the challenging roads in India would require nothing less than the Dark Knight’s Batpod to blow vehicles out of your way so you can reach your destination in time, it is important to remember that you choose your ride based on preferences and needs which define you.

It doesn’t take a psychoanalyst to understand that Standard Bikes such as the Hero Splendor are usually preferred by beginners, although they work great for experts as well. The Standard Bike signifies that you love your 9 to 5 job, maintain a budget and are careful where and what you spend on. Most importantly, you make up for most of the Indian population!

If you’re into Cruisers such as the Royal Enfield or Harley, you’re generally the type who enjoys comfort and leisure. There is nothing more you would love than a hot cup of coffee by a shop that’s probably 70 km away from where you live. Moreover, you’ve already planned a trip to Leh Ladakh with your machine. You have an adventurous spirit and are a true explorer!

If you own a Sport Bike, you’re probably a speed demon. You loathe slow moving traffic and do your best to avoid signals. You never shy away from taking risks and derive insane amounts of pleasure from breath-taking thrills. Your motto in life is, “Go fast or go home!”  

Last but not the least, Scooters! You prefer convenience over tedious activities and are generally laid back with a good sense of humor. Shifting gears is a nightmare for you but let’s face it – Why focus on gears when you can indulge in the joy of care-free riding?

As you may identify with most of the two-wheelers mentioned here, remember that your two-wheeler deserves an insurance plan. Not because it is mandatory but because some potholes go deeper than the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland.

Did we miss out on anything? Does your two-wheeler really define you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Whatever be your bike preference, you should get it insured too.

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Introducing the Turtlemint Chatbot- India’s first and only chatbot for buying insurance

Need to buy insurance but just can’t find the time? Read on, as now it’s as easy as saying ‘Hi’.

Do you see yourself spending hours commuting on a daily basis? In today’s hyper-connected world, we almost always tend to be connected to a messenger service, and that too through our first screens today i.e. our smartphones. Wouldn’t it be awesome to simply chat with us, buy your policy and have it ready in your email inbox before you even reach home?

Introducing the Turtlemint chatbot, where we make insurance search and purchase convenient for you. Now, you can simply message us on Facebook to buy or renew your policy in a matter of minutes. Our chatbot responds instantly and is available 24/7 to make your insurance purchase quick and simple. You can also check on your policy status or ask us a generic query over the chat. We have had quite a few happy customers chat with us and purchase their policy with a few simple clicks and messages to the Turtlemint chatbot.

Here is a peek into what the chatbot looks like:

Chat to know your suitable insurance

Start chatting by hitting ‘GET STARTED’.

Chat to know your suitable insurance

You can choose to buy or renew a policy. You can also look up your policy status or ask for any other general assistance.


Chat to know your suitable insurance
Chatbot asks you a series of simple questions.


Chat to know your suitable insurance
Information is gathered by the bot.


Chat to know your suitable insurance
The bot displays the best available plans as per the information gathered from you. Swipe from right to left, to browse various options. If you need to get a breakup of the displayed premium, click ‘PREMIUM BREAKUP’. Buy the policy by simply clicking ‘BUY POLICY’.

So there you have it – a bot that not only makes buying a policy easy, but also answers your insurance related queries. If the bot thinks a human being would be in a better position to answer your query, one of our agents will step in to help you out. It is a bot after all!

For all the curious minds out there, the Turtlemint chatbot is powered by several modules, including NLP. Go ahead, give it a try. Just say ‘Hi’ to fire up the bot on your Facebook messenger.


Here are two ways you can start chatting with us:

  1. Search for Turtlemint in your Facebook messenger and start chatting.
  2. Click the ‘Send a message’ button on the Turtlemint Page.


We would love to hear your feedback. This would help make our chatbot even smarter. Just drop us a line at product@turtlemint.com.

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Potholes and insurance make a winning combination

It’s no secret, no one likes potholes. Potholes increase during monsoons. Here is how you can take care of your bike at such times. They literally come in the way of you having a smooth ride. As much as we hate potholes, we’ve learnt to live with them. That’s because they’re not going away anytime soon. However, with the right kind of insurance, potholes aren’t such a bad thing. Let’s see why you need insurance to make your peace with potholes.

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Keep it covered
There are many different types of insurance to choose from. However, you should always opt for one that provides pothole coverage. You might be wondering why you would need such a thing. That’s probably because you’re not fully aware of the damage a single pothole can do to your ride. Go over a pothole at the wrong speed and it can do a number on your tyres, which can cost you dearly. That’s why it’s always good to have pothole coverage in your insurance plan.

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A friend in need, is a friend indeed
We’ve mentioned the kind of damage a single pothole can do to your ride. However, you probably haven’t thought about being stranded because of it. And that’s very much a possibility. Don’t worry, once again insurance comes to your rescue, literally. There are some insurance policies that provide on-site repair and towing service. This can be a lifesaver, in case you’re ever stranded because of a pothole. Know about roadside assistance cover in your insurance policy.

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A constant reminder
Until now, we’ve only talked about vehicle insurance with respect to potholes. But now we’re going to talk about health insurance. Going over a pothole usually makes you wonder about the wellbeing of your vehicle, but what about your wellbeing? There are thousands of pothole-related accidents in India each year. That should give you pause and think about your future. So the next time you go over a pothole, let it be a reminder that not only do you need vehicle insurance but also health insurance.

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5 reasons your health claim was rejected

Imagine spending a fortune on uninvited medical expenses. A health insurance has you covered, a sigh of relief indeed. Once you have recovered completely, you decided to use your health claim and retain the expenses lost.

All is well up until this point. Then you get an email informing you that the health claim you applied for has been rejected. Oh, the depression again. What did you do wrong?

Here’s why your health claim may have been rejected.

Health Claim-01 (1)



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Online insurance VS offline insurance

It’s 2016 and everything can be purchased online. Most of us do not hesitate to buy electronics, appliances, even clothes and accessories online. But most will hesitate to buy insurance online and it is not due to the lack of options available. It is the lack of information or abundance of misinformation. Will I get cheated? Will my claim be rejected?

We give you 8 reasons why buying insurance online is perfectly safe and a better option over an agent. If you are convinced, hit the link and connect with us today: Turtlemint.com

On vs Off-01 (1) (1)

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The best health policy in the world

Everyone wants the best out of life. The best food, the best clothes and the best house. But how about the best health insurance policy? That’s just as important as the other 3. Unless you’re a lone wolf, the family floater health insurance policy is perhaps the best you can invest in. Let’s look at the 3 reasons that make it stand out among the rest:

The family that buys insurance together, stays together:
The thing that separates the family floater policy from the rest is that it covers your family, along with you. So you don’t need to be selfish with your insurance. It covers your family members against multiple diseases, which is ideal if you have seniors living with you. Since it’s a one covers all policy, you don’t need to bother getting separate health insurance for other family members.

One for all and all for one:
Another thing worth noting about the family floater policy is that one member can claim the entire lump sum. This makes it ideal, if one family member is suffering from a critical illness and requires expensive treatment. So you won’t just be a family, but also like the Musketeers. “One for all and all for one,” should be your family insurance motto. In contrast, the lump sump can also be claimed by multiple members covered under the policy, multiple times.

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A small price to pay, considering:
We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again. Since the family floater policy covers your family members, you don’t need another insurance. This might cost a bit extra, but is totally worth it in the long run. If you’re on a budget, then getting the family floater policy that covers all is better than getting multiple policies for multiple family members.

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How to drive safe in monsoons?

With pleasant weather, monsoons can also bring in troublesome times for your car. Whether to take the car out for drive becomes a difficult decision to make.

You may have a car insurance to fall back on, but are you aware of the add-on covers that can make your car’s life easier in monsoons? For instance, if you face a car breakdown in the rains, you can use roadside assistance cover that includes services like towing your car to the nearest garage, battery jumpstart, change of flat tyre and fuel replacement.

However, to avoid the trouble of a car breakdown, it is important to be well-prepared for the rains. In this blog, we share tips on how to drive safe (and smartly) in monsoons.

Monsoon-01-01-01 (1)

We’re sure you know a lot more about safety during monsoons. To know more about car insurance call our Car Insurance Expert at 1800-266-0101 or simply visit Turtlemint.

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